Week 6 Formative Assignment

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Week 6 EAP Formative Assesment

Week 6 Formative Assignment
Qobilova Go’zaloy
MA TESOL Webster University in Tashkent
TESL 5030 7T F1 Instructor: Feruza Jumaniyozova

EAP Program Proposal
English for Academic Purposes is a subject that designed to develop English learners to study effectively and be professional in Academic community. In this program one can learn reading and understanding academic texts, listening to academic lectures and getting prepared for formal presentation through improving note taking and critical thinking skills and many practical skills needed to be academically professional in English language.
Flowerdew, J and Peacock, M (2001) define that English for Academic Purposes – the teaching of English with the specific aim of helping learners to study, conduct research or teach in that language. However, EAP is more formal and quite complex to understand for language learners. For that reason in this proposal I would like to emphasize to Is more formal and quite complex integrate the EAP subject at Fergana State Pedagogical University as a compulsory module for postgraduate students. Because these students are enough old to deal with specifically required tasks and understand main aspects of EAP. Main reason for this, most of the graduate students struggle with understanding assignments and being successful on assignments or choosing appropriate sources or vocabularies once they want to write summaries for academic articles and use in-text citation for the task on EAP after accomplishing their Bachelor degree at that university.
Naturally, these kind of obstacles make the learners feel unconfident about their future potential strength of knowledge.
Surely, the authority of the university is also responsible for tackling these problems of students. It would be more conventional to teach and learn EAP efficiently if the subject is taught step by step.
According to linguistics side students can be educated :
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