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4. JOHN2 KENNEDY (HUGH1) was born Abt. 1791 in Antrim, Northern Ireland, and died 12 November 1857 in Marulan, NSW, Australia. He married MATILDA MILLER, daughter of JOHN MILLER and JANE HOWELL.

Arrived in colony in 1816 on " Guildford" (14 Years sheep stealing)
John Kennedy was born about 1792 in Ireland, probably Antrim, he was convicted at 22 yrs of age of sheep stealing and sentenced to seven years transportation. He arrived in Sydney Cove in April 1816 per "Guildford". After serving his sentence he appears to have worked in the Illawarra area and acquired some property. Farmed at "Fairview" Dapto. Fathered eight children to Matilda Miller although there is no record of the marriage, some of the children were christened in both names of Kennedy and Miller. For some reason he seemed reluctant to marry Matilda.

His death is a mystery, although the record of the Register of Coroner's Inquests and Magisterial Enquiries states - Name- John Kennedy

(unknown has been crossed out) found dead on 14 November1857, supposed to have died on the 12th. Place - Marulan, NSW. Age- 61. Place of Birth - unknown. Time in NSW - 39 years. Date of burial - 15 November 1857. (Reference Reel 2921, piece 4/6611, 1-6613 #10673. Death certificate reference #1857/2871).

So the 'unknown man' found dead at Marulan and later recognised by a fellow named Watt (who could have been a relative of Hercules Watt married to John's sister), could have been John Kennedy who probably fell from his horse when intoxicated. Archives Office advises that the actual reports of the Coroner's Inquest for that year have not survived.

Following in his father Hugh's footprints, John committed a felony and finished up a convict on Australian shores. Such was the incident reported in the Belfast Newsletter on Friday 31st March 1815 under the heading "SHEEP STEALING" thus:- "John Kennedy, for stealing six sheep, the property of James White on the 27th October last. James White lost the six sheep as laid in the indictment and following their tract form his own house to Belfast; went to Simon McAnally's and found two of his sheep alive, the rest were killed; is sure they were his sheep; he had a mark upon them and he could not be mistaken, for he had them in his possession for eight or nine years, they were breeding ewes, had generally two lambs every year.

Simon McAnally, butcher, bought six sheep from a man who called himself John Kennedy; is not positive that prisoner is the man; was to pay D1 7s 6d for them but did not pay him till he could bring some person to answer for him that they were honestly come by; paid part of the money and prisoner said he would bring one Wm Campbell, who would answer for him. When White came, witness showed him the four sheep and the skins of the two that had been killed; witness afterwards paid White for four of the sheep and James Dugan, another butcher, bought the remaining two from him."

"James Dugan accompanied McAnally when the prisoner was taken before the Sovereign. Bought two of the sheep from White the owner. Andrew Carril, the Constable, recognises the prisoner as the man he was employed to take before the Magistrate. The learned Judge summed up the evidence, after which the prisoner was found Guilty. Sentenced to 7 yrs transportation."

1843 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

Alphabetical List
of the
Gentry, Merchants, Manufacturers, Traders, etc., etc., In Belfast.

Names E to K

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EADES, William, Joiner, 42 Academy Street.
Eagleson, Alexander, Pork Cutter, 46 Grattan Street.
Eagleson, Richard, Collector of Tolls, Eagleson's Place.
Eccles, James, Paper Merchant, 23 James's Street.
Eccles, Mary, 20 Nelson Street.
Eccles, M. A., Baker, 14 Carrick Hill.
Edenderry Bleach and Dye Works, Robert Howie & Co., Proprietors, Falls Road, Office, Commercial Court.
Edgar, Rev. John, D.D., 1 Alfred Street.
Edgar, Samuel, Haberdasher & Woollen Draper, 6 Ann Street.
Edgar, Alexander, Joiner, 34 Academy Street.
Edgar, Isaac, Boarding House, 20 Hamilton Place.
Edgar, John, Trowser Maker, 14 Castle Place.
Edmondson, Thomas, Teacher, Shankhill Road.
Edmonson, John, Porter, 132 Peter's Hill.
Egan, John, Publican, 4 Legg's Lane.
Egan, William, Haberdasher, 11 Green Street.
Egan, James, Lodgings, 12 North Thomas Street.
Ellidge, Mrs., Pop Maker, 14 Long Lane.
Elliot, Samuel McDowell, Esq., Solicitor, Seneschal of the Manors of Belfast & Islandmagee, Offices, 6 Castle Lane & 46 Camden Street, Dublin, residence, The Lodge.
Elliott, William John, Wholesale Flour & Oatmeal Stores, Grocery & Bakery Establishment, 30 Rosemary Street.
Elliott, John, Grocer, 8 Peter's Hill.
Elliott, Thomas, Grocer, Baker & Flour Merchant, 110 North Street, residence, 16 York Street.
Ellis, William, English & Mercantile School, Smithfield.
Ellison, John, Beam and Lock Maker, 41 Hudson's Entry.
Ellison, John, 29 Townsend Street.
Elsmere, H. J., Captain, R.N., 8 Joy Street.
Emerson, Arbuthnot, 3 Franklin Place.
Emerson, Mrs., 3 Franklin Place.
Emerson, George, Gentleman, 106 Donegall Street.
Emerson, William, 17 Kennedy's Place.
Emerson, Robert, Provision Dealer, 1 Little Donegall Street.
English, Miss, Dress Maker, 43 Academy Street.
Erskine, David, Grocer, 14 Skipper Street.
Erskine, Robert, Grocer, 149 Durham Street.
Erskine, Chaplain, Inn Keeper, 200 North Street.
Ervin, John, Haberdasher, 18 Union Street.
Esler, William J., Law Clerk, 113 York Street.
Esten, Robert, Boot and Shoe Maker, Nelson Street.
Evans, Joseph, Baker, 3 Lagan Street.
Evans, James, Dairy Keeper, 34 Barrack Street.
Evans, George, Grocer, 69 Smithfield.
Evans, John, Clerk, 3 Sussex Place.
Everett, Mrs., 2 York Road.
Ewart, Francis, Cooper, 34 North Thomas Street.
Ewart, William, Gentleman, 2 James Street South.
Ewart, Thomas, at James Hart's, residence, Renwick Place.
Ewart, William, & Son, Linen, Cotton & Sewed Muslin Manufacturers & Merchants, 24 Donegall Street, William Ewart's residence, Pakenham Place.
Ewart, William, jun., of William Ewart & Son, residence, 30 Upper Queen Street.
Ewart, James, Linen Thread Manufacturer, 2, 6 Brunswick Street.
Ewart, Samuel, Cooperage, 99 York Street.
Ewart, Rachael, Publican, Cromac Road.
Ewell, John, 2 Great Edward Street.
Ewing, Robert, Muslin Manufacturer, 30 Donegall Street.
Ewing, Samuel, Publican, 11 Nile Street.
Ewing, A., Manufacturer, 30 Donegall Street, residence, Strandtown.
Ewing, William, Horse Shoer, 14 Mill Street.
Excise Office, 31 Waring Street.
Excise Office, 37 Barrack Street.

FABBRINI, Geatano, Esq., Artist, 29 Little May Street.

Fairbrother, Abraham, Gentleman, 22 Henry Street.
Fairlie, William, Carpenter, 93 Durham Street.
Falls Mill Company, Falls Road, Office, 7 Bridge Street Place.
Falls, James O'Neill, Esq., Solicitor, 3 Arthur Place & 7 Old Dominick Street, Dublin, Country Residence, Clough Castle, County Antrim.
Faloon, William Harris, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, 16 York Street & 11 Hardwicke Place, Dublin.
Faloon, John, Ship Bread Maker, 38 James Street.
Farquhar, James, Esq., Comptroller of Accounts, Customs, residence, 11 York Street.
Farrell, S., & Co., Nursery & Seed Warehouse, 2 High Street.
Farrell, Timothy, Publican & Car Keeper, 57 Mill Street.
Farrell, John, Gentleman, Ormeau Place.
Farrell, Thomas, Servant, 37 North Thomas Street.
Farrell, William, Labourer, 76 Sussex Street.
Farrelly, Thomas, Spirit Dealer, 34 Edward Street.
Farriday, James, 82 Great George's Street.
Faulkner, Alexander, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer, 8 Church Lane.
Faulkner, William, Weaver, 17 Lodge Road.
Faulkner, John, Spinning Master, 6 Durham Street.
Faulkner, Susan, 38 Lodge Road.
Fee, James, Publican, 130 Ann Street.
Fee, David, Fire Brick and Tile Yard, 95 Ann Street.
Fee, James, Pilot, 45 Tomb Street.
Fee, James, Publican, 31 Alexander Street.
Fee, James, Porter, 43 Durham Street.
Fee & Lynas, Stone Cutters, 46 York Street.
Fee, William, Stone Cutter, 10 Portland Place.
Feely, Ambrose, Cloth Lapper, 26 Little May Street.
Feely, William, 56 Barrack Street.
Feeney, Michael, 12 Henry Street.
Feeney, John, Ship Owner & Coal Merchant, 4 Princes Street.
Fegan, Henry, Provision Merchant, 51 Hill Street.
Fegan, Henry, Tailor, Dublin Bridge.
Fegan, John, Publican, 61 Little Patrick Street.
Fegan, Cornelius, Cap Maker, 50 Union Street.
Fehrenbach, J., Clock & Watch Maker, 19 Corn Market.
Fenning, Thomas, Publican, 17 Marquis Street.
Fenton, Samuel Graeme, Esq., J.P., of Sadler, Fenton & Co., residence, 9 College Square North.
Feran, Richard, Cooper, 35 Talbot Street.
Feran, Patrick, Publican, 16 Alexander Street.
Ferguson, Thomas, Jobbing Smith, 65 Peter's Hill.
Ferguson, John S., & Co., Linen Merchants, Office, White Linenhall.
Ferguson, John F., Esq., Merchant, of John S. Ferguson & Co., residence, 28 Donegall Place.
Ferguson, Hugh, Marble & Stone Yard, 15 May Street, residence, Brickfield, Ballymacarrett.
Ferguson, Mrs., Spamount.
Ferguson, George, Tailor & Clothes Dealer, 10 Fountain Street.
Ferguson, Blakely, Cooper, 41 Hill Street.
Ferguson, Thomas, & Sons, Linen Merchants & Bleachers, Office, White Linenhall.
Ferguson, John, Cooper, 71 Great Patrick Street.
Ferguson, James, Carpenter, 9 Sarah Street.
Ferguson, Leonard John, Stanley Place.
Ferguson, Archibald, Watch Maker, 46 Donegall Street, residence, 26 Little Corporation Street.
Ferguson, Thomas G., 36 Upper Queen Street.
Ferguson, William, Curator of the Botanic Gardens, residence, Old Malone Road.
Ferguson, John, Flesher, Montgomery's Market, residence, 27 Poultry Square.
Ferguson, Francis, Grocer, 34 Hercules Street.
Ferguson, William, dealer in Irons, etc., 9 Kennedy's Row.
Ferguson, James, Stone Cutter, Seymour Street.
Ferguson, Martha, Grocer, 23 West Street.
Ferguson, Samuel, Joiner, 25 Millfield.
Fergsuon, Mrs. Harriet, 2 George's Lane.
Ferguson, Thomas, & Sons, Bleachers, Linen Merchants & Manufacturers, Newforge Green, Office, Linenhall.
Ferguson, Wm., of Thomas Ferguson & Sons, Newforge.
Ferguson, James, of Thomas Ferguson & Sons, Newforge.
Ferguson, John, Gentleman.
Ferguson, James B., of Molyneaux & Ferguson, 79 Donegall Street.
Ferratt, William, Tailor, 16 Nelson Street.
Ferrie, Rev. John, Professor of Moral Philosophy, Royal Academical Institution, residence, Newtownbreda.
Ferrie, Campbell, & Co., General Commission Agents, etc., 74 Waring Street.
Ferris, Thomas, Dealer, 49 Market Street.
Ferris, John, Ship Carpenter, 87 Little York Street.
Ferris, Daniel, Writing Clerk, 10 Melbourne Street.
Ferris, Joseph, Cabinet Maker, 13 Nile Street.
Ferris, John, Dealer, 35 Academy Street.
Ferris, Thomas, Shoe Maker, 28 James's Street.
Fetherson, Miss, Ladies' Seminary, 1 Joy Street.
Fetherson, John, Publican & Soda Water Manufacturer, 49 Ann Street.
Fever Hospital, Frederick Street.
Fife, Peter, Overseer, 11 Sarah Street.
Finiston, Samuel, Gentleman, Cromac Street.
Finlay, F. D., Proprietor and Publisher of the Northern Whig & General Printer, Office, Calendar Street, residence, 3 Donegall Square East.
Finlay, Alexander, Soap and Candle Manufacturer, 31 Ann Street.
Finlay, Letitia, Dealer in Soap and Candles, 87 High Street.
Finlay, J. & E., Wholesale and Retail Tuscan & Straw Bonnet Warehouse, 32 Waring Street.
Finlay, William, Tailoring Establishment, 134 High Street.
Finlay, James, Chandler, 18 Crown Entry.
Finlay, William, Publican, Donegall Pass.
Finlay, Ann, Grocer, 33 Berry Street.
Finlay, Charles & William, of Thomsons & Finlays, residence, 91 High Street.
Finlay, Robert, Ship Master, 21 Dock Street.
Finlay, John, jun., Commission Agent & Flax & Yarn Merchant, 58 Donegall Street.
Finlay, John, Brick Layer, 37 Tomb Street.
Finlay, Joseph, Watch Maker, 18 Sarah Street.
Finton, John, Clerk, R.C. Chapel, 10 Chapel Lane.
Fire Office Station, 4 Police Place.
Fisher, W., Wholesale & retail Grocer & Tea Dealer, 40 Church Lane.
Fisher, John, & Co., Flax and Tow Spinners, Smithfield Mills, Office, 5 Waring Street, John Fisher's residence, 2 Glengall Place.
Fisher, Hamilton, Shoe Shop, 26 Church Lane.
Fisher, Robert, Green Grocer, Montgomery's Market.
Fisher, Joseph, Writing Clerk, 8 Gloucester Street.
Fitzgerald, Mrs., 21 Cromac Street.
Fitzgerald, William, Grocer & Spirit Store, 85 High Street.
Fitzgibbon, Mrs., 8 Antrim Place.
Fitzpatrick, William, Tobacco Spinner, 8 Catherine Street North.
Fitzpatrick, John, Esq., Custom House Officer, Rosehill Cottage, Ballyhackamore.
Fitzpatrick, James, Dealer, 45 Hill Street.
Fitzsimmons, Mrs., 76 Nelson Street.
Fitzsimmons, Edward, Spirit & Provision Dealer, 1 Ann Street.
Fitzsimmons, Nicholas, Ship Owner, Agent to the Belfast Steam Tug Company, Agent for Gladstone's Improved Windlass & Surveyor for Liverpool Registry of Shipping, Office, 6 , residence, 12 Corporation Street.
Fitzsimmons, Ellen, 41 Durham Street.
Flanagan, Edward, Ship Broker & Commission Agent, 1 Tomb Street.
Flanagan, Thomas, Lodgings, Wine Cellar Entry.
Flanagan & Duprey's Coach Factory, 13 Fountain Street.
Flanagan, D., Grocer, 42 Millfield.
Flanaghan, Thomas, Lodgings, 37 Talbot Street.
Flax Growing Society's Office, Commercial Buildings, Courtland G. McGregor Skinner, Esq., Secretary.
Fleming, John, Lodgings, 29 Forest Lane.
Fleming, Mrs., 39 Grattan Street.
Fleming, David, Meal Dealer & Collector of Custom at Montgomery's Market, residence, 44 Cullentree Place.
Fleming, William, 2 Standfield Street.
Flemming, Robert, Tailor, 11 Nelson Street.
Fletcher, John, Dealer, Wesley Place.
Fletcher, Fredk., Music & Musical Instrument Seller & Importer of London Piano Fortes, 5 Castle Place.
Fletcher, Thomas, Chandler, 10 Little May Street.
Fletcher, Miss, Teacher of the Piano Forte, 4 Joy Street.
Flood, Francis, Steam Packet Tavern, 57 Donegall Quay.
Fogarty, Michael, Coach Guard, 3 Grace Street.
Follows, William, Lieutenant & Adjutant, 53rd Regiment, 32 North Queen Street.
Folingsby, Thos. G., General & Commission Merchant, Ship Owner, Ship and Insurance Agent, also, Agent for the York and London Fire and Life Assurance Company and for Scotch Marine Underwriters, 15 Donegall Quay, residence, 1 Clarence Place.
Foote, Thomas, Hatter, 49 Little Donegall Street.
Forbes, John, Esq., Governor of the House of Correction, Howard Street.
Forbes, Thomas, Upholsterer, 15 Pottinger's Entry.
Forbes, Mrs., 31 York Street.

Ford, Arthur, 9 Donegall Place.

Fordyce, James, Brewer, Falls Road.
Forneri, James, LL.D., Teacher of the French, Italian, Spanish & German Languages, in the R.B.A. Institution, 6 Lower Chichester Street.
Forrester, Alexander, at T. G. Folingsby's, residence, 8 Dock Street.
Forrester, Matthew, Contractor, Cullentree Street.
Forsythe, James, Esq., M.D., 12 College Square North.
Forsythe, John, Land Agent, Castle Chambers, residence, 43 Upper Arthur Street.
Forsythe, John, Book Publisher, 9 Great Patrick Street.
Forsythe & Orr, Flax Spinners, Upper Falls Mills, Falls Road.
Forsythe, William, Esq., Wheatfield.
Forsythe, William, Esq., Solicitor, Castle Chambers & 3 Chancery Place, Dublin, residence, 43 Upper Arthur Street.
Forsythe, Janet, Haberdasher, 46 North Street.
Forsythe, Archibald, Boarding House, 8 Skipper Street.
Fortune & Learmouth, Plumbers & Lead Merchants, 27 Hill Street.
Fortune, Alex., of Fortune & Learmouth, residence, 27 Hill Street.
Foster, John, Gas Collector, 21 Castle Street.
Foster, Alexander F., Classical Teacher, 1 Sussex Place.
Foster, William, Manager of Francis Street Mill, 36 Millfield.
Foster, William, Ship Broker & Commission Agent & Commissioner for Taking Affidavits in her Majesty's Court of Queen's Bench, for the County of Antrim, 23 Chichester Quay, residence, Belvidere Place.
Foster, Daniel, at S. K. Mulholland, Hind & Co.'s., residence, 61 Durham Street.
Foster, John, Labourer, 54 Sussex Street.
Foulis, James, Printer, 9 Wilson's Court.
Fowler, William, Cap Maker, 5 Orr's Entry.
Fox, Bernard, Cabinet Maker, 21 West Street.
Fox, Thomas, Publican & Ship Carpenter, 89 York Street.
Fox, Mrs., 9 Catherine Street North.
Fox, William, Haberdasher, 12 Church Lane.
Foy, Richard, Clothes Dealer, 5 Chapel Lane & 40 Rosemary Street.
Foy, Richard, Publican, Shankhill.
Franklin, Charles, Flesher, 56 Hercules Street.
Franklin, John, Cooper, 19 Trafalgar Street.
Franklin, Joseph, Flesher, 66 Hercules Street.
Fraser, Thomas, Printer, 3 Little May Street.
Frazer, Thomas, Proprietor of the Shakspeare Hotel, 21 Castle Lane.
Frazer, John, Musician, 26 Russel Street.
Frazer, Daniel, Leather Warehouse, 119 North Street.
Frazer, James, Manufacturer, at J. Hutchenson & Co.'s., residence, 40 Nelson Street.
Frazer, Alexander, Publican, 36 Lodge Road.
Frazer, John, Leather Cutter, 43 John Street.
Frazer, Roderick, Lozenge Maker, 49 Talbot Street.
Frazer, Charles, 23 Millfield.
Frazer, Hugh, Artist, 7 Hamilton Street.
Freeman, Luke, Entertainment, 31 John Street.
Frew, Jane, 24 Catherine Street South.
Frew, William, Dealer, 49 North Queen Street.
Friends' Meeting House, Frederick Street.
Frith, Christopher, Publican, 14 Nile Street.
Frith, Thomas, Engineer, Stanley Street.
Fryer, Thomas, Gentleman, 119 York Street.
Fryer, Thomas William, Gentleman, 123 York Street.
Fryer's Fancy Bazaar, 4 Bridge Street.
Fullarton, Thomas, Tailoring Establishment, 13 Talbot Street.
Fullarton, A., & Co., Book Sellers and Publishers, 9 Great Patrick Street, John Forsythe, Agent.
Fullarton, Henry, Tailor, 8 Sarah Street.
Fullen, Thomas, Currier, 26 Smithfield.
Fulton, James, Clothes Dealer & Saddler & Harness Manufacturer, 23 Berry Street.
Fulton, Mrs., 1 May Street.
Fulton, Miss, Dress Maker, 10 Curtis Street.
Fulton, James, Saddler, 48 Rosemary Street.
Furlong, Miss, Boarding House, 6 Hamilton Street.

GAFFIKIN, Thomas, Flesher, 13 Corn Market.

Gaffikin, Arthur, sen., Flesher, Montgomery's Market.
Gaffikin, Arthur C., Collector of Borough & Poor Rates, 4 Arthur Place.
Gaffikin, Robert, Carver & Gilder, 7 Arthur Square.
Gaffikin, John, Gentleman, 11 Catherine Street South.
Gaffikin, John, Flesher, Seymour Street.
Galbraith, Robert H., Hair Dresser, 2 Castle Place.
Galbraith, Mary, Lodgings, 48 James Street.
Galbraith, Alex., Publican & provision Merchant, 12 Marlborough Street.
Galbraith, James, Ship Master, 34 Corporation Street.
Galbraith, Henry, Dealer, 48 Henry Street.
Galbraith, John, 65 James Street.
Galbraith, John, & Co., Commission Merchants & Flax Factory, 20 Waring Street.
Galbraith, John, of J. Galbraith & Co., residence, 4 Dock Street.
Gallagher, William, Flesher, 73 Hercules Street.
Gallagher, James, Pork Cutter, 30 Carrick Hill.
Gallahar, Miss, 60 Joy Street.
Galloway, Thomas, Plain & Ornamental Painter, 17 Little May Street.
Galway, Arthur, Pawn Broker, 39 Barrack Street.
Gamble, James, General Merchant, 29 North Street.
Gamble, Orr, Woollen Draper, 63 High Street, residence, Ormeau Road.
Gamble, William, Flax Spinner, Woodburn, Carrickfergus, Office, 29 North Street.
Gamble, William, Wine & Spirit Dealer, 57 Ann Street, residence, 11 Eliza Street.
Gamble, Arthur A., Esq., Solicitor & Seneschal of the Manors of Moylinny & Ballylinny, Office, Donegall Square North, residence, Ingram Place.
Gamble, John, Green Grocer, Montgomery's Market, residence, Ballynafeigh.
Gardner, James & Thomas, Ship Owners & Provision Merchants, 10 York Lane, James Gardner's residence, 50 York Street.
Gardner, Thomas, Soap, Candle & Brick Manufacturer, 87 High Street.
Gardner, Mrs., Haberdasher, 31b Castle Place.
Gardner, James, Wholesale and Retail Manchester & printed Calico Warehouse, 16 Rosemary Street.
Gardner, Thomas C., Wholesale and Retail Delf, Glass Warehouse, 102 High Street, Stores, 76 High Street.
Gardner, J. & J., Starch Manufacturers, Stores, 20 Frederick Street.
Garland, John, Clerk, 40 Joy Street.
Garland, James, Coal Merchant, 134 North Street.
Garland, John, Custom House Officer, 42 Nelson Street.
Garner, William, Esq., Agent for the receipt of Rents, Castle Chambers, residence, 37 King Street.
Garr, Mrs., 38 Earl Street.
Garrett, Bernard, News Vender, 14 Green Street.
Garrett, Mrs., Cromac House.
Garrett, James, House Carpenter & Builder, 21 May Street (2b)
Garrett, Henry, House Carpenter, 2 College Street.
Garrett, Henry & James R., Esqrs., Solicitors & Agents for the Alfred Life Assurance of London, 16 Castle Lane & 17 North Frederick Street, Dublin, H. Garrett's residence, Cromac House.
Garrett, William, Flesher, 79 Hercules Street.
Garvey, Peter, Boot Maker, 18 Ann Street.
Gaskin, James, House Painter, etc., 52 Donegall Street.
Gaskin, Robert, Manufacturer of Bale Cloth, Sheetings, Drills, Bacon Wrappers, etc., McTier Street, Shankhill Road.
Gates, George, Gentleman, 20 Arthur Street.
Gates, Thomas, Labourer, 15 Gordon Street.
Gaussen, John, & Co., Ship Owners & General Merchants, 11 Donegall Quay, John Gaussen's residence, Bankmore.
Gaussen, Thomas, of John Gaussen & Co., 8 Donegall Square West.
Gavin, Robert, House & Rent Agent, 24 Castle Street.
Geddis, Robert, Butter Merchant & Spirit Dealer, 136 Ann Street, Office, Tomb Street Market.
George, Thomas, Coal Merchant & Broker, 3 Chichester Quay & 176 North Street.
George, John, Boot and Shoe Maker, 22 Grace Street.
Gelston, Samuel, Wine & Spirit Merchant, 17 North Street, residence, 9 Fisherwick Place.
Gelston, James, Grocer, 7 Curtis Street.
Gelston, William, Provision and Butter Merchant, 40 Tomb Street, residence, 8 Great George's Street.
Gelston, Francis, Cooper, 26 Gordon Street.
Gelston, Samuel, Cabinet Maker & Timber Measurer, 13 Elliot's Court.
Gemmill, Robert, Ship Broker, Commission and Coal Merchant, 17 Chichester Quay, Office, 15 Limekiln Dock.
General Assembly's Hone and Foreign Mission, Office, 5b Arthur Street.
Getgood, George, Boot and Shoe Maker, 74 Green Street.
Getgood, Thomas, Pensioner, York Road.

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