Schedule 1: General Order Form

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Note: It is essential that the name of the Milestone that is used in this section is the same name for the same Milestone as set out in the Project Plan and any table of Deliverables/Milestones.

Payment Plan

Additional products/Services.

Specify whether additional Products/Services can be bought. If so specify the prices, dates during which the prices are valid and any indexation/exchange rate or other price variation mechanism.

Business model

Where Services are being performed the business model to be applied to the project (i.e. time and materials, fixed price or a combination).

Time and Materials

Note: If it is at time and materials rates:

(XXX)specify the hourly rates for each grade of person (showing the tax exclusive and the tax inclusive amount);

(XXXI)specify the overtime rates for each grade of person (if applicable), (showing the tax exclusive and tax inclusive amount);

(XXXII)specify a project plan showing the dates when each person is expected to perform the Services;

(XXXIII)specify if expenses are chargeable and how they will be charged; and

(XXXIV)specify when payment will be made (e.g. monthly in arrears).


Note: if it is a combined time and materials and fixed price or some other combination then provide relevant details to assist with calculation of payment.

Contract Price

Insert the Contract Price.

Specify how this is calculated.

Here is an example table.


Price per Unit


Extended Price


Delivery Charges:

Any Other Charges:


This is the Contract Price (plus GST)

Total Amount:


Insert details of the payment to be made by the Customer to the Contractor.

Note: use the following suggested format where Milestone payments will be made in Stages.

The Customer agrees to make Milestone payments as set out below to the Contractor:

Milestone Payment Number

Due Date for Payment

Price (ex GST)

GST Amount

Price (inc. GST)

Milestone [Project commencement]

Commencement Date




Milestone 2

AAD of Milestone 2

Milestone 3

AAD of Milestone 3



The Customer agrees to pay the Contractor monthly for services performed in the previous month.

Termination for convenience

Note: The Customer may by Notice in Writing at any time terminate the Customer Contract for convenience. In these circumstances the Contractor is entitled to the payments calculated in clause 25(a) and (b).

Specify the calculation of any amount described in clause 25(b).



Customer’s Authorised Representative

Specify the Customer’s Authorised Representative.

Contractor’s Authorised Representative

Specify an employee who is the Contractor’s Authorised Representative.

Management committee

Specify individual who is on the management committee and his/her role.

Contractor's management committee membership

List the names of the Contractor’s project manager, officers or other relevant persons who will sit on the management committee.

Customer’s management committee membership

List the names of the Customer’s project manager, officers or other relevant persons who will sit on the management committee.

All members of the management committee must be authorized and properly qualified, informed and instructed to enable the management committee to properly assess progress under the Customer Contract. (Clause 6.3 to 6.5 Customer Contract)

Management committee function

Specify the functions that the management committee must perform, which at a minimum must include:

          1. review and monitor progress under the Customer Contract; and

          2. carry out any other functions stated in Item 16 of the General Order Form. (Clause 6.6 Customer Contract)

Management committee meetings

Note: Unless agreed otherwise, the members of the management committee or their authorised delegates must meet weekly at the Customer’s offices at an agreed time. (Clause 6.8 Customer Contract)

Specify the agreed time and location of the management committee meeting.

Management committee progress report

Specify the details that must be included in the progress report that must be provided by the Contractor’s project manager, which at a minimum should include:

(XXXV)details (including dates) of Deliverables and Milestones commenced, completed or Accepted;

(XXXVI)any delays or issues arising from the project, including any known reasons for the delay or issue arising, and plans for the management of such delays and issues;

(XXXVII)a review of any:

minutes and actions from the last meeting;

issues logs;

risk management plan, which must be prepared and maintained in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard or equivalent, unless agreed in writing;

details of any outstanding invoices and any payments that are about to become due;

(XXXVIII)draft updates of relevant parts of the Contract Specifications;

(XXXIX)any new Change Requests or Contract Variations (if applicable);

(XL)reviewing progress of any draft Change Requests or Contract Variations (if applicable). (Clause 6.9 Customer Contract)

Specify any other relevant details that must be included in the report.

Organisation chart

Provide an organization chart of the team structure as an attachment [insert attachment name and number]. The organisation chart should identify key roles within the project team and indicate the reporting relationships and information flows within the team.

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