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ATTACHMENT D – Community Emergency Response Teams

Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs

Adjunct Instructor Application

Applicant First Name:


Applicant Last Name:


Phone number:


This attachment is to be completed for those who are interested in teaching, and have experience in Public Information and External Affairs. Successful applicants will be able to instruct the following FEMA courses.

  • G-317 – Basic Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) (40-Hour)

  • G-427 – CERT Program Manager (24-Hour)

  • G-428 – CERT Train-the-trainer (24-Hour)

  • Programs may also include Teen CERT, Campus CERT, and CERT supplemental training

In addition to the requirements found on Page 1 of the General Instructor Application, in order to be considered to instruct courses in this track, applicants must provide:

Required Documents (submit in this order, along with the Adjunct Instructor General Application).

 This Cover SheetAttachment D: Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

 Biography describing your background and experience with local CERT programs. Bio should include:

 CERT membership/affiliation (team name)

 CERT responsibilities spanning the past 2 years

Note: Only those currently serving on, or working with CERT teams will be considered for lead instructor positions. All others may be used as secondary or unit instructors at DEMA’s discretion. Biography should include a “Statement of Currency” detailing how your responsibilities provide you with the opportunity to remain current as a CERT member.

 Recommendation from your employer or CERT program manager, vouching for your overall experience and role in CERT programs.

 Certificates of Completion for the following:

 IS-22 – Are You Ready? An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness (online)

 IS-317 – Introduction to CERT (online)

 G-317 – Basic CERT Training

 G-428 – CERT Train-the-trainer

 G-427 – CERT Program Manager

Recommended Additional Documents or Coursework.

 Completion Certificates for:

 Any supplemental CERT training

DEMA may send applicants to a Train-the-Trainer program if otherwise qualified and eligible for this track.

Note: DEMA, Training Branch Manager, and the Arizona Citizen Corps Coordinator shall reserve the right to be the final authority of any individual’s qualification or abilities, and may waive any of the above if experience and qualifications warrant.

Certificates must be issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency/Emergency Management Institute, Center for Domestic Preparedness, Texas Engineer Extension Service, National Wildfire Coordinating Group, or the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs.

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