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Unit 1 Exam: Nonfiction & The Diary of Anne Frank

Multiple Choice: Write the letter of the correct answer in the answer space. 2 points each

  1. What style of writing is not an example of non-fiction?

    1. Memoir b. biography c. personal narrative c. autobiography d. none of the above

  2. In this point of view, the narrator is not a character in the story, but knows all the thoughts and feelings of each character.

    1. First person b. Second person c. Third person limited d. Third person omniscient

  3. Which of the following is not a characteristic of non-fiction writing?

    1. Non-fiction is true b. Non-fiction is factual c. Non-fiction cannot be verified by other sources d. Non-fiction is about real places, people, and events.

  4. This type of non-fiction writing is a true account of a person’s life, written by another person, in third person point-of-view.

    1. Autobiography b. personal narrative c. biography d. short story

  5. This type of non-fiction writing is a true account of a person’s life, written in first person point-of-view.

    1. Autobiography b. personal narrative c. biography d. short story

  6. Which of the following is not an example of non-fiction writing?

    1. Newspaper article b. The Diary of Anne Frank c. magazine article d. Twilight- the novel

  7. What occasion marks Anne's first diary entry?

    1. Christmas b. Her father’s birthday c. Chanukah d. Her birthday

  1. Where do the Franks live during hiding?

    1. Berlin b. Frankfurt c. Amsterdam d. Madrid

  1. Who in Anne's family gets "called up" by the Gestapo, forcing them into hiding sooner than planned?

    1. Anne Frank b. Edith Frank c. Margot Frank d. Otto Frank

  1. Where is the "secret annex?"

    1. In the basement of the Frank’s house in Frankfurt b. In the basement of Mr. Frank’s business c. In the attic of a friend’s house d. On the 2nd and 3rd floors of Mr. Frank’s business

  1. In the beginning of the novel, Anne describes her relationship with Mr. Keptor, her teacher. She explains that she often gets in trouble in class. For what?

    1. Cheating b.Talking to friends c. Being late d. Being disrespectful

  1. Anne describes to Kitty everyone’s first wish when they are finally out of the secret annex. What do Margot AND Mr. Van Daan both wish for?

    1. Cream cakes

    2. A hot bath filled and overflowing to the top

    3. A new outfit

    4. A hot cup of coffee

  1. What is Dussel’s profession/ job?

    1. Dentist b. Clerk c. Lawyer d. Teacher

  1. What is Anne's overwhelming mood during the second half of 1943?

    1. Melancholy happy curious d. Silly

  1. Which of the following was not a resident of the secret annex?

    1. Margot b. Pim c. Peter d. Miep

  1. The first time Ms. Van Daan is awoken by “thieves”, who are the thieves?

    1. Germans snooping around the office b. Rats c. The W.C. was running louder than normal d. Dussel woke up during the night and dropped a pan

  2. Who publishes Anne’s diary?

    1. Otto Frank b. Margot Frank c. Anne Frank d. Elli Vossen

  1. Who does Anne share a room with after everyone has moved into the Annex?

    1. Dussel b. Peter c. Margot d. Edith

  1. When Anne dies, she wants to be________________.

    1. Buried next to her mother b. Cremated c. Thrown in a mass grave d. Buried in a graveyard plot.

  1. The residents of the secret annex are what religion?

    1. Christian b. Hindu c. Jewish d. Mormon

  1. Who helps the Frank’s and Van Daans in hiding?

    1. Elli, Koophius, Kraler b. Elli, Smithey, Lies c. Kraler, Koophius, Lies d. Elli, Peter, Henry

  2. How many people live in the Annex?

    1. Ten b. Eight c. Six d. Four

  1. In Holland, Jews are required to wear:

    1. The Yellow Star of David b. a solid black uniform c. A green peace sign d. A yellow shirt and shoes

  1. What nightly events frighten those that live in the Secret Annex?

    1. Burglars b. Bombings/ Air raids c. Rats d. Gestapo

  1. Anne expresses concerns about growing anti-Semitism. What is anti- Semitism?

    1. A rapidly spreading disease b. unproved aggression towards the Jewish people c. a group of people helping the Jews hide d. Bystanders

True/ False- In the answer space, put a “T” for true or an “F “for false.

  1. T/F- Character traits only describe the physical appearance of a character.

  2. T/F- A character’s motivation is the reason behind their actions.

  3. T/F- The Bystander Effect is a psychological theory that others are less likely to help a person in an emergency situation, when other people are present.

  4. T/F- The largest concentration camp was Auschwitz.

  5. T/F- Upon the rise of Hitler, Jews could no longer communicate with Christians.

  6. T/F- Upon arrival at the annex, Anne constantly complained of how uncomfortable and small it was.

  7. T/F- The Nuremburg Trails were held in Nuremburg, German. Nazi officers were put on trial for their role in the Holocaust.

  8. T/F- Anne had a strong relationship with her mother throughout the diary.

  9. T/F- Anne accuses Ms. Van Daan of flirting with her father, and constantly picking on her.

  10. T/F- The Frank’s and Van Daan’s remain in hiding for approximately 4 years.

  11. T/F- As Anne begins maturing, she finds an unlikely companionship with Peter.

  12. T/F- Anne explains that many things are missed when hiding, and that they must find inward compensation. Anne explains that she finds her happiness looking outside and knowing she is pure within.

  13. T/F- Anne’s golden rule is to write honestly and live happily.

Fill in the blank- Using words from the word box, fill in a word for each sentence that best fits with the words meaning. Not all words will be used.

Somber Fanatic Lenient Loathe Emigrated

Melancholy Rin tin tin Absurd Chattel Zionist

Ponder Allotted Ardent Frock Somber

  1. My father ______ from Italy and came to American in 1920.

  2. The woman wore a purple ___________that was out of style.

  3. After Debroah broke up with Joe, he sat in his room and listened to love songs, feeling ____ __________.

  4. Although I broke my mother’s rule, she was ___________ with my punishment.

  5. The professor’s low voice was ____________and made me tired during class.

  6. My mother has _____ six pizzas for my guests to eat during the party.

  7. John was a baseball _______ because he never missed a single game.

  8. The kind child was ____ towards the sick puppy.

  9. We thought it was _______ to wait in line for five hours to purachse concert tickets.

  10. Before I fall asleep at night, I _____ about my relationship with my best friend.

  11. The mood at the funeral was_________ ___ and everyone was dressed in black.

  12. The movie featured an old Shepard dog called a ______________.

Short essay #1- 10 points

Chose option A or B and respond in one paragraph of at least six, complete sentences. Please do not write more than ten sentences.

Option A). How does Anne’s changing relationships with some of the others in hiding show that she is maturing? What changes are there in Anne’s attitudes? What kind of person does she become?

Option B). Anne says that her own atmosphere in hiding keeps shifting from great happiness and thankfulness to great despair. How do events in the outside world and relationships in the secrex annex contribute to these ups and downs that Anne feels? Do you think Anne’s responses are appropriate? Explain.

Short Essay #2- 15 points

Chose option C or D and respond in one paragraph of at least six, complete sentences. Please do not write more than ten sentences.

Option C). On November 8, 1943, Anne describes the occupants of the secret annex through a simile. To what does Anne compare the group? What do the rain clouds represent? What is Anne saying about their predicament? How does the simile help the reader understand how Anne feels about her situation?

Option D). A theme in the diary concerns the responsibly that evil has on the world. This theme is expressed most clearly on May 3, 1944. Reread the eighth paragraph of that entry. How does Anne explain evil to the world? Do you agree with her? Why or why not? Provide an example that supports your position.

Bonus: To be announced by class- varies

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