Review of the eu biodiversity strategy to 2020

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Member states contribution to the mid-term review of the EU biodiversity strategy to 2020

24 August 2015


Background Information 2

Note on the Methodology 4

Austria 5

Belgium 12

Bulgaria 48

Croatia 59

Cyprus 65

Czech Republic 73

Denmark 77

Estonia 89

Finland 96

France 103

Germany 125

Greece 131

Hungary 138

Ireland 144

Italy 168

Latvia 175

Lithuania 181

Luxembourg 190

Malta 199

The Netherlands 217

Poland 228

Portugal 233

Romania 256

Slovakia 262

Spain 266

Sweden 281

United Kingdom 285

Background Information

In an effort to streamline reporting at global and regional level, it was agreed between the European Commission (EC) and the EU Member States (MS) that the EC would extract relevant information from the 5th national reports (5NR) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) to be used for reporting on progress made with regard to the EU biodiversity strategy to 2020.

As parties to the CBD, EU MS and the EU had to report on progress in implementing their national biodiversity strategies or actions plans (NBSAPs) – the main instrument for the implementation of the convention - and assess progress in reaching the 20 Aichi Targets in their 5NR by 31 March 2014 (CBD COP decision X/10). This information has been used to report and assess progress on EU biodiversity strategy Targets and Actions.

In execution of this task the consultants were able to extract a broad range of information from the reports related to the Targets and Actions of the EU biodiversity strategy to 2020. A challenge in the execution of this task was the fact that many MS did not report in time to the CBD and not in a comprehensive manner with regard to the EU biodiversity strategy.

A first synthesis of 5NR had been shared with MS at the Coordination Group on Biodiversity and Nature (CGBN) meeting in August 2014. At the time of submission of the first report, 16 EU MS had submitted their 5NR to the CBD. Following the meeting MS had the opportunity to review their country’s 5NR synthesis and provide comments. A revised version of the synthesis – incorporating feedback provided as well as a synthesis of additional 5NR that had been submitted in the meantime – was presented at the last CGBN meeting in March 2015. The following countries reviewed their 5NR synthesis: Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Latvia, Slovakia and Spain. At the time of submission of this report, 23 EU MS had submitted their 5NR to the CBD (

  1. Austria

  2. Belgium

  3. Bulgaria

  4. Croatia

  5. Cyprus

  6. Czech Republic

  7. Denmark

  8. Estonia

  9. Finland

  10. France (in French)

  11. Germany

  12. Hungary

  13. Ireland

  14. Italy

  15. Latvia

  16. Luxembourg (in French)

  17. Netherlands

  18. Poland

  19. Romania

  20. Slovakia

  21. Spain (in Spanish)

  22. Sweden

  23. United Kingdom

In addition, Slovenia provided the Executive Summary of the country’s 5NR to the CBD.

This compilation also includes information on Greece, Malta, Portugal and Lithuania. Please note that this information is based on input provided by the four countries to the EC prior to the finalisation of their 5NRs.

Note on the Methodology

The 5NR were examined for information that could be used for the reporting on selected actions under Target 1-6 of the EU biodiversity strategy to 2010. The information was collected per country and the focus is on information that is particular to the respective MS rather than referencing EU wide information. In addition, only information that is not directly reported to the EC by MS was retrieved from the reports.

Structure of the table for each EU Target:

Column 1: EU Target or Action

As briefly outlined above only information related to particular actions under EU Targets that require additional information from MS was extracted for this analysis.

Column 2: Information from 5NR to CBD and data links (additional source provided in the 5NR)

Copy of the relevant paragraphs from the 5NR in the original language (both qualitative and quantitative)

Explanatory remarks

According to the suggested structure for 5NR from the CBD, part III of the 5NR shall outline the progress towards the 2015 and 2020 Aichi Biodiversity Targets (and contributions to the relevant 2015 Targets of the Millennium Development Goals). The analysis therefore focused on this part of the reports. Referring to the following BISE website:, where the EU Targets are mapped against the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, it was assumed that most of the information related to actions under a specific EU Target, could be found in the section of the 5NR that make a reference to the related Aichi Biodiversity Target. In reflection of this approach, the 2nd column indicates to which Aichi Biodiversity Target the retrieved information was mapped to by the respective country.

In many 5NR there are no explicit references between EU Targets and Actions and Aichi Biodiversity Targets. In such cases the information extracted has been allocated to EU Actions based on professional judgement.

The text highlighted in yellow (e.g. xxx) is information that has not been retrieved from the respective 5NR, but information that was provided by the respective country as “additional information” after the review of their 5NR synthesis. Such additional information was only included in the synthesis, if it was mapped against an EU Target and Action by the country.

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