Types of relationships

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types of relationships


Create a Continuum of Human Relationships

Create a Continuum of Human Relationships

Continuum of Human Relationships

Human Contact
Proximity Friends
Selected Friends
Significant Friends
Intimate Others

Human Contacts

  • No commitment


  • We acknowledge them

Proximity Friends

Selected Friends

  • Develop from proximity friendships due to common interests, backgrounds, enjoy their company, etc.

Significant Friends

  • Share personal feelings and disclose things about ourselves (more than ‘selected friends’)


  • Involves deep emotional bond and high level of trust.
  • DOES NOT necessarily imply ‘sexual closeness’
    • Sexual involvement doesn’t always involve intimacy
    • We can be ‘intimate’ with family or very close friends

Social Media

  • How has Facebook and other forms of social media impacted friendship and the continuum of human relationships?

In your notes….

  • A) Describe different ways of being intimate. Provide believable examples (real or pretend).
  • B) What are some individual prerequisites (personality traits/characteristics) that would help someone with intimacy?
  • C) What are some individual impediments (personality traits/characteristics) that would stop/impede one’s ability to be intimate
  • Remember, INTIMACY = deep emotional bond and high level of trust.

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