That you should be doing to make money too

business hours, making it very easy to balance this

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business hours, making it very easy to balance this 
alongside your day job.
13. Focus group participant
Joining a focus group essentially means you’re paid for 
your time to answer some questions about a particular 
And there are some companies that pay seriously good 
money for you to do this. For example, 
up to 
$125 for one hour 
of your time. You can also sign up 
for shorter sessions at a similar hourly rate if you prefer. 
These often do have to be done live through a webcam, 
so the company knows they’re getting your unfiltered 
thoughts. But if you’re interested, set up a profile with 
to immediately see if there are any 
opportunities for you. 

14. Investor 
There’s a valid argument to be made as to whether 
investing is actually a side hustle, but there’s no question 
investing can make you serious money in addition to 
your main job

And one of the surveys found that 
45% of respondents 
identify themselves as investors on the side
. This aligns with 
the fact that a lot of people use a side hustle not just to 
make extra spending money, but to set themselves up for 
the future. 
If you’re keen to start investing but the whole thing just 
seems overwhelming, why not sign up for 

It’s a micro
-investing app that invests your spare change. 
So let’s say you buy a coffee for $3.40. This is rounded up, 
with the extra $0.60 put into a separate account for you. 
Then, once that account reaches $5, the money is moved 
into an investment account. 
It’s perfect for people who think they never have enough 
money left over at the end of the month to focus on their 
financial goals, as 

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