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Telecom Operations, Implementation and Managed Services

Name: Ali Noureddine

Business Address: Iraq, Kurdustan, Sulaymaneya

Home Address: Mazeraa, Beirut, Lebanon

Date of Birth: 20.12.1986

Mobile/E-mail: +9647501101363;

Public Profile:


I am looking to join a proactive organization to further enhance the competencies I have acquired from both my education and past work experience to deliver brilliant service to my employer.

Work Experience

Sep-2010 till Jun-2012. Project Manager PCT Engineering Power and Telecommunication Service Provider subsidiary for IHS Plc. for Zain, MTN, Vivacell, and Ericsson in Sudan and South Sudan,

Constructing Telecom infrastructure for Operator (Building Foundation fence and Tower Erection)/ Providing Power solution service for Operator (Hybrid and Solar System). Providing Telecom equipment installation service for Operators and various vendors Ericsson and Huawei.

Planning, prioritizing and executing projects; Construction and maintaining projects for telecom operators; Developing project plan including time schedule, project goals, objectives and budget plan; Preparing project documents and reports from SID, PSDF and AS-BUILT documentation; Communicating with customer and sending weekly reports regarding the progress with quality audit report; Evaluating the technical impact of changed in requirements and scope and auditing quality to follow customer standard; Arranging Periodic training to staff.

Sep-2009 till Sep-2010. Field Implementation Supervisor PCT Engineering Power and Telecommunication Service Provider subsidiary for IHS Plc. for Zain, MTN, Vivacell, and Ericsson in Sudan and South Sudan,

Installation of Telecom equipment in Base Stations from Radio part, Transmission and Hybrid power solution.

Radio Part:

Installation of indoor Cabinets E/// RBS 2206v2 and RBS 2216.

Integration and commissioning for E/// RBS 2206V2 and RBS2216.

Installation for outdoor cabinet E/// RBS 2106v3.

Integration and commissioning for outdoor cabinet E/// RBS

Installation of Feeder system and antenna.

VSWR testing using Anristu site master.

Transmission installation:

Installation for Traffic Node 2P, 6P and 20P.

Integration and commissioning for Traffic Node.

Installation for ODU microwave dish from 0.3 up to1.8m.

XPIC commissioning.

Installation of Space diversity transmission system.

E1 routing and cross connection, hardware and software.
Power Solution Installation:

Installation of Ericsson BBS 8500 Hybrid solution.

Installation of Ericsson BBS 8500C hybrid Solution

Installation Ericsson DG CU.

Jul-2008 till Sep-2008. Telecom Engineer (Internship)

Ogero Lebanon

Satellite Communication Technology.

Introduction to Satellite Communication Systems and Satellite design.

Research & Studies

Manage and organize of free English and Computer tutoring classes.

Final year project about Wireless Sensory Networks (using Zigbee Protocol 802.15.4)

Education & Qualifications

Beirut Arab University

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Major: Electronic & communication Engineering

Graduation Date: July 2009


Reporting / Planning

Management Skills

Leadership Skills.

Courses and Certifications


Training course in AVR Microcontroller.

CCNA1 Networking for home and small businesses.

CCNA2 Working at a Small –to-Medium Business or ISP.

CCNA3 Introducing Routing and Switching in the Enterprise.

CCNA4 Designing and Supporting Computer Networks.

P6 oracle primavera (and applied it in turnkey projects for E/// and Huawei).

RBS6000 installation certified in E/// Sudan Branch

Traffic Node Release 4 certified in E/// Sudan branch


Arabic: Native language- Fluent in writing, speaking and reading.

English: Fluent in writing, speaking and reading.


Sustainable development

Tutoring Math and Sciences for all grades

References are available upon request

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