Academics: Graduation (Bachelor of Arts)

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Street # 2, Moradabad,

Near Forest College,


Cell # 0333-9156660

Res # 091-5596355



  • Graduation (Bachelor of Arts)

University of Peshawar.

  • Diploma of Associate engineer ( Mechanical)

Board of Technical education Peshawar.

  • Diploma in Logistic Supply chain management

Skill development council Islamabad


RIGHT TO PLAY from February 2009 till date.
Right to play is an international humanitarian organization that uses sport and plays programs to improve health, develop life skills, and foster peace for children and communities in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world.

Position: Admin/Finance/logistic Assistant. 

  • Stand by driver

  • Transport Arrangements

  • Vehicle Log book maintaining

  • Vehicle fueling.

  • Drivers Overtime and salaries

  • Negotiates with rental vehicles

  • Maintenance of Office and office Generator.

  • Administer security guards and other security measurements

  • Maintain proper logistic filing system in office.

  • Administration work to do.

  • Help Project Coordinator in logistic/procurement /finance

  • Deal with the bank on official matters.

  • facilitate Project Coordinator in logistic/procurement /finance

DR RAZA PHARMA December 2005 to January 2009

Position: In charge finished goods

  • Transport arrangement for shipping medicine

  • Party organizing for medical doctors and official

  • Warehouse management and goods inventory

  • In charge finished goods.

  • Responsible for maintenance of office trucks and vehicle.

  • Making list of order from suppliers.

  • Making report of raw material.

  • Maintain log book.

  • Maintain ledger boo

  • Liaison with government authorities.

EURON AID September 2002 till October 2005
Dutch NGO providing shipping, Procurement, monitoring, services to the European commission under the EU Food Aid Convention.
Position: Office Assistant/ Logistic and Procurement Assistant

  • Driving, Registrations, maintenance and services of the office vehicles.

  • Banking, Bill payments.

  • Maintain office vehicles Rota schedule

  • Maintain log books for each vehicle

  • NOC and travel arrangements for Local And foreigner staff

  • Coordination with ICRC for staff and foreigner traveling to outside the country for official tasks

  • Office equipments and guard duty.

  • Receive the foreign delegation welcome them in Pakistan.

  • Arrangements of stay in Peshawar in different guesthouses and five

  • Prepare for them necessary documents and keep looking there

  • Safety measurements

  • Travel arrangements

  • Book them for Afghanistan in ICRC.

  • Provide the travel arrangements and book them for different provinces inside Afghanistan.

  • Handle logistic files relating to procurement.

  • Handle ware houses both in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

  • Data of supplier of food and non food commodities.

  • Deal with custom and excise and FATA authorities about shipment of food and non food commodities.

  • Preparing shipment documents ways bills and shipment certificates.

  • Close work with BEARU VERITAS a French company which leading company in commodities checking.

  • Collect data of supplier, collect and deliver the tender documents.

  • Procurement and Shipping of commodities inside Pakistan.

  • Procurement and Cross Border shipping of commodities to Afghanistan.

  • Look after safety measurements of all warehouses of food and non-food commodities.

  • Supervision of transportation services both Pakistan and Afghanistan

Position: Apprentice engineer

  • Shift in charge,

  • Mechanical supervisor

  • Maintenance supervisor

  • Store in charge of Mechanical

  • Specialty in generator

  • Office vehicle trucks

  • Maintenance of office building, equipments.

  • Maintain salary sheets and distribution.

  • Manage manpower for different task.

  • Maintain logistic plan book.

  • Ware house maintenance and product Placement


  • Highly well versed in Computer Operating Systems (Windows 98, 2000 & XP).

  • Well versed in MS-Office (2000 & XP)

  • Managerial Skills with good time management.

  • Versatile in learning new things

  • Organize and planning the daily work load.


  • Athletics.

  • Basketball.

  • Hiking


  • English

  • Urdu

  • Pashto

  • Dari

  • Hinko


  • Father Name Faqir Gul

  • Date of Birth 20 august 1977

  • Nationality Pakistani

  • Marital Status Married


1: Florence toix

Consultant Researcher Geopolitics UNHCR Paris France.
2: Richard Keats Williamson

Consultant USAID programmed Kosovo
3: Asghar Ali khan

Finance manager

Right TO Play




Nasir Gul

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