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Occupational Therapy APPLE course


(Physiotherapy clinicians who supervise students should attend an update at least every 3 years)

Please book a place – see dates below. This course is for people who have not had a student ie. newly qualified staff. However, if you have never undertaken APPLE, but have supported students there are other routes you can take which do not mean that you need to necessarily attend the course.

For information regarding Occupational Therapy Educator Updates, please see the Occupational Therapy Clinical Educator Update Poster.

Please note: There will be some changes to the APPLE course made by the College of Occupational Therapy and further information will be circulated by the various Universities in due course. PLEASE ADVISE Beverley.Smith13@nhs.net when you have completed the course.

7th December SHU – 10 – 12 (This is for experienced Educators who have never completed APPLE) This is a great opportunity.

3 & 4th April – University of Derby

July 2017 – SHU (exact date to be confirmed)

To apply for Derby, contact  OT-Placements@derby.ac.uk
To apply for Sheffield , contact Faculty of Health & Wellbeing, Sheffield Hallam University
Room 106| 38 Collegiate Crescent| Sheffield| S10 2BP. Tel: (0114) 225 2553| Fax: (0114) 225 5972. Contact Paul Benson, P.C.Benson@shu.ac.uk

If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact me at the DCHS Practice Placement Support Team Beverley.Smith13@nhs.net

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