2017 corc junior development program information Pack

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Information Pack

December 2017


Welcome to the 2017 CORC Junior Development Program

The CORC Junior Development Program is designed to contribute to the preparation and development pathway for cross-country (XC) racing in club, school, state and national competitions, for junior riders aged 12 years to 18 years. The spirit of program is development in a supportive, collaborative, and confidence-building environment for riders, coaches, sponsors and parents alike.

Applications are now open for the 2017 CORC Junior Development Program. The program will run from February 2017 to October 2017.

With a focus on building on the solid team ethics created in 2015 and 2016, we aim to produce junior riders who are confident, capable and supportive riders who have highly developed skills that will enable them to become a faster and more skilled rider. Numbers will be limited to 35 for the program and entry will be assessed by the following criteria:

  • Criteria 1 – Riders have a demonstrated bike fitness and a skill ability suitable for the program, assessed before the program commences as required.

  • Criteria 2 – Riders have a demonstrated interest in racing at a consistent local level and potentially national level.

  • Criteria 3 – Riders are seeking to learn in, and contribute to, a supportive team environment

The emphasis will be on respect, responsibility, team work and integrity. Riders will be required to agree to a code of conduct prior to commencing, more information is available within this document.

All juniors are required to maintain a current MTBA licence and CORC membership for the duration of the program.

Under the guidance of Coaching Director, Peter Dowse, riders will be allocated coaches depending on the session, ability, and any other discretionary factor. At times riders may be able to choose the coach and session most suitable to their needs at the time.

The program continues through school holiday periods.

Coached Skills Sessions

Skills coaching sessions will be held every second Tuesday at Stromlo Forest Park from 4:30 to 6:00pm, with the first session commencing Tuesday 7 February 2017. Riders should be ready at 4.15pm. Meeting point is the covered Pavilion (upper level) near the carpark.

Assessment sessions may be held prior to this date if required.

Lights will be required once daylight savings ends and throughout winter. During winter, Parent tail riders* may be required to ensure the group remains together, mechanicals are attended to in a timely manner.

A decision will be made about the timing of July/August coaching sessions at a later date. Another day (possibly a weekend session) and/or alternative learning session may be suggested due to weather conditions. This will be raised with riders and parents.

Physio-based Stretch & Strengthen Sessions

PhysioSport O’Connor therapists will conduct fortnightly sessions for team members. The venue is Illeso Studio, 68 Bandjalong Crescent, Aranda (the old Aranda shop complex that now includes Two Before Ten café) and the session commences at 6.30pm sharp and closes at 7.30pm.

The first session will be held Wednesday 8 February at 6.30pm. Any changes to these dates or venue will be advised via email.

It is strongly recommended that all riders attend these sessions to assist with the prevention of injury and build strength required for mountain biking.

Group Rides

Group rides are held on the alternate Tuesday to the skills coaching session (eg week 2 of the program). The ride location will vary to allow participants to experience different terrain, tracks and use a variety of developing skills. Riders should be ready from 5.45pm and attend a ride briefing. The ride commences at 6pm, and late riders should not attempt to join the group for safety reasons. Ride location will be communicated via email the Sunday before the ride, if not earlier.

The purpose of the group ride is to consolidate the coaching session learning and ride together with team members. It is not a race. Groups will be created based on rider safety. Lights will be required once daylight savings ends and throughout winter. Parent riders* are required to ensure the group remains together, mechanicals are attended to in a timely manner. Safety comes first during our evening group rides and some rides may be cancelled due to weather conditions, or location changed at late notice.

Information Sessions

Throughout the program, information sessions will be presented to provide the riders with broader knowledge about riding, wellbeing and racing. These will be included in the program fees and may include (but are not limited to) bike mechanics, first aid for mountain bikers, training plans, sports nutrition, sports psychology, strength and conditioning, race preparation and etiquette, public speaking/media presentation, social media responsibilities. These details will be sent out via email once finalised.

Bike & Riding Safety

All participants will be required to a spare tube, pump/canister & head, or repair kit on all coaching rides and group rides. Other items needed include:

Helmet - Australian Standards approved

Water bottle

Riding gloves

Appropriate clothing – often layering is best

Other items we recommend are riding glasses, a few first aid items, medical needs (inhalers, puffers etc), and maybe a small snack.

Contact Details

The first point of call for all general information is juniorxc@corc.asn.au. Depending upon the query, this could be answered by:

Junior Development program coordinator – Mel Crampton, 0437899557

Junior Development Coaching & Group Ride coordinators - Paul Brodie & Scott Dore

Junior Development Information Session coordinator – Tara Sutherland

Junior Development Finance coordinator – Shona Alexander

Junior Development Riding Kit coordinator – Michelle Inglis

Pete Dowse is the Coaching Director, he can be contacted via email on manager@trekracingaustralia.com

Emails - Please advise Mel Crampton (mcrampton@deloitte.com.au) if you DO NOT agree to your contact details being shared amongst the team. Information about the programs is sent via email, please ensure you provide a contact point that you are comfortable with it being shared amongst all participants.

Photos - Please advise Mel Crampton (mcrampton@deloitte.com.au) if you DO NOT agree to your child’s photo being used on our website, and CORC social media platforms.

Safety/Risk Management for Junior Riders

To ensure that each child isn’t overworked, there is an MTBA junior participation policy that we will be following as much as possible. A copy of this policy is included with this pack.

CORC Club Race Calendar

All CORC Club race events are published on the CORC website. We encourage participation in all CORC Club races, as well as accepting some volunteering responsibilities to make the races happen. Entry to the CORC six66 event in October is included as part of the program fees for riders participating in CORC Junior Development teams.

These dates are subject to change. Please always check the CORC website for any updates.

Other Race Calendars can be found on the MTBA website.

Program Cost & Payment Schedule

The total cost of the program is $800 per participant. The program fee incorporates program group coaching, stretch & strengthen sessions, rider information sessions, riding kit, entry to the CORC six66 event in October 2017 as part of the CORC Junior Development team.

Payment of a $200 deposit is due by 17 February 2017 to secure your place in the program and riding kit order. Subsequent monthly payments are due the 1st Tuesday of each month. These payments are $75 each month. Payments can be made by credit card or by direct deposit. Payment options are available, please contact shona@jedimail.com.au for further information or if you’d like assistance.

Bank details:

Account Name: Canberra Off Road Cyclist Incorporated

Account BSB: 082-902
Account number: 91-111-4201

When submitting a payment, please send a copy of the remittance to our budget coordinator shona@jedimail.com.au noting ‘SURNAME’ JNRS.

Should you choose to pay the program fee in full, a 10% discount applies. This would be due 17 February 2017 should you elect to take this option.

If you were part of the 2016 Program and do not require new kit throughout the 2017 year please contact shona@jedimail.com.au prior to payment – it is preferred that at races, each athlete will represent the club and program accordingly.

Code of Conduct

This code of conduct will be distributed to each parent and junior for their signature and agreement. It will also be agreed to by the coaches and any member of the support team. First infringement to comply will result in counselling, second in trial by peers to determine the penalty. This is a team, all decisions must be agreeable to everyone. Once signed, a copy will be maintained by the program and a copy with the athlete.

As a CORC Junior Development athlete, I will:

  • Uphold the core values that give mountain biking its great reputation as being accessible, accepting and friendly.

  • At all times conduct myself in line with the teams fundamental value of maintaining a highly professional, but very down to earth attitude

  • Maintain a friendly and approachable image at all times. I will conduct myself in a manner that is a positive and friendly reflection on the team and our sport.

  • Treat my fellow competitors with absolute respect at all times and compete in a fair and sportsman like manner. I will treat my team mates even better.

  • Show and provide ongoing support for my team mates where possible. This may include event assistance, vocal support and sharing of equipment.

  • Engage with fellow mountain bikers on trail, both in and out of competition, in a respectful and courteous manner and endeavour to increase the sociable and professional nature the team is renowned for.

  • Be courteous, respectful and helpful to the management of the team. This includes: Replying promptly to emails, calls, etc; communicating regularly and helping with logistics for the team where necessary at events; showing initiative to help staff maintain a professional image for the team at all times.

  • Represent all of my supporters and sponsors in a positive light by conducting myself professionally at all times, taking care of my equipment and promoting a positive image for all associated brands through my personal interactions and acknowledgement of the privileged support which I receive.

  • Use the clothing and/or equipment that has been made available to me in an appropriate way and provide visible support to our sponsors by wearing CORC Junior Development kit whenever possible. It is my responsibility to be aware of what is expected regarding product usage.

  • Not engage in any conduct which does or may bring the team into disrepute including without limitation engaging in bad behaviour of any nature in public or ridiculing or criticising the team or anyone involved.

Sponsorship provided

The CORC Junior Development squad is fortunate to be supported by Trek-Shimano Australia, PhysioSport O’Connor, Illeso Studio, and Today’s Plan. The following arrangements are in place:

Trek Shimano Australia provides funding for and coordination of coaching staff and program management. Trek Shimano Australia is a major sponsor of the CORC Junior Development squad.

PhysioSport O’Connor manage the Stretch & Strengthen sessions, and offer discounts for bike fitting and physio appointments. More details will be provided to squad members.

Illeso Studio provide the venue for our Stretch & Strengthen sessions in Aranda, and the venue for other events if required and a suitable room is available.

Today’s Plan provide all CORC Junior Development squad members with access to a 12 month unlimited plans and analytics package.

We are grateful for the community support provided to the CORC Junior Development squad via our sponsors and supporters.

Volunteering Expectations

It is expected that each participant will provide back to the club with some form of volunteering. We also welcome and appreciate the support of parents for such events. There are many opportunities for this with assisting at the regular CORC events such as Dirt Crits, XC and 3hr races, and various roles in the lead up to the CORC major October event.

CORC Junior Development Riding Kit

Junior development riders are provided with riding kit and are encouraged to wear this at training, and all race events. The kit is a privilege to wear as a representative of the CORC Junior Development squad. Riders will be reminded of responsibilities in both the Code of Conduct and race etiquette session. The kit consists of:

2 Riding jerseys

2 Bibs, or Knicks

Additional items may be purchased at the time of ordering at the riders own expense. These may include a riding vest, arm/leg warmers, hoodie jumper however these items are ordered on an as requested basis and if enough orders are received.

Below is an example only of the kit. Final design to be confirmed. However the 2016 riding kit looked similar to the following examples:

*Parent Support Riders

At times we require parents to provide support as tail riders to ensure the safety of all riders, or assist with mechanical issues. This could be during coaching sessions and is definitely required during the Group Ride sessions. To participate, Parent support riders must have an ACT Working With Vulnerable People card and details will be requested at the beginning of the year, and updates as required.

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