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Community Therapeutic Day School

187 Spring Street, Lexington, MA 02421 781/861-7081


2011 Volume 23  #1   


Dear Friends, Families and Colleagues,

It is a result of the collective efforts of our board, staff, professional community and donors that allows us to sustain 

and strengthen our mission to care for children and their families.

In reading this annual report we hope you will gain a deeper understanding of our work which encompasses learn-

ing, teaching, guiding, understanding and helping.

Nancy Fuller, Executive Director

Grad School 




Education & 





Med School 

Teaching Affiliation



Day School





“Being at CTDS has helped 

me to learn so much about 

myself, to understand more 

about being a therapist and 

to crystallize my professional 


“Sibling Group is both hard and easy.  I 

like the projects but it’s hard to talk about 

this stuff.  It used to be hard to talk about 

this but now it’s getting easier.”

“We as parents found out 

how our daughter thinks 

and works.  We can now be 

proactive and get her the 

help and support she needs.  

We are now on the right 


“Your insight, advice and 

kindness helped to give us 

not just a road map, but 

also the emotional lift to 

feel the joy in our journey.”

“CTDS has created a “holding environment” for our 

son within our public school. He feels safe enough 

to take chances, expose his vulnerabilities and work 

with some very difficult emotions.”

“The excellent teaching pro-

vides relevance to clinical work 

in medicine & psychiatry.”

Peace is knowing and then caring.

  Peace is great neighbors and good friends.

    Peace is perfection in making mistakes.

      Peace is knowing we make a difference.


Peace is courage in running away.

  Peace is helping one person and helping the world.

    Peace is smiling because you can. 

      Peace is plunging into cool deep waters.

Peace is being inspired to inspire.

  Peace is being happy every day even when we were sad.

     Peace is knowing you are no better or no worse than anyone else.

       Peace is second chances.

Peace is saying “why not?”

  Peace is saying “why?”

    Peace is not needing everything we want.

      Peace is getting everything we need.


Peace is not thinking twice to be kind.

  Peace is thinking twice to do everything else.

    Peace is doing the little things that do make a difference

      Peace is pass it on.

Peace is people who help because they want to.

 Peace is not cold and impersonal.

  Peace is offering extra help.

   Peace is remembering the good we have.

Peace is feeling good because someone else does.

  Peace is forgiving anything.

    Peace is you know it’s good and that’s enough.

      Peace is warm and cuddly.

Peace is thinking about peace all the time.

  Peace is not having to be perfect.

    Peace is things are great.

      Peace is wanting good change.


Peace is yes we can.

  Peace is others are amazing.

    Peace is you are great the way you are.

      Peace is don’t worry.

Peace is diversity.

  Peace is liking your work.

    Peace is remembering.

      Peace is appreciating.


Peace is patience.

  Peace is hard work.

    Peace is doing good because you can.

      Peace is flexibility. 

        Peace is child’s play.

          Peace is observing, caring and playing.

Peace is wonderful. 

  Peace is the amazing in the ordinary.

    Peace is necessary. 

      Peace is being alive.

       Peace is joyful.

         Peace is everything. 

Peace is acceptance. 

  Peace is when everyone cares for you.

    Peace is a rainbow. 

      Peace is when you know your neighbor.


Peace is love.  

  Peace is when you like things just the way they are.

    Peace is my family.

      Peace is when you have hope, but you don’t need it.


Peace is endless.

  Peace is when you know who you are.

    Peace is when we’re all at sea.

      Peace is everyone.



by Aleph in Nadine and Dawn’s class


Edward Cunningham recently joined Boston University as an Assistant Professor focusing on energy 

markets, energy policy, and the political economy of development. He is a research fellow at the Ash 

Center and the Belfer Center of Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, and a 

consultant to public and private sector organizations.  Prof. Cunningham graduated from Georgetown 

University, received an A.M. from Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and received his 

Ph.D. from the Department of Political Science at M.I.T.  He was selected as a Fulbright Fellow to the 

P.R.C., during which time he conducted his doctoral fi eldwork as a visiting fellow at Tsinghua Univer-

sity.  Edward’s late father was a former CTDS Board member and Edward’s brother, an alumnus of the 

school, passed away in 2004.


When asked about his work Edward described that for most professors, their lives are primarily about 

research and the creation of knowledge, with rewarding interludes of teaching.  He enjoys research 

because it allows him to interact with many individuals from a range of cultures, industries, and perspectives.  Teaching appeals to 

him because he is able to share what he learns with others and inspire them to teach as well.  He was fortunate, early on to become 

fascinated with change in China.  That change has become the defi ning story of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, and arguably 

of his generation.  


Edward describes his involvement with CTDS as follows:

“My initial relationship with CTDS was very much a personal one.  My brother William attended CTDS and my father served on 

the board.  I even served as an intern at CTDS while in high school.  However, the relationship has transformed in important ways.  

Serving on the board as an adult has enabled me to learn about how others - other students, other families - cope with profound 

challenges like my brother’s.  In this sense, I suppose board service fulfi lls selfi sh needs on my part - a selfi shness that perhaps 

serves as the best foundation for any long- term commitment.  Selfi sh in the sense that I feel as if service on the board does allow 

me to act in some small way in a capacity that I was unable to act when I was younger.  I was too young, too immature, and too 

overwhelmed while my brother was alive to help him cope in all the ways that an older brother probably should.  I feel that that 

sense of overwhelming died with him, and I am left with a need to in some way support others, however indirectly, by supporting 

the teachers and the mission of CTDS.  


What strikes me most is a common reaction that parents, including my own, have when they fi rst visit the school.  Many 

fi nally feel as if someone is listening to them - someone is treating their child holistically and not in an a la carte fashion.  I think 

our society tends to adopt a purely medical and therefore technical approach to children with special needs.  CTDS addresses the 

medical, and emotional needs of the child, but does so by addressing the needs of the entire family.  The Sibling group, Parent, and 

Grandparent groups are indicative of this.  


In terms of skills, I at least like to think that I bring an ability to listen objectively, an ability to provide honest feedback 

to ideas, and an ability to think clearly about what areas of expertise, personalities, and functions this board must bring together to 

be an effective steward of the school.  In terms of perspective, I hope to add the perspective of a long time sibling of someone who 

attended the school, and who was shaped by the school, the perspective of a younger generation who questions established patterns 

of thought, of teaching, and of care to ensure that positive change is always welcome, and the perspective of a political scientist 

who believes that an institution’s strengths are found both in the people within its walls, but also the norms of a culture that are sup-

ported informally and formally.  


I used to walk with my dad on the breakwater at the beach. My father was always ahead of me. I would follow learning 

how to negotiate the rocks and maintain secure footing. It was a ritual. I would watch and follow in silence. At the end of the rocks 

we would talk and then turn around and resume the same pattern my father ahead and I would follow. It was a place of security I 

would draw on, and then he died.  Being on the CTDS board is like a bridge.  Following where he put his foot.  Now I am in the 


Elisa Cunningham 

and the late 

Edward Cunningham, Senior  Esq

CTDS Board Member  

William Cunningham 


CTDS 1987-1995      







PERMIT NO. 56707

Special Times Editor:

Nancy Fuller

Lisa Jennings


Individual  and Family 


Anonymous, in honor of 

     Nancy Fuller & Bruce Hauptman

Tom & Kathy Albert, in honor of 

     Aaron & Miriam’s wedding

Mary Alessi, in honor of Lauren Alessi

Frieda Alpert, in honor of Kathy Alpert

Jeffrey Alpert, in honor of Kathy Alpert

Michael Bassichis

Phyllis Baumann

Seddon Beaty

Edward & Peggy Bell, in honor of Alan Shapiro

Robert & Kathy Bennett, in honor of Kim Barad

George Berman

Robert & Margaret Bicknell, in memory of 

     Jeanne Schneider

Malcolm Blier

Jacob Bloom

Richard Brodie

Chris Broughton

Jan Brown

John Butler, in honor of Linda Butler

Linda & Tim Butler

Paul Buttenwieser

Elizabeth Cabot, in honor of the Arshard’s

Tom & Judith Calagna, in honor of Alan Shapiro

Wayne & Sue Campbell

Norma Canner, in memory of Leonard Canner

Peretz Chein

Edward Clark, in honor of Nancy Fuller

Herbert & Christine Cline

Edward Cunningham

Elisa Cunningham, in memory of 

     William Cunningham

James Dardeau, in memory of Vivian Walker

Eric & Margaret Darling

Margaret Davidson, in honor of Nancy Fuller

Dana DeAngelis

Constantino De Lollis

Alan Dershowitz

Neil Devins

Tom Draper

Daniel Dwyer

Barry Dym

Paula Maria Fand

Jean Farrington, in memory of Avis Tait

Gary & Sharon Feldman, in honor of

     Ava Shapiro’s mission in India

Howard Fisher

Michael & Ellen Fontenot, in memory of 

     Vivian Walker

Nancy Fuller, in memory of Matt Doran, 

     Albert Irish Terry

Andy Goldberg

Kerstin Gomez

Trudy Goodman, in memory of my cousin 

     Jaimie Gamler

Maryann Haldi

Peter & Jayne Hamel

Lisa Hammer


Bank of America Matching Gift

Foundation of Metrowest, 

     The English Family Fund

Kiskadee Fund

Mortimer Charitable Trust

Raytheon Matching Gifts

United Way of Mass Bay & Merrimack Valley

Corporations & 


Clark, Hunt, Ahern, & Embry

Clausen Financial Group

Fitzmaurice Electric

General Mills Box Tops for Education

James Devaney Fuel Company

Keane Fire & Safety Equipment

Leap School

Leonard, Mulherin & Greene, P.C.

Shire Pharmaceuticals

Target Take Charge Of Education

Wagon Wheel Nursery & Farmstand, Inc.

Ernestine Harmel

Lawrence Hartmann

Gerald & Marie Hass, in memory of Jock Roby

Ed Hauben, in honor of Alsie

Bruce Hauptman, in honor of Herbert Hauptman 

Herbert Hauptman, in honor of Bruce Hauptman

Nadine Heaps

Michelle Heller

Patty Hinckley-Kilmain, in honor of

     Megan Hinckley, in memory of 

     Marjorie Wellins

Michael Holz

David Horton

Maureen Huddleston

Steve & Beth Israel

Steven & Joan Jacobs, in honor of Alan Shapiro

Laura & Geoff Jarbeau, in honor of Alan Shapiro

Lisa & CJ Jennings, in memory of Joey Briere

Jake & Rosalind Joffe, in honor of Amina Israel

Ron Joseph

Arthur & Reda Jovellas, in honor of 

     Nadine Fowler & Dawn Burau

Tony & Gail Keefer, in honor of

     Bridget & John Glenshaw

Thomas Klejna

Andrea Kramer

Terry Ladka

Robert & Beth Lavoie, in honor of Tyler Lagasse

William & Beatrice Lavoie, in honor of 

     Tyler Lagasse

Mark Lucier

Elaine Mansfield, in honor of Janice & Jim Ware

Gabrielle Marroig

Henry & Joan May, in honor of Charlie Humber

Laura McAnena

Mary McDonald, in honor of Tyler Lagasse

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Jennifer Ripman, in honor of Daniel Reinstein

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Chris Ruigomez & Emily Bruell, in honor of 

     Nadine Fowler & Dawn Burau

Richard Sailor, in memory of Vivian Walker

Melvin Scales

Simon Scheff

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Richard Seltzer

Alan Shapiro

Henry Shaw, in honor of Jan Brown

Dana & Gail Sheff, in honor of 

     The Jarbeau Family

Daniel Sheff

Russell & Wha Sherman, in memory of Do Hee Kim

Ralph & Sylvia Shuman, in honor of 

     Sarah Howard

Robert Silver

Pamela Smith

Sheldon & Karen Spector, in honor of 

     Kathy Alpert

Tom Speth

Lisa Spirio

Fiona & Frik Strecker, in honor of Colin Strecker

     John Glenshaw & Cheryl Delorey

Joanna Stull, in memory of Maxine Stull

Barry & Pam Sullivan, in honor of Justin Sullivan

Michelle & Sean Traverse

Ernest Van Seasholes

Michael & Vicky Walton

Janice Ware

Al Weismann

Dorothy Wilde, in honor of Aaron Hauptman

Kendra Wilde

Linda & William Wolk

Emily Yerkes, in honor of Makai Yerkes & Family

Mark Yerkes & Jennifer Connor, in honor of 

     Makai Yerkes

Sharon Yerkes, in honor of Makai Yerkes

Jeffrey Zankel

Kids for Peace is a National nonprofit organization dedicated to 

uplifting our world through love and action.

The mission is to cultivate every child’s innate ability to foster 

peace through cross cultural experiences and hands on arts, service 

and environmental projects.

CTDS is a Chapter Member of Kids for Peace and the only special 

needs school participating internationally and the only chapter 

school in Massachusetts.  The children in Nadine and Dawn’s class 

have been engaged in the following:

•  Collected and donated school supplies to a Vermont school dam-

aged by Hurricane Irene.

• Collected books and school supplies for homeless women and 

children for Rosie’s Place in Boston.

•  Participated in Free Rice.com

     Answered questions in: 

     language learning, humanities, geography, english,  


    math, chemistry and donated 4,000 grains of rice          


    for world hunger.

•  CTDS children will be creating wishes through artist expression 

to a Kids for Peace school in Kenya.

















    Tuition and fees   















      Other Income 



                           6,524                          6,263

      Investment income 


       66,277                      47,579

      Net unrealized and realized gains                     


               (losses) on investments   

                   509,025                      107,363

Net assets released from restrictions: 

               Satisfaction of program restrictions                                -                               -        


     Total revenues, gains and other support                        3,146,027          




        Program services: 




        Day treatment and education 


  1,760,928                   1,707,392         

        Day treatment and education (Summer)                        132,728                      143,644         


        After School program 


                        34,347                        36,295    

        Inclusion program   



     252,018                      258,396


       Total program services 


                    2,180,021                   2,145,727




Supporting services:

       Management and general                                           377,376                      386,573 







            188                          8,159        


      Total supporting services 


                       377,376                      394,732



      Total expenses    


                    2,557,397                   2,540,459

      Change in net assets 



     588,630                      202,991   

Net assets at beginning of year   

                    4,295,323                   4,092,332  







Net assets at end of year 


$4,883,953                 $4,295,323


Statement of Activities 

For the Year Ended June 30, 2011

Latest CTDS staff publication by Olivia 

von Ferstel and Bridget Glenshaw avail-

able in a few weeks through Amazon.

2011 CTDS staff publication by Ann Densmore

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