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Ferdinand of Aragon, King of Spain

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Ferdinand of Aragon, King of Spain.

See under Catholic Monarchs.

Fere, Vladimir Georgiyevich

(b Kamïshin, Volgograd province, 20 May 1902; d Moscow, 2 September 1971). Russian composer and teacher. He graduated from the Moscow Conservatory in 1930, having studied composition with Myaskovsky and the piano with Gol'denveyzer. From 1934 Fere taught at the Moscow Conservatory (he was made professor in 1962). His pupils included M. Abdrayev, Abdïlas Maldïbayev and Ziyadullo Shakhidi. From 1945 he lived in Moscow.

In 1925 he was a founder member of Prokoll (Productive Collective of student composers of the Moscow Conservatory), and from 1930 to 1934 he was an editor for the Radio Committee and Muzgiz. In 1934 he served in the Red Army in the Far East and later became the artistic director of the Kirghiz Philharmonia (1936–44). He is considered to be one of the founders of Kirghiz professional music. Along with Maldïbayev and V.A. Vlasov he composed the first works written for the musical stage in Kirghizstan, including the operas Aychurek (Lunnaya krasavitsa) [Aychurek (The Moon Beauty)] (1939); Manas (based on themes from national epic poetry, 1947; Toktogul (dedicated to the famous akïn Toktogul Satïlganov, a performer on the komuz, and one of the initiators of Kirghiz literature, 1958); and the ballets: Kacheli [The Swing] (1943) and Vesna v Ala-Too [Spring in Ala-Too] (1955, both of them jointly with Vlasov). In collaboration with Maldïbayev and Vlasov, he also wrote the music for the state national anthem of the Kirghiz SSR (1946).



Ops: Zolotaya devushka [The Golden Girl] (mus. drama), collab. V.A. Vlasov, 1937

Ne smert', a zhizn' [Not Death, But Life] (mus. drama), collab. Vlasov, A. Maldïbayev, 1938

Aychurek (Lunnaya krasavitsa) [Aychurek (The Moon Beauty)], collab. Vlasov, Maldïbayev, Frunze, 1939

Patriotï [The Patriots], collab. Vlasov, Maldïbayev, Frunze, 1941

Za schast'ye naroda [For the Happiness of the People], collab. Vlasov, Maldïbayev, Frunze, 1941, Act 2 perf. as Sïn naroda [Son of the People], Frunze, 1947

Manas, collab. Vlasov, Maldïbayev, Frunze, 1947

Na beregakh Issïk-Kulya [On the Banks of the Issïk-Kul'], collab. Vlasov, Maldïbayev, Frunze, 1951

Toktogul, collab. Vlasov, Maldïbayev, Frunze, 1958

Ved'ma [The Witch] (after A. Chekhov), collab. Vlasov, 1961

Za chas do rassveta [An Hour Before Dawn], collab. Vlasov, 1967

Belïye krïl'ya [White Wings] 1979, completed by Vlasov

Ballets: Anar, collab. Vlasov, 1940

Kacheli [The Swing], collab. Vlasov, 1943

Vesna v Ala-Too [Spring in Ala-Too], collab. Vlasov, 1955


Choral: Polkovodets Frunze [Field Marshall Frunze], collab. Vlasov, V. Vinnikov, 1940; Pesnya o generale Panfilove [Song about General Panfilov], collab. Vlasov, Vinnikov, 1941; Torzhestvennaya yubileynaya kantata k 20-letiyu KirgSSR [A Festive Jubilee Cant. for the 20th Anniversary of the Kirghiz SSR], collab. Vlasov, Maldïbayev, 1946; Skazaniye o schast'ye [A Tale about Happiness] (orat), solo vv, chorus, orch, collab. Vlasov, Maldïbayev, 1949; Svad'ba v kirgizskom kolkhoze [A Wedding on a Kirghiz Collective Farm] (orat) solo vv, chorus, orch, collab. Vlasov, 1949; V rodnom kolkhoze [In our Native Collective Farm] (N. Gribachov), cant., collab. Vlasov, 1950; Poy, narod, o Lenine [Sing, People, about Lenin] (Vinnikov, Fere), cant., collab. Vlasov, Maldïbayev, 1964; Svad'ba v kolkhoze [A Wedding on a Collective Farm] (orat) solo vv, chorus, orch, collab. Vlasov, Maldïbayev, 1970

Orch: Kray lyubimïy [My Dear Land], suite, 1928; Sinfonietta, 1929; Kirghizstan, sym., 1947; Vietnam, sym., 1969

Chbr and solo inst: Sonata, vn, pf, 1925; Perezhitoye [Experiences of Life], suite, pf, 1926; Sonata, pf, 1928; Sonatina alla barbara, pf, 1928; Str Qt, 1946

Vocal: romansï (S. Yesenin), 1v, pf, 1927; Vstrecha s yunost'yu [A Meeting with Youth], 1v, orch, 1960

Incid music


with I. Nest'yev: ‘Prekrasnïy rastsvet azerbaidzhanskoy muzïki’ [The beautiful dawn of Azerbaidjan music], SovM (1949), no.12, pp.73–80

‘Muzïka v Tadzhikistane’ [Music in Tadjikistan], SovM (1957), no.5, pp.82–6

‘U v'yetnamskikh druzey’ [With Vietnamese friends], Muzïkal'naya zhizn' (1965), no.2, pp. 15–16


V.S. Vinogradov: A. Maldïbayev, V. Vlasov i V. Fere (Moscow, 1958)

M.I. Chulaki: ‘V.G. Fere’, SovM (1972), no.1, p.159 only


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