Scoring for David Ricardo and Adam Smith Challenge Tests

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2016 Scoring for David Ricardo and Adam Smith Challenge Tests in Round 1
Procedures: 3 tests – Micro, Macro, & International/Current Events

Micro & Macro – take tests individually - 30 multiple choice questions (15 micro and 15 macro - 40 minutes – score comprised of top 3 students’ scores)
International – take test as a team – 15 multiple choice questions – 20 minutes – team score x 3 to be weighed equally with micro/macro test

0 points – no answer or wrong answer

10 points – correct answer
[Different from previous years when there was a penalty for the wrong answer.]

Please stay seated for the entire testing period unless an emergency. Breaks will be provided.

The two highest scoring teams advance to the Quiz Bowl

3rd and 4th highest scoring teams will also be acknowledged.

Quiz Bowl Rules for Both Divisions

  • If an incorrect answer is given, the opposing team has the opportunity to hear the entire question and then have 15 seconds to respond.

  • There are a maximum of 30 questions.

  • The first team to 16 points wins or the team with the highest score at the end of the 30 questions.


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