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Naturejobs/NY Academy of Sciences Career Fair & Symposium

On April 29 to Focus on Bioscience Research
How do scientific ideas become marketable products? How do drug discovery and development processes differ from company to company? Do current regulatory mechanisms measure up as guarantors of the safety of new drugs?
To answer these questions—and many others—the New York Academy of Sciences and Naturejobs are co-sponsoring a day-long Career Fair and Symposium, Bioscience Research: Where Do You Fit In?” on Friday, April 29 at the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel, 1535 Broadway, New York.

The all-day Career Fair will feature more than 25 of the area’s top bioscience recruiters in academia, government, and industry. Jobseekers will have the opportunity to submit resumes and have brief interviews with prospective employers. The Symposium will feature elite industry professionals and academics offering insiders’ perspectives on drug discovery and development, while also indicating where the expertise and talent of young scientists fit into the pipeline.

For Human Resources professionals in academia, industry and government, the event offers an unrivaled opportunity to recruit the tri-state area’s biochemical leaders of tomorrow from the region’s great academic institutions — Columbia, Rockefeller, Sloan Kettering, Einstein, NYU, Mt. Sinai, Weill Cornell, CUNY, Yale, Princeton, UMDNJ and Cold Spring Harbor, among others. For jobseekers, the Career Fair/Symposium delivers an unbeatable value combination: (1) hear talks by the principals of the top bioscience firms, then (2) get immediate access to their recruiters — and their competitors. Attendees will get the inside track on both information and hiring prospects.
The April event is the first of four fairs and symposia being jointly sponsored this year by the Academy and Naturejobs. Others will follow in Boston, San Francisco, and London. A similar event held in 2004 at New York University attracted more than 700 attendees from 40 different academic institutions.


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"Once again, jobseekers will walk out into Manhattan with a clearly defined career strategy for working in pharma and biosciences; without the bitter pill. Organizations are already signed up for this event and we anticipate companies new to the event will be tempted by this unique opportunity," claimed Ben Crowe, Naturejobs' Publisher. Crowe added, "Only names like NYAS and Naturejobs can draw out the top-flight researchers and recruiters from hubs like the tri-state area."

“When we held our first Career Fair and Symposium last year, we discovered a pent-up demand for both jobseekers and recruiters in this sector,” said Eric Staeva-Vieira PhD, program manager for the Academy’s Science Alliance. “Recruiters raved about the great qualifications of the candidates and jobseekers said they had never seen so many of the major companies at one event before—in any city.”

Dr. Staeva-Vieira noted that this collaboration combines the expertise of the Academy as one of the world’s foremost presenters of scientific conferences with the scientific excellence, global readership, and marketing power of Nature Publishing Group. Naturejobs, the classified jobs section of Nature, has been the first port of call for scientific jobseekers for over 30 years.

The Career Fair will run from 10 am to 4 pm, while the Symposium is scheduled from 9 am to 5 pm. For more information on the career fair and to register for the Symposium, visit or call 212.838.0230, x324 or 800-843-6927.  



Founded in 1817, the New York Academy of Sciences is an international non-profit organization of more than 23,000 members worldwide serving science, technology, and society.

Nature is the leading multi-disciplinary journal of science publishing groundbreaking, original scientific research across all disciplines since 1869. Published weekly by the Nature Publishing Group, it also contains a lively collection of secondary comment, including authoritative and topical reviews, News, features, essays, News and Views, Book Reviews, Naturejobs, Natureevents and more.

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