Was on a trip. It was a trip to Jerusalem. At seven o’clock we were

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3-VAZIFA Task 3

A. Fill in the correct form of "was" or "were"
A class trip to Jerusalem
Yesterday our class was on a trip. It was a trip to Jerusalem. At seven o’clock we were still at home. Our things were ready. At half past seven we were at school. All the pupils were there. Our teachers were there and the buses were there, too. At eight o’clock we were on the buses on the way to Jerusalem. We were in Jerusalem all day. The weather was very pleasant. It was a long day but it was very interesting. At six o’clock in the evening we were back at our school. It was a nice class trip.
B. Complete the sentences with the correct form of will or going to and the verbs in brackets.

  1. When we get home, we are going to have (have) dinner.

  2. I know, they will feel (feel) very happy if they win the match.

  3. They’ve already decided on their next summer holiday. They are going to do (do) a tour of Norway.

  4. “What are your plans for this evening?” I am going to meet (meet) my friends and then go to a birthday party.

  5. If you revise for the exam, I’m sure you will get (get) a good result.

  6. The weather forecast is good for the next few days. It will be (be) very sunny.

  7. I can’t come on the march tomorrow. I am going to look after (look after) my cousins.

  8. In the future, I think humans will wipe out (wipe out) many different species.

  9. He is buying some butter and eggs because he is going to make (make) a cake later.

  10. This homework is very easy. I know, we will do (do) it very quickly.

  11. She wants to get her mum a birthday present. But she isn’t going to by (not buy) it today.

  12. If we go to Paris, we are going to take (take) lots of pictures.

  13. My brother thinks it will snow (snow) tomorrow.

  14. It’s very late! Hurry up or we will be (be) late for work.

  15. Look at that boy at the top of that tree! He will fall (fall).

  16. When we go home, we are going to watch (watch) TV.

  17. I’m sure they will lose (lose) the match.

  18. It’s very hot in here. I will open (open) the window.

  19. It’s a secret! OK I won’t tell (not tell) anyone.

  20. I’m thirsty. I will get (get) you a glass of water.

C. Write an essay about “How I will spend this summer” using 120 words
I am really looking forward to the summer season. That's why I want to go to the city of flowers during the upcoming summer vacation. This year marks the 62nd anniversary of the Flower Festival. Every citizen of Namangan city and Namangan region makes great efforts for this holiday. Each organization describes its environment, its logo with different flowers. Usually, the Flower Festival is celebrated in the park "Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur" located in the city of Namangan. There are 3 main exits to the park, and each door leads to the center of the city with beautiful views. In addition, we want to travel to the museum "Akhsikent" located in the Torakorgan district. As the elders say: "There is no future without history." Therefore, we have recommended visiting various historical monuments and historical people. When returning from a trip, we want to get gifts for my relatives and friends with various gifts.
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