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MISSION: Earth 2.0... earth-october | by silver ...
Are you liking planet Earth? Home to everyone who’s ever lived. Home to all of our food, land, water, air and… everything we need to survive! (Along with energy from a nearby star). Earth is a warm and welcoming place, but beyond our little planet, the majority of the solar system is pretty hostile. Mars? Too cold. Venus? Too hot. The Moon? No air. Jupiter? No land. With technology (and lots of $) we could maybe make some of those places habitable. OR… if we could learn to travel great distances in space, here’s another idea: Other solar systems! Could planets in other solar systems be even more habitable than Earth???
Your mission is to find out: Could other solar systems be more habitable than ours?

Of the thousands of planets discovered beyond our Solar System (“exoplanets”), you will choose one planet/star combination to investigate.



artistsimpression.jpg 2014-03-07-exoplanet.jpg 10.10.02.hardy.jpg
You and your team will create the following products to demonstrate what you learn.

  1. A graphic showing basic characteristics of your planet’s solar system.

  2. An “energy theater” presentation focusing on the central star of your solar system.

  3. A graphic model on the life cycle of stars, with emphasis on your solar system.

  4. Construct an account of solar system formation.

  5. A presentation about your planet and its solar system.

  6. An infographic advocating which planet/solar system* would be the best place to live.
    (* Eight planets/solar systems will be presented.)


This project will be the focus of our astronomy unit this quarter. Specific dates to be determined.

You will choose or be given a planet from the following list.

planet star

55 Cancri b 55 Cancri

Gliese 667 Cc Gliese 667

Gliese 832c Gliese 832space-120412-001.jpg

K2-3d K2-3

Kepler 62e Kepler 62



Kepler 438b Kepler 438

Kepler 442b Kepler 442

Kepler 452b Kepler 452

Proxima Centauri b Proxima Centauri

Tau Ceti e (or f) Tau Ceti

WASP-12b WASP-12

Wolf 1061c Wolf 1061

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