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New LGBTQ Books + eBooks*

* just some of the hot new LGBTQ fiction + non-fiction titles added to

Toronto Public Library collections in the last year

Albert, Susan Wittig / Loving Eleanor

Alexander, Mardi / Twice lucky

Alkemade, Kim van / Orphan #8: a novel + eBook

Aptaker, Ann / Tarnished gold

Baldwin, Kim / One last thing

Banasky, Carmiel / The suicide of Claire Bishop + eBook

Barnett, LaShonda Katrice / Jam on the vine + eBook

Beers, Georgia / A little bit of spice

Beers, Georgia / Zero visibility: a romance

Blais, Marie-Claire / Acacia gardens

Bramhall, Andrea / The chameleon’s tale

Bramhall, Andrea / Swordfish

Brayden, Melissa / Just three words

Brayden, Melissa / Ready or not

Brayden, Melissa et al. / Sweet hearts: romantic novellas

Brooke, Gun / Pathfinder: Exodus, Book Two

Brooke, Gun / Soul unique

Brown, Maggie / Mackenzie’s beat

Buck, Rebecca S. / Fragile wings

Busman, Debra / Like a woman

Cannon, Julie / Countdown

Christie, Kate / In the company of women

Claxton, Crin / Death’s doorway + eBook

Clevenger, Jaime / Waiting for a love song

Cooper, Blayne / A dark horse

Copeland, Jean / The revelation of Beatrice Darby

D., Jackie / Infiltration: Book 1 of the After Dark series

Davis, Lesley / Playing in shadow

Davis, Lesley / Starstruck: blurring the line between reality and fiction

De Veaux, Alexis / Yabo

Dennis-Benn, Nicole / Here comes the sun

Disabato, Catie / The ghost network: a novel + eBook

Doctor, Farzana / All inclusive + eBook

Doench, Meredith / Crossed

Dunne, Amy / The renegade

Dutton, Erin / Officer down

Frame, Jenny / A royal romance

French, Sophia / The diplomat

Girolami, Lisa / The 45th parallel

Glaser, Rachel B. / Paulina and Fran

Green, Sacchi, ed. / Best lesbian erotica of the year + eBook

Green, Sacchi, ed. / Me and my boi: queer erotic stories

Griep, Camille / Letters to Zell

Grubb, Michelle / The fifth gospel

Grubb, Michelle / Getting lost

Grubb, Michelle / Keep hold

Gurba, Myriam / Painting their portraits in winter: short stories

Hamilton, Jane Eaton / Weekend

Hart, Ellen / The grave soul + eBook

Highsmith, Patricia / Carol (new ed.)

Hill, Gerri / Pelican’s landing

Huff, Tanya / An ancient peace

Huff, Tanya / Wizard of the grove + eBook

Hunter, Cari / No good reason

Jaffe, Sara / Dryland

Jessen, Rebecca / Gap

Jones, Heather Rose / The mystic marriage: a novel of Alpennia

July, Miranda / The first bad man: a novel + eBook

Kirby, William S. / Vienna + eBook

Leduc, Violette / Thérèse and Isabelle (new trans.) + eBook

Leigh, D. Jackson / Riding passion

Leigh, D. Jackson / Tracker and the spy: Dragon Horse War 2

Liontas, Annie / Let me explain you + eBook

Logan, Kirsty / The gracekeepers: a novel + eBook

Logan, M. E. / Can’t buy me love

Logan, M. E. / Tempered Steele

Lynch, Katie / Confucius Jane

MacGregor, K. G. / T-minus two

Maddox, Jaime / Deadly medicine

Mayor, Archer / The company she kept: a Joe Gunther novel + eBook

McKnight, Gill / Soul selecta

McMahon, Franci / White horse in winter

McMan, Ann / Backcast

Michaels, Laydin / Forsaken

Mikayne, Stevie / Illicit artifacts

Miles, Tiya / Cherokee Rose: a novel of gardens and ghosts

Molson, Karen / The company of crows

O’Brien, Meghan / The muse + eBook

Okparanta, Chinelo / Under the udala trees + eBook

Perez, Emma / Electra’s complex

Perovic, Lydia / All that sang

Pesch, Lana / Moving parts: stories

Powell, V. K. / Side effects

Raand, L. L. / The shadow hunt

Radclyffe / Prescription for love + eBook

Radclyffe / Price of honor

Raeder, Leah / Black Iris + eBook

Redhawk, D. Jordan / Lady dragon

Revoyr, Nina / Lost canyon: a novel + eBook

Richardson, Tracey / The song in my heart

Ridley, Elizabeth / Searching for Celia + eBook

Rosen, Lev A. C. / Depth

Rosenfeld, Carol / The one that got away

Rowlands, C. P. / Hardwired + eBook

Saracen, Justine / The witch of Stalingrad

Shannon, Merry / Prayer of the handmaiden

Spangler, Rachel / The heart of the game

Stark, Nell / The princess and the Prix

Taite, Carsen / Lay down the law

Taite, Carsen / Reasonable doubt

Thrasher, Shelley / Autumn spring

Trebelhorn, P. J. / Up the ante

Wagner, Bruce / I met someone + eBook

Herring, Scott / The Cambridge companion to American gay and lesbian literature

Highway, Tomson / A tale of monstrous extravagance: imagining multilingualism + eBook

Hogan, Kristen / The feminist bookstore movement: lesbian antiracism and feminist accountability

Jenkins, Steve + Walter, Derek / Esther the wonder pig: changing the world one heart at a time

Jennings, Kevin, ed. / One teacher in ten in the new millennium: LGBT educators speak out about what’s gotten better and what hasn’t

Kaplan, Roberta / Then comes marriage: United States v. Windsor and the defeat of DOMA + eBook

King-Miller, Lindsay / Ask a queer chick: a guide to sex, love, and life for girls who dig girls + eBook

Ladoucer, Ben / Otter

Lee, Deborah Jian / Rescuing Jesus: how people of color, women, and queer Christians are reclaiming evangelicalism

Levy, Emanuel / Gay directors, gay films?: Pedro Almodóvar, Terence Davies, Todd Haynes, Gus Van Sant, John Waters

Lindsay, Richard A. / Hollywood biblical epics: camp spectacle and queer style from the silent era to the modern day

Macedo, Stephen / Just married: same-sex couples, monogamy, and the future of marriage

MacIvor, Daniel / Try: Communion / Was spring / Small things

Maguire, Shannon / Myrmurs: an exploded sestina

Manuel, Zenju Earthlyn / The way of tenderness: awakening through race, sexuality, and gender + eBook

Marhoefer, Laurie / Sex and the Weimer Republic: German homosexual emancipation and the rise of the Nazis

McClatchy, J. D. / Sweet theft: a poet’s commonplace book

Meyer, Doug / Violence against queer people: race, class, gender, and the persistence of anti-LGBT discrimination

Millward, Liz / Making a scene: lesbians and community across Canada, 1964-1984

Mordden, Ethan / On Sondheim: an opinionated guide

Mostow, Joshua S. + Ikeda, Asato / A third gender: beautiful youth in Japanese Edo-period prints (1600–1868)

Myles, Eileen / I must be living twice: new and selected poems, 1975-2014

Nason, Jim / Touch anywhere to begin

Neal, Jarrett / What color is your hoodie?: essays on black gay identity

Newton, Esther / Cherry Grove, Fire Island: sixty years in America’s first gay and lesbian town (new ed.)

Oakley, Tyler / Binge + eBook

Oliver, Mary / Felicity: poems + eBook

Paré, Arleen / He leaves his face in the funeral car

Petro, Anthony M. / After the wrath of God: AIDS, sexuality, and American religion

Phillips, Carl / Reconnaissance: poems + eBook

Rakoff, David / The uncollected David Rakoff: including the text of Love, dishonor, marriage, die; cherish, perish + eBook

Reynolds, Michael, ed. / Tom House: Tom of Finland in Los Angeles

Rich, Adrienne / Adrienne Rich: collected poems, 1950-2012

Rich, Adrienne / Later poems: selected and new, 1971-2012

Richardson, Bill / First little bastard to call me Gramps: poems of the late middle ages

Rose, Rachel / Marry & burn

Rostosky, Sharon Scales + Riggle, Ellen D. B. / Happy together: how same-sex couples can conquer the challenges of minority stress and flourish

Rustin, Bayard + Carbado, Devon W., ed. / Time on two crosses: the collected writings of Bayard Rustin, 2nd ed.

Sacks, Oliver W. / Gratitude + eBook

Sanders, Eli / While the city slept: a love lost to violence and a young man’s descent into madness + eBook

Schwartzwald, Robert / C.R.A.Z.Y.: a queer film classic

Scott, Kitty, ed. / Stephen Andrews POV

Sedgwick, Eve Kosofsky / Between men: English literature and male homosocial desire (30th anniversary ed.)

Shraya, Vivek / Even this page is white: poems

Sickels, Carter, ed. / Untangling the knot: queer voices on marriage, relationships and identity

Siken, Richard / War of the foxes

Smart, Tom / Fabulous peculiarities: the art of Tony Calzetta

Tannahill, Jordan / Theatre of the unimpressed: in search of vital drama + eBook

Thoreson, Ryan Richard / Transnational LGBT activism: working for sexual rights worldwide

Tillman, Lisa M. / In solidarity: friendship, family, and activism beyond gay and straight

Visage, Michelle / The diva rules: ditch the drama, find your strength, and sparkle your way to the top

Waidzunas, Tom / Straight line: how the fringe science of ex-gay and therapy reoriented sexuality

Ward, Elizabeth Jane / Not gay: sex between straight white men

Whitlock, Kay + Bronski, Michael / Considering hate: violence, goodness, and justice in American culture and politics

Woods, Gregory / Homintern: how gay culture liberated the modern world + eBook

Zan, Bänoo / Songs of exile

Bingham, Emily / Irrepressible: the Jazz Age life of Henrietta Bingham + eBook

Bowery, Tess/ She whom I love

Despentes, Virginia / Apocalypse baby + eBook

Fitzgerald, Meags / Long red hair

Hogan, Kevin / My Riastrad

J., Anna / My woman his wife saga + eBook

Ka’ahumanu, Lani + Hutchins, Loraine, eds. / Bi any other name: bisexual people speak out, 25th anniversary ed.

Keenan, Jillian / Sex with Shakespeare: here’s much to do with pain, but more with love + eBook

Mesrobian, Carrie / Cut both ways + eBook

Michaels, Mark A. + Johnson, Patricia / Designer relationships: a guide to happy monogamy, positive polyamory, and optimistic open relationships + eBook

Naked, Bif / I Bificus: a memoir + eBook

North, Anna / The life and death of Sophie Stark + eBook

Ochs, Robyn + Williams, H. Sharif / Rec-og-nize: the voices of bisexual men: an anthology

Palmer, Alyssa Linn / Midnight at the Orpheus

Pilger, Zoe / Eat my heart out

Steil, Jennifer / The ambassador’s wife + eBook

Winterson, Jeanette / The gap of time: a novel + eBook
Arnal, Kike / Bordered lives: transgender portraits from Mexico

Basch, Rachel / The listener + eBook

Benítez-Rojo, Antonio / Woman in battle dress + eBook

Bevan, Thomas E. / The psychobiology of transsexualism and transgenderism: a new view based on scientific evidence

Blythe, Ali / Twoism

Corbett, Ken / A murder over a girl: justice, gender, junior high + eBook

Crawford, Lucas / Sideshow concessions

De Robertis, Carolina / The gods of tango + eBook

Februari, Maxim / The making of a man: notes on transsexuality

Garréta, Anne / Sphinx

Gino, Alex / George + eBook

Hall, Michael / Red: a crayon’s story

Hankins, Dena / Heart of the Liliko’i

Hurst, Michael + Swope, Robert, eds. / Casa Susanna

Islam, Tanwi Nandini / Bright lines: a novel + eBook

Jacques, Juliet / Trans: a memoir + eBook

Joynt, Chase + Hoolboom, Mike / You only live twice: sex, death and transition + eBook

Kaufman, Brian / M is dead: a collaborative novel

Kaveney, Roz / Tiny pieces of skull: or, a lesson in matters

Keig, Zander + Kellaway, Mitch, eds. / Manning up: transsexual men on finding brotherhood, family, and themselves

Kurtzwilde, H. B. / Sea turtle inn

Ladin, Joy / Impersonation: poems 2004-2014

Leone, Katie / But, I’m not a boy

Lepore, Amanda / Doll parts

Lowrey, Sassafras / Lost boi + eBook

Miller, Sasha L. / The errant prince

Monje, Michael Scott, Jr. / Defiant

Muholi, Zanele / Zanele Muholi: faces and phases, 2006-2014

Namaste, Viviane K. / Oversight: critical reflections on feminist research and politics

Nelson, Maggie / The Argonauts + eBook

Nutt, Amy Ellis / Becoming Nicole: the transformation of an American family + eBook

Plett, Casey / Safe girl to love

Porto, Alexandre Vidal / Sergio Y. + eBook

Schmatz, Pat / Lizard radio + eBook

Spade, Dean / Normal life: administrative violence, critical trans politics, and the limits of law (rev. ed.)

Stanley, Eric + Smith, Nat, eds. / Captive genders: trans embodiment and the prison industrial complex, 2nd ed.

Thimmesch-Gill, Zane / Hiding in plain sight

Warland, Betsy / Oscar of between: a memoir of identity and ideas

Whittington, Hillary / Raising Ryland: our story of parenting a transgender child with no strings attached + eBook

Wilde, Cecil / A boy called Cin

Wilkinson, Willy / Born on the edge of race and gender: a voice for cultural competency
Albertalli, Becky / Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens agenda + eBook

Bach, Mette / Femme

Berg, Ryan / No house to call my home: love, family, and other transgressions

Brothers, Meagan / Weird girl and what’s his name + eBook

Cart, Michael + Jenkins, Christine A. / Top 250 LGBTQ books for teens: coming out, being out, and the search for community

Duncan, Alexandra / Sound + eBook

Floreen, Tim / Willful machines + eBook

Gino, Alex / George + eBook

Grace, André P. + Wells, Kristopher/ Growing into resilience: sexual and gender minority youth in Canada

Gregorio, I. W. / None of the above

Helms, Rhonda / Promposal + eBook

Hopkins, Ellen / Traffick + eBook

Huey, Rachel S. / I am special: I have two dads

Huey, Rachel S. / I am special: I have two moms

Hutchinson, Shaun David / The five stages of Andrew Brawley + eBook

Jensen, Cordelia / Skyscraping

Konigsberg, Bill / The porcupine of truth + eBook

Kramer, Fabri + Panzini, Luca / Some people have two dads

Kramer, Fabri + Panzini, Luca / Some people have two mums

Lavoie, Jennifer / The first twenty

Levithan, David / Hold me closer: the Tiny Cooper story + eBook

McCarry, Sarah / About a girl

Moskowitz, Hannah / Not otherwise specified + eBook

Newton, David E. / LGBT youth issues today: a reference handbook

Pinkas, Shosh / Gal and Noa’s daddies

Rundell, Katherine / The wolf wilder

Sayre, Justin / Husky + eBook

Scelsa, Kate / Fans of the impossible life + eBook

Schiffer, Miriam B. / Stella brings the family + eBook

Selznick, Brian / The Marvels + eBook

Silvera, Adam / More happy than not + eBook

Silverberg, Cory + Smyth, Fiona / Sex is a funny word: a book about bodies, feelings, and YOU

Smith, Rachelle Lee / Speaking out: queer youth in focus + eBook

Tyner, Christy / Zak’s safari: a story about donor-conceived kids of two-mom families

Walton, Will / Anything could happen

Ward, Kaitlin / Bleeding Earth

Wheeler, Elizabeth / Asher’s fault
Bell-Scott, Patricia / The firebrand and the First Lady: portrait of a friendship: Pauli Murray, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the struggle for social justice + eBook

Beyfus, Drusilla / Vogue on Hubert de Givenchy + eBook

Blanning, T. C. W. / Frederick the Great: King of Prussia + eBook

Brownstein, Carrie / Hunger makes me a modern girl: a memoir + eBook

Burroughs, Augusten / Lust and wonder + eBook

Caillat, François / Foucault against himself

Capote, Truman / Brooklyn: a personal memoir: with the lost photographs of David Attie

Chacaby, Ma-Nee / Two-spirit journey: the autobiography of a lesbian Ojibwa-Cree elder

Claerbaut, A. Alyce + Schlesinger, David, eds. / Strayhorn: an illustrated life

Clark, Adrian / Queer saint: the cultured life of Peter Watson

Coles, Richard / Fathomless riches: or, how I went from pop to pulpit

Collins, Damian / Charmed life: the phenomenal world of Philip Sassoon

Conley, Garrard / Boy erased: a memoir

Cooper, Alex / Saving Alex: when I was fifteen I told my Mormon parents I was gay, and that’s when my nightmare began

Copp, Bruce / Out of the firing line…into the foyer: my remarkable story

Cooper, Anderson + Vanderbilt, Gloria / The rainbow comes and goes: a mother and son talk about life, love, and loss

+ eBook

Cora, Cat / Cooking as fast as I can: a chef’s story of family, food, and forgiveness + eBook

Currier, Jameson / Until my heart stops

Ferré, Giusi / Giorgio Armani: radical gender

Forrester, Viviane / Virginia Woolf: a portrait

Fraser-Cavassoni, Natasha / Vogue on Yves Saint Laurent + eBook

Freeman, Philip / Searching for Sappho: the lost songs and world of the first woman poet

Garebian, Keith / Immortal shadow: a life of William Hutt

Gibb, Camilla / This is happy + eBook

Gornick, Vivian / The odd woman and city: a memoir + eBook

Graham, Bill / The call of the world

Grey, Joel / Master of ceremonies: a memoir + eBook

Gruber, Allison / You’re not Edith: autobiographical essays

Hollingworth, Miles / Ludwig Wittgenstein: an intellectual biography

Holmes, Dave / Party of one: a memoir in 20 songs

Indiana, Gary / I can’t give you anything but love

Jensen, Robert / Plain radical: living, loving, and learning to leave the planet gracefully

Jorgensen, Lorrie / First gear: a motorcycle memoir

Kellow, Brian / Can I go now?: the life of Sue Mengers, Hollywood’s first superagent + eBook

Lax, Leah / Uncovered: how I left Hasidic life and finally came home

Levy, Sue-Ann / Underdog: confessions of a right-wing, gay, Jewish muckraker

Lisicky, Paul / The narrow door: a memoir of friendship + eBook

Little Thunder, Beverly / One bead at a time

Lownie, Andrew / Stalin’s Englishman: the lives of Guy Burgess

Marie-Madeline / Priestess of morphine: the lost opus of Marie-Madeleine in the time of the Nazis

Mars-Jones, Adam / Kid gloves: a voyage round my father

Mercurio, Peter / Found: a story of family

Meredith, Lydia / Gay preacher’s wife: how my down-low husband deconstructed my life and reconstructed my faith

Morgan, Bill, ed. / I greet you at the beginning of a great career: the selected correspondence of Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg, 1955-1997

Notaro, Tig / I’m just a person

Nyad, Diana / Find a way: one wild and precious life + eBook

Ollison, Rashod / Soul serenade: rhythm, blues and coming of age through vinyl

Parini, Jay / Empire of self: a life of Gore Vidal + eBook

Parsi, Arsham / Exiled for love: the journey of an Iranian queer activist

Patterson, Pat / Accepted: how the first gay superstar changed WWE

Piepzna-Samarasinha, Leah Lakshmi / Dirty river: a queer femme of color dreaming her way home

Pim, Keiron / Jumpin Jack Flash: David Litvinoff and the rock’n’roll underworld

Porpora, Kenny / The autumn balloon

Preston, John / A very English scandal: sex, lies and a murder plot at the heart of the establishment

Princenthal, Nancy / Agnes Martin: her life and art + eBook

Quinn, Tom / Backstairs Billy: the life of William Tallon, the Queen Mother’s most devoted servant

Rossi, Chef / The raging skillet: the true life story of Chef Rossi

Segal, Mark / And then I danced: traveling the road to LGBT equality: a memoir

Spender, Matthew / A house in St. John’s wood: in search of my parents + eBook

Stafford, Andy / Roland Barthes

Thomas, Dana / Gods and kings: the rise and fall of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano + eBook

Thrash, Maggie / Honor girl: a graphic memoir

Wilcox, Claire, ed. / Alexander McQueen

Wilson, Andrew / Alexander McQueen: blood beneath the skin + eBook

Zaremba, Eve / The broad side: a feminist’s reflections

The 519 Church Street Community Centre / Write from the heart 2, from members of the Toronto Older LGBT Supportive Writing Group

Al-Solaylee, Kamal / Brown: what being brown in the world today means (to everyone)

Allan, Jonathan A. / Reading from behind: a cultural analysis of the anus

Altman, Dennis + Symons, Jonathan / Queer wars

Ashbery, John / Breezeway: new poems + eBook

Balay, Anne / Steel closets: voices of gay, lesbian, and transgender steelworkers

Ball, Susan C. / Voices in the band: a doctor, her patients, and how the outlook on AIDS changed from doomed to hopeful

Baumle, Amanda K. / Legalizing LGBT families: how the law shapes parenthood

Bersani, Leo / Thoughts and things

bissett, bill / Th book

Bram, Christopher / The art of history: unlocking the past in fiction and nonfiction

Brooks, Adrian / The right side of history: 100 years of LGBTQI activism + eBook

Brossard, Nicole / Ardour + eBook

Browning, Frank / The fate of gender

Bruce, Jean / Forbidden love: a queer film classic

Cenziper, Debbie + Obergefell, Jim / Love wins: the lovers and lawyers who fought the landmark case for marriage equality

Charlesworth, Jonathan / That’s so gay!: challenging homophobic bullying

Cole, Henri / Nothing to declare: poems

Colucci, Jim / Golden Girls forever: an unauthorized look behind the lanai

Coren, Michael / Epiphany: a Christian’s change of heart & mind over same-sex marriage + eBook

Dedora, B. (Brian) / Lorcation

Donoghue, Emma / Emma Donoghue: selected plays + eBook

Doyle, Vincent / Making out in the mainstream: GLAAD and the politics of respectability + eBook

Dreger, Alice Domurat / Galileo’s middle finger: heretics, activists, and the search for justice in science + eBook

Edman, Elizabeth M. / Queer virtue: what LGBTQ people know about life and love and how it can revitalize Christianity

Elam, Michele, ed. / The Cambridge companion to James Baldwin

Ellis, Nadia / Territories of the soul: queered belonging in the black diaspora

Erickson, Arthur / Francisco Kripacz: interior design

Eleveld, Kerry / Don’t tell me to wait: how the fight for gay rights changed America and transformed Obama’s presidency

Faderman, Lillian / The gay revolution: the story of the struggle + eBook

Ferri, Fabrizio / Roberto Bolle: voyage of beauty

Fine, Lois / Freda and Jem’s best of the week + eBook

Frank, Katherine / Wedlocked: the perils of marriage equality: how African Americans and gays mistakenly thought the right to marry would set them free

Fraser, Brad / Kill me now

Friedman, Misha / Lyudmila and Natasha: Russian lives

Gallo, Marcia M. / No one helped: Kitty Genovese, New York City, and the myth of urban apathy

Galvin, Sarah / The best party of our lives: stories of gay weddings and true love to inspire us all + eBook

Gamson, Joshua / Modern families: stories of extraordinary journeys to kinship

Gibson, Margaret F., ed. / Queering motherhood: narrative and theoretical perspectives

Gilmour, Richard / Queers were here

Golombok, Susan / Modern families: parents and children in new family forms

Goodfellow, Aaron / Gay fathers, their children, and the making of kinship

Greene, Richard + Robison-Greene, Rachel, eds. / Orange is the new black and philosophy: last exit from Litchfield + eBook

Gruber, Adrienne / Buoyancy control

Han, C. Winter / Geisha of a different kind: race and sexuality in gaysian America

Hardy, David, comp. / Bold: stories from older lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people

Walsh, Karis / Mounting evidence

Watson, Dillon / Full circle

White, Kenna / These two hearts

Williamz, M. J. / Sheltered love

Williamz, M. J. / Summer passion
Alameddine, Rabih / Koolaids

Allison, Shane, ed. / Gym boys: gay erotic stories + eBook

Baines, Christian / Puppet boy

Bardsley, Ralph Josiah / Brothers

Barker, Susan / The incarnations + eBook

Beitong / Beijing comrades + eBook

Bellatin, Mario / Jacob the mutant

Bellatin, Mario / The large glass: three autobiographies

Belledone, K. E. / Right here waiting

Bollen, Christopher / Orient: a novel + eBook

Bunn, Austin / The brink: stories

Capote, Truman / The early stories of Truman Capote + eBook

Chin, Alan / Buddha’s bad boys

Cox, Daniel Allen / Mouthquake: a novel + eBook

Cross, H. S. / Wilberforce + eBook

Cunningham, Michael / A wild swan: and other tales + eBook

Driggers, James / Lovesick

Ellingsen, Berit / Not dark yet: a novel

Fleet, Suki / This is not a love story

Galassi, Jonathan / Muse: a novel + eBook

Golding, Michael / A poet of the invisible world

Goolrick, Robert / The fall of princes: a novel + eBook

Greenwell, Garth / What belongs to you: a novel + eBook

Greer, Darren / Advocate

Griffin, Matthew / Hide

Harris, Gregory / The Connicle curse: a Colin Pendragon mystery + eBook

Harris, Gregory / The Dalwich desecration: a Colin Pendragon mystery + eBook

Haslett, Adam / Imagine me gone + eBook

Hernandez, R. J. / Innocent fashion

Herren, Greg / Orion mask

Højer, Torsten, ed. / Speak my language, and other stories: an anthology of gay fiction

Holly, David / Heart’s eternal desire

James, Marlon / A brief history of seven killings + eBook

Jarvis, Stephen / Death and Mr. Pickwick

Johnson, T. Geronimo / Welcome to Braggsville: a novel + eBook

Karjel, Robert / The Swede: a novel + eBook

Keene, John / Counternarratives: stories and novellas + eBook

Kruse, Megan / Call me home: a novel

Lear, James / Straight up: a Dan Stagg mystery

Levy, Robert / The glittering world + eBook

Luce, Ed / Wuvable oaf

McCormack, Derek / The well-dressed wound

McCormick, Christopher / Desert boys: fiction

McManus, John / Fox tooth heart: stories

McManus, Sophie / The unfortunates + eBook

Mendecino. Tom / Boys from Eighth and Carpenter

Merlis, Mark / JD

Murphy, Tim / Christodora

Namir, Hasan / God in pink + eBook

Orlando, Steve + Faith, J. D. / Virgil

Ostlund, Lori / After the parade: a novel + eBook

Pappos, Ioannis / Hotel living + eBook

Pasolini, Pier Paolo / Street kids (new trans.)

Pinckney, Darryl / Black Deutschland: a novel + eBook

Rosen, Rob, ed. / Best gay erotica of the year, volume 1 + eBook

Rosen, Rob / Fate

Round, Jeffrey / After the horses: a Dan Sharp mystery + eBook

Round, Jeffrey / Endgame

Rowley, Steven / Lily and the octopus

Rubin, Eric Beck / School of velocity

Russell, Paul Elliot / Immaculate blue

Ryan, Garry / Indiana pulcinella

Samuel, Sigal / The mystics of Mile End

Sanders, J. Aaron / Speakers of the dead + eBook

Schulman, Sarah / The cosmopolitans

Sie, James / Still life Las Vegas

Smith, Neil / Boo: a novel + eBook

Sjón/ Moonstone: a novel

Smith, Frederick / Play it forward

Sorese, Jeremy / Curveball

Sullivan, Mecca Jamilah / Blue talk and love: stories by Mecca Jamilah Sullivan

Taia, Abdellah / Infidels: a novel

Thornton, Marshall / From the ashes

Thomas, H. Nigel / No safeguards + eBook

Treat, John Whittier / Rise and fall of the yellow house

Vu, Caroline / That summer in Provincetown

Weaver, E. K. / The less than epic adventures of TJ and Amal. Volume 3

White, Edmund / Our young man + eBook

Wilson, Jon / Cheap as beasts

Wilson, Jon / Every unworthy thing

Witt. L. A. / The only one who matters

Witt. L. A. / No place that far

Witt, L. A. + Voinov, Alexandr / On the clock

Witt, L. A. / Running with scissors

Yanagihara, Hanya / A little life: a novel + eBook

Zachary, Logan / GingerDead man

Zeischegg, Christopher (aka Danny Wylde) / The wolves that live in skin and space

Zubro, Mark / Dying to play

Yüklə 106,39 Kb.

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