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Valeriy Vorozheykin

800 Parkview Drive, Unit 731

Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009

Telephone 305 336 6557

E-mail address:


Desire challenging opportunities to promote business development of Atlantic Icon, Corp., qualify, compete, and perform upon government projects awards.


  • Extensively experienced in construction management and successful completion of government projects.

  • Heavy-duty equipment operator and safety instructor.

  • Achieved strong background in energy efficient and green leed products research and installation.

  • Conduct excellent human relations skills.

  • Support effective interaction with all levels of government and organizational structures.


Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering

Kubansky Technological University

Russia, 1993

Professional Experience

Principal Officer and Operations Manager

Atlantic Icon, Corp.,

Hollywood, Florida

June, 2005 – present

  • Project Manager and on-site coordinator for construction projects running simultaneously.

  • Responsible for safety code compliance.

  • Researching markets, negotiating new project proposals, recruiting workforce.

  • Establishing long term business relations with sub-contractors, suppliers, and specialty trades.

  • Construction projects quality performance controller.

Construction Foreman

Concept Construction, Corp.,

Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

October, 2002 – November, 2004

  • Supervised on-site various construction projects including underground utility works.

  • Coordinated crews of subcontractors, verified delivery of materials, and secured job sites.

  • Scheduled and accommodated for inspections.

  • Operated heavy-duty equipment, and trained others.

  • Conducted safety meetings.

  • Performed blue print reading, measurements taking, and technical calculation.

Certifications and Awards

  • Miami-Dade Construction Trade Certificate of Competency.

  • State of Florida, Notary Public.


Fluent in Russian, able to communicate in several Slavic Languages.


Excellent professional and personal references provided upon request.

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