Preliminary Announcement of

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Second Announcement of

32nd IEAGHG ExCo Meeting
October 16 – 19, 2007

Daejeon, Korea

Sikjang-San, Daejeon

Organized by:


[Day 1] 16 Oct. 2007Tuesday

10:00~16:00 Forum

(12:30~13:30 Lunch)

16:00~18:00 Technical Tour for KEPRI

18:30~ Welcome Dinner hosted by KEPRI

(member only)

[Day 2] 17 Oct. 2007 – Wednesday

09:00~ 32nd IEAGHG ExCo Meeting

18:30~ ExCo dinner hosted by GHG

[Day 3] 18 Oct. 2007 – Thursday

09:00~ 32nd IEAGHG ExCo Meeting


[Day 4] 19 Oct. 2007 – Friday

08:00~17:00 Post-meeting Tour
The Forum Theme

<< Energy-Environmental Policy and Roadmap for GHG Mitigation >>

  • proposed, not decided. It will be decided after discussion with GHG.-

What is the Focus of the Forum

- The policy for GHG mitigation and CCS worldwide

- Roadmap of technology development and GHG mitigation policy

- Status of development of GHG mitigation technology


The Hotel Spapia, in Daejeon, is for the Forum and the 32nd GHG ExCo Meeting.

For the accommodation purpose, The Hotel Spapia and other lodge are available for the participants.

Technical Tour: 19 October (Friday), 2007

A post-meeting technical tour will be planned to visit Boryung fossil fuel power plant and some historic sites of Baekje dynasty in around 5th century.

07:50 Meet at front of the Hotel Spapia

08:00~11:30 Move

11:00~12:30 Tour for Boryung fossil fuel power plant

12:30~13:30 Lunch

13:30~14:30 Move to Buyeo (Capital city of Baekje dynasty)

14:30~15:30 Tour for some historic sites

15:30~17:00 Move to Hotel Spapia


Please complete the Registration Form (using attached form on page 6) and return it by e-mail or by fax No later than Sep. 20, 2007 to IEA GHG and KEPRI.

Please refer information of contact point below.

Host: IEA-GHG R&D Programme

KEPRI (Korea Electric Power Research Institute)

Contact Point :

John Gale (IEA-GHG)

Address: The Orchard Business Centre, Stoke Orchard,

Cheltenham, GLOS, GL52 7RZ United Kingdom

Email:, Website:

Tel: +44 (0)1242 680753, Fax: +44 (0)1242 680758

Seong Jegarl (KEPRI)
Address: 103-16 Munji-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-380 Korea

Email:, Website:

Tel: +82-42-865-5777, Fax: +82-42-865-5773

Language: English
General Information:

Daejeon is located in center of South Korea and, at 2-hour distance from Seoul and around 3-hour distance from Incheon International Airport by shuttle bus. Daejeon is famous of the Daedeok Science Town and a hot spring site. KEPRI (Korea Electric Power Research Institute) is also placed in the Daedeok Science Town and apart about 15-minute distance from Hotel Spapia, the venue of the GHG ExCo.



Incheon International Airport → Daejeon

There is a shuttle bus line to Daejeon at a bus stop (No. 9-D, 1st floor) in Incheon international airport (about once a half hour from 6:20am until 10:40 pm, Duration: 3 hours, Fare: 21,800 Won, about 18 Euro or 25$).

In Daejeon, there are three bus stops and you should get off the bus at second stop, Government Center. After that, you can use a taxi to access Hotel Spapia at charge of about 4,000 Won (approximately 3.5 Euro or 4.5 USD).


Autumn is the best season in Korea. Daejeon has a mild, dry and cool climate in October and the normal temperature in October is around 10~20 degrees C.

Time Difference

Korea Standard Time is 9 hours ahead of GMT


The unit of currency in Korea is the Won with coin of 10 Won, 50 Won, 100 Won, 500 Won, and bills of 1,000 Won, 5,000 Won, and 10,000 Won. One U.S. dollar is equivalent to 920 Won and one Euro to 1,250 Won, approximately.


The following hotels are major hotels for the participants. To reserve a room(s), please submit your registration form to KEPRI (Mr. Seong Jegarl) and/or IEA-GHG (Ms. Sian Twinning) by 20th September, 2007.

The Hotel Spapia

The Hotel Spapia is a five-star, super-deluxe hotel in central part of Korea. Spapia is a compound word with ‘spa’ and ‘utopia’. Yuseong hot spring known since about 5th century is very beloved and popular where the quality of its water is supreme.

Special rate: Superior Single/Double - 111,000 Won [approximately 90 Euro or 125 USD],

Superior Twin - 111,000 Won [approximately 90 Euro or 125 USD]

(including breakfast (buffet), tax and service charge)

Address: 545-5 Bongmyung-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-301 Rep. of Korea

Key Tel: +82-42-600-6000 Key Fax: +82-42-600-6060


A lodge

An economic lodge is arranged just around Hotel Spapia

Rate : 55,000 Won [approximately 45 Euro or 60 USD]

(excluding breakfast, including tax and service charge)

Cancellation Policy of Reservation : Hotel Spapia

When the person making reservation cancels all or part of the reservation made, this hotel shall receive payment for the cancellation stipulated hereunder.

  1. Cancellation made 3 days before the occupancy : No charge

  2. Cancellation made before 6 p.m. on the day occupancy

: 50% of the first day’s room charge

  1. Cancellation made after 6 p.m. on the day occupancy or no show

: The first day’s room charge

: The other reservations will be automatically cancelled.

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