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Dallas Principal and Teacher
Incentive Pay Program

The Dallas Independent School District (DISD) Principal and Teacher Incentive Pay program is designed to reward effective teachers and principals who raise levels of and maintain high standards for student achievement. It builds on DISD’s existing Outstanding School Performance Awards program and incorporates a focus on teachers and principals. Value-added results and other direct achievement measures will be used to assess eligibility for teacher and principal incentives.

Needs Assessment Results and General Information

DISD enrolls 161,244 students; 5.3 percent are white, 62.7 percent are Hispanic, 30.8 percent are African American, 1.0 percent are Asian or Pacific Islander, and 0.3 percent are Native American. Nearly eighty-three percent (82.9%) of students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch and 29.8 percent are limited English proficient. Ninety-seven percent (214/220) of the DISD campuses meet the definition of high-need schools. The 2005-06 preliminary results of the state assessment, given in grades 3 to 11, show increasing trends for math and reading, however, many of DISD’s schools are far from the No Child Left Behind goal for 2014. Fifty-four percent of Dallas high schools missed adequate yearly progress for 3 consecutive years. In 2005, approximately 1,100 of 6,600 academic core teachers met high achievement standards.


The new program will complement the district’s existing program, which has been in place since 1992, by concentrating on individual teachers whose students achieve significantly above expectation and principals who significantly raise the level of teacher effectiveness.

The new program will also add incentives for professional development and assignment to a high-need school or content.


Principals will receive a “Principal Incentive Rating,” which is a weighted average of five performance indicators. They will be eligible to receive $7,500-$10,000 as well as additional board-approved raises. Eligible teachers will be awarded incentives based upon value-added, achievement—related portions of the district’s accountability system. Additional incentives will be given for professional development, assignment to a high-need school or content area, and participation in the Campus Improvement Leadership Team.


Principals will continue to be evaluated several times a year in eight competency areas; teachers will be evaluated across eight domains. To accommodate these evaluations, appraisal instruments will be developed in the first year of the project. The project evaluation will consist of the following components: process evaluation of effective teachers, compliance examination, participant surveys and interviews, data analysis, and management memos and reports.

LOCATION(S) Dallas, Texas

GRANT AMOUNT Year 1: $126,139 5-year total: $22,385,899

DURATION 5 years



Grant and district matching funds will be used to improve existing databases, develop a Web-based tracking system, coordinate and introduce the new project district-wide, evaluate the program, develop teacher and principal evaluation instruments, enhance professional development opportunities, and award effective teachers and principals. For sustainability, the district will consider reallocation of other state and federal funds. District budget and state grants provide the current source of funds for incentives.

Data Systems

Existing databases will be improved and a new Web-based system will be developed for teachers and principals to track student-teacher assignments. The new database will serve as a means for subsequent assessments of teacher and principal incentives eligibility.

Center for Educator Compensation Reform

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