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Unusual behavior has been encountered on 120GB Solid State Drives (SSD) built by Avant, often observed as unexpected Windows crashes. NCR Engineering analysis is ongoing. Depending on how the system is set up, this can exhibit as either unexpected system restarts or as a Windows Blue Screen Error (BSOD). These errors can include, but are not limited to the following codes:

  • 0x000000F4 Critical Object Termination

  • 0x0000007A Kernel Data INPage Error

  • 0x0000007F Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap

  • Stop Code c000021a (Fatal System Error)

  • In addition, there are occasions in which the SSD is not recognized during boot, and the system will indicate “No Boot Options Found”.

If the SSD is an Avant (NCR 006-8624379 or 006-8624845) and experiencing the issues outlined above replace the SSD with an Apacer (NCR 006-8614413).

There are two types of SSD built by Avant:

NCR 006-8624379 – Identified by the Black case

NCR 006-8624845 – Identified by the Silver case

This can also be identified in the BIOS to avoid opening the terminal. An Avant SSD will show up NCSC51AD120M4P (120.0 GB)

If a failing drive is confirmed to be an Avant drive, it should be replaced with an SSD from Apacer (NCR 006-8624413).

All failed SSDs MUST be returned via normal NCR logistics processes.

Alternate Update Method – Firmware Update

NCR Drivers and Patches Webpage Link for Avant Firmware Update Tools\Update\display

or  Support -> Drivers and Patches 

 Retail Support Files (Drivers, Firmware, Operating Systems, Platform Software (OPOS/JavaPOS), BIOS, etc.)

NCR RealPOS and SelfServ Terminals and Operating System (includes Drivers, BIOS, and OS Hot fixes)

Scroll to the bottom of the page……  Avant SSD Firmware Update

Note: The Firmware Update Tools have been tested and will run on the following Operating Systems:

POSReady 2009 – 32bit

Windows 7/POSReady 7 – 32bit

Windows 7/POSReady 7 – 64bit

Windows 10 – 64bit
Firmware Update Instructions:
For the Black Avant SSD Drive:

Note: This update wipes all data on the SSD.  The SSD will require re-imaging.

  1. Execute the flash utility BlackSSD_UpgradFW_S9FM028(From_FW_S9FM01.9).exe

  2. Make sure the firmware under Device shows “S9FM01.9”

  1. Press the ‘Upgrade Firmware” button located in the Function window

  2. After a few minutes, the application will indicate to power cycle the unit. During this time, a Windows Blue Screen (BSOD) may occur.

*This is normal behavior and did not impact the firmware update*

  1. Power cycle the unit using the power button.

  2. Re-Image the SSD drive.

This update wipes all data on the SSD.  The SSD will require re-imaging.

For the Silver Avant SSD Drive:

(A re-image is not required on the Silver Drive)

      1.     Execute the flash utility SilverSSD_UpgradFW_S9FM028(From_FW_S9FM02.5).exe

      2.     Make sure the firmware under Device shows “S9FM02.5”

      3.     Press the “Upgrade Firmware” button located in the Function window

      4.     After the application completes, the unit must be power cycled using the power button.

      5.     The drive will boot normally. (A re-image is not required on the Silver Drive)

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