Total no of Botanic Gardens recorded in Vietnam: 5

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Total no. of Botanic Gardens recorded in Vietnam: 5.

Approx. no. of living plant accessions recorded in these botanic gardens: 2,000 to 3,000

Approx. no. of taxa in these collections: c.1,000 spp.

Estimated % of pre-CBD collections: 50% to 60%.
Location: HANOI

Founded: 1893

Garden Name: Hanoi Botanic Garden

Address: c/o Hanoi Environment Committee, 67 Ba Trieu Street, HANOI.

Status: Municipal

Herbarium: No.

Ex situ Collections:

61 native tree species and small numbers of trees from Asia, Australia, Africa and America.

No. of taxa: 94 species.

Rare & Endangered plants: No

Location: HANOI

Founded: Unknown

Garden Name: Hanoi College of Pharmacy

Address: Dept of Botany, 13-15 Le Thanh Tong St, Hanoi.

Status: University

Herbarium: Unknown

Ex situ Collections: A small collection of plants used for medicinal plant and botanical teaching. A few rare and endangered Vietnamese plants included.

No. of taxa: approximately 400


Founded: Unknown

Garden Name: Zoo - Botanical Park


Status: Unknown

Herbarium: Yes Approx. no. of herbarium specimens: 2,000

Ex situ Collections:

Orchids, decorative grasses, Cassia, native flora.

No. of taxa: Unknown

Rare & Endangered plants: Unknown


Founded: 1864

Garden Name: Saigon Botanic Garden

Address: 2 Nguyen Bink Khiem St, Q.1, HO CHI MINH CITY.

Status: Unknown

Herbarium: Unknown

Ex situ Collections:

Native and exotic plants. Plants from southern Vietnam, including representatives of the genera Dipterocarpus, Hopea, Shorea, Pentacme, Vattia and Sindora.

No. of taxa: Earlier in the 20th century about 1,500 were grown but the collections have declined since 1975.

Rare & Endangered plants: Rare plants of south Vietnam:

Location: NINH BINH

Founded: 1985

Garden Name: Cuc Phuong Botanic Garden

Address: Cuc Phuong National Park, Hoang Long, Ninh Binh.

Status: State

Herbarium: Yes Approx. no. of herbarium specimens: 3,000

Ex situ Collections:

Small collection of native species from the Cuc Phuong National Park and region, mainly trees cultivated in germplasm plots.

No. of taxa: Approximately 150

Rare & Endangered plants:Yes.

Location: TAM DAO

Founded: 1997 and formally opened in 2000.

Garden Name: Tam Dao Botanic Garden

Address: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Tam Dao National Park, Km 13 Ho Son Com, Tam Dao District, Vin Phu Province

Status: State.

Herbarium: A small but developing herbarium recently established with voucher specimens collected in the National Park. Approx. no. of herbarium specimens: 1,000

Ex situ Collections:

Native plants of the Tam Dao region and National Park. Mainly plants of economic importance such as medicinals, fruit trees, fodder, food and fibre plants.

No. of taxa: approximately 250.

Rare & Endangered plants: Yes

  • Small medicinal plant collections have also been established associated with the Da Lat National Park and the Sa Pa National Park at over 1,500 m. altitude.

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