Childhood friend

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Childhood friend - Describe a person from a diiferent culture

The person I’m going to talk about is a guy called TIMA who is actually youtube vloger and also best friend of mine. We have been living the same neighbourhood since our chidhood. We have known each other for more than a good decade. First I met him while he was making interactive content on one of the city streets. Suddenly he offered to join his video content. Because of my passion, I immideately agree to participate. This way, we realized that we share common interests and our true friendship began. Currently, he is making a team of vlogers which I’ve always dreamed about and if I tell what is he like he is in his mid-twenties, but he looks very young. He doesn’t look a day over twenty. He’s good looking and smart guy with dark brown eyes and normally wears causal clothes.

When it comes to his personality, TIMA is one the most HARD-WORKING guys I’ve ever met. In fact, While influencing millions of viewers, he is believed to be one of the pioneers of the vlogging community. His work ethic is quite inspiring, which has been called extremely professional at many scales. TIMA works extremely hard on his videos,

What is more, he’s charismatic, SOCIABLE person with a good sense of humor and he is always ready to give a hand EVEN IF YOU ARE STRANGER.

As I said earlier,TIMA and I have a lot in common. So we have always got on. There hasn’t been a day that we ever fall out. But it doesn’t mean having an argument isn’t a common occurrence for us. you know he is sometimes good, sometimes bad.

So, on the whole he’s an extraordinary guy with full of enthusiasm and energy. And I’ve always been proud to have such a friend.

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