Welcome Guide pfd tools for productive people

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User guide

Welcome Guide
PFD tools for productive people

App Overview
PDF Editor
E-signing and Scanner
File manager
Include colorful comments
and annotations in your PDF.
E-sign and send PDFs right 
Store your documents easily 
and efficiently.

Annotation tools
Sometimes you need to give feedback on a document quickly. 
Tap Edit to start annotating directly on your PDF—you can
highlight paragraphs and add comments or notes.
On the top toolbar under Annotate select the tool that works 
best for you.
Some annotation tools can be selected by
tapping and holding on any place in the document 
and choosing the tool from the popup.
Annotate and Markup PDF
Cross out

Custom text
Custom text
Custom text
Add text Notes
Enrich your PDFs with important remarks by typing text
comments in the margins of the page. They are searchable 
and you can find them later.
Highlight with Colors
Colors emphasize different values of information: highlight
the main ideas with yellow, take green for additional info,
and red for corrections.
You can also edit the size, font, and color of the added content.

Digitize with Scanner
To get started, simply
To digitize your documents, head to the app’s Scanner. It’s a 
practical, easy way to create a digital archive of your personal 
Your scanned documents
will be automatically saved
to the File Manager

e-Sign PDF
No printer? No problem. To sign a document, just use the Sign 
PDF tool. Select Fill & Sign from the dropdown list at the top 
and tap Signature.
Give it a try
Practice in creating your own life-like signature:
Sign Here

Your favorite PDF tools
Convert files to and from PDF with a simple click. You can
process Microsoft Office files like Word, Excel and PowerPoint 
as well as JPG or PNG images.
and more!
Take a picture of a document and save it to PDF.
MS Office Converter
Convert Office files such as Word, Excel or Powerpoint 
into PDF documents.
Compress PDF
Having trouble sending PDFs over email? Use the app’s 
Compress PDF tool to reduce the size of your file for 
easy sharing.
Merge PDF
Add pages or merge the entire PDFs together
without even opening them.

Organize your files
Contracts, reports, records—to organize your documents, head 
to the app’s File Manager. It’s a practical, easy way to keep all 
your files together in one place.

Get Premium
Edit, convert and e-sign documents
without limits. Get full access to
ilovepdf.com and Desktop App

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