Apple American Group llc salaried Managers Vacation Policy

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Apple American Group LLC

Salaried Managers Vacation Policy

for EC, PA, OH, IN, WA, NV, MN and WI Managers

Revised and Effective: October 21, 2010

Apple American Group LLC provides vacation to all eligible salaried managers. Eligibility defined:

  • Assignment to an eligible management position (General Manager, Kitchen, Service, and Bar Manager, and Area Director)

  • Full time, minimum average of Five Days and 40 Hours of work per week as a manager over the prior 52 weeks

Eligible managers are awarded vacation on their first anniversary date of eligible employment, as defined above.

Vacation Award Schedule

Years of Eligible Service

Award Rate

1st – 4th Anniversary

2 weeks

5th – 14th Anniversary

3 weeks

15th Anniversary & thereafter

4 weeks

Using Vacation

Managers should attempt to schedule vacation two weeks in advance. Vacation may be used in 1 week increments with the supervisor’s approval.

No Carry-Forward - Vacation must be used during the anniversary year awarded or it is forfeited. There is no vacation carry-forward provision in this policy
No Payout At Separation - AAG reserves our right to withhold any vacation awarded but not yet used upon an employee’s termination (resignation, discharge or leave of absence) of employment. This policy includes, but is not limited to the states of Indiana, Nevada and Ohio.
Pay En Lieu of Vacation Time - Managers will be able to request vacation payout (receiving vacation pay instead of taking vacation time off) when requested two weeks in advance. Payouts are limited to one week year and is subject to approval.
Mandatory Vacation Use for Leaves - AAG reserves our right to apply any available vacation time as an off-set to unpaid portions of FMLA Leaves or a state’s similar mandated family leave policy.
Affect of Leaves, Transfers and Breaks in Employment

Managers on Disability or an Unpaid Leave of Absence - No vacation accrual during a Leave of Absence.

Military Leave of Absence - Vacation continues to accrue at the manager’s current rate.
Policy Disclaimer

The company reserves the right to modify or discontinue this policy at any time, with or without prior notice.
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