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Journal Scope

ES&T is an impactful environmental science and technology research journal that aims to be transformational and direction-setting, publishing rigorous and robust papers for a multidisciplinary and diverse audience of scientists, policy makers and the broad environmental community. For more than 50 years, ES&T has been a foundational focus for thought-leading, policy-changing contributions and will continue to serve as the home for significant, broadly relevant, and generalizable research that serves to inform decision-making. The journal advances rigorous scholarship on complex environmental phenomena, particularly with respect to fate, transport, and transformation in natural and engineered systems, while simultaneously facilitating the solution of critical environmental problems. In addition to novelty and significance of research, ES&T considers the relevance of submitted manuscripts to its broad readership.
ES&T has been at the forefront of the environmental science and technology movement, serving the environmental community as a top-tier, respected, reliable and pivotal venue for exceptional, world-class environmental research across a broad and diverse range of environmentally relevant topics. Prospective authors are encouraged to review recent issues of ES&T to gain an understanding of the topics that are of greatest interest to the journal’s readers, and they are expected to establish in their cover letters the relevance of their submissions to the ES&T community. Prospective authors are also directed to the ES&T Author Guidelines for further details on the full scope of the journal, novelty and quality expectations, and minimum requirements. ES&T combines research and magazine sections and is published both in print and online.

Research section

The types of papers published in the research section of ES&T are Research Article, Critical Review, Policy Analysis, Perspective, Correspondence (comment/rebuttal), and Correction/Addition (errata). Full details of the requirements for each manuscript type are available in the ES&T Author Guidelines. Manuscripts are initially reviewed by an editor and, if appropriate, by other scientists who assess the significance, originality, and validity of the work, as well as its appropriateness for publication. The Editor-in-Chief, Executive Editors and Associate Editors, listed in the journal masthead, are responsible for all material published in ES&T.
Current ES&T topical categories for research articles are as follows:

  • Biogeochemical Cycling

  • Bioremediation and Biotechnology

  • Data Science

  • Ecotoxicology and Public Health

  • Energy and Climate

  • Occurrence, Fate, and Behavior of Aquatic and Terrestrial Contaminants in Natural Systems

  • Occurrence, Fate, and Behavior of Contaminants in Indoor Air and Atmosphere

  • Physico-Chemical Treatment and Resource Recovery

  • Sustainable Systems

Magazine Section

The types of papers published in the journalistic-style, magazine section of ES&T are Feature, Viewpoint, and Spotlight articles. All manuscript types present objective reports and analyses of the major advances, trends, and challenges in environmental science, technology, and policy for a diverse professional audience.
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