Fakhri Mammadov

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Fakhri Mammadov

Mob: 0503671282 mammadov.fakhri@gmail.com


PhD, Azerbaijan State University of Economics

World Economy

2008 - 2010

Relevant courses

University of Miami School of Business Miami, USA

Master of Business Administration, Finance

1st Place Winner, University of Miami Project Management Competition, 2008
Advanced Financial Analysis and Valuation, Financial Investments, Real Estate Finance, Financial Accounting, Advanced Corporate Finance.

2005 - 2007

2001 - 2005

Azerbaijan State Economic University Baku, Azerbaijan

Master of Science in General Economics, International Economic Relations, Honors Diploma

Azerbaijan State Economic University Baku, Azerbaijan
Bachelor of Arts in Finance and Credit (Entrance score 650)

Honors Diploma, awarded to a Special Talented Group (STG) of students who studied in English



Dekabr 2011 -November 2013

July 2011 – December 2011

August 2010 – April 2011

Azerbaijan State University of Economics

Teacher on Corporate Finance and Financial Markets, PhD

Manager on Foreign Students and Projects, International School of Economics

Head Asset Management Specialist

  • Analyzing securities, currency and bond market

  • Analyze market risk, currency risk and the risk of certain stocks

  • Managing client accounts

  • Prepare and hold trainings for potential future clients

  • Control the trading platform and teach its instructions

Azerenerji JSC

Senior Financial Analyst

  • Analyzing financial indicators of the Company’s future projects

  • Preparing income statement, balance sheet and other financial statements of the projects

  • Creating Present Value, FV, IRR, NPV, payout period of the projects and other financial calculation and presenting them to the head of department

  • Analyzing risks of the Company’s debt portfolio

  • Coordinating the fulfillment of the Company’s obligations on loan agreements

  • Writing business plans on the proposed projects of the Company

  • Creating feasibility study for the adopted projects

  • Preparing all documents for acquiring Fitch Rating.

Queensfort Capital , Miami, Florida

Financial Analyst

  • Analyzing trends in revenues and expenses

  • Preparing spreadsheets, graphs, and charts to help illustrate financial trends.

  • Presenting financial information to managers.

  • Creating Present Value, FV, IRR and other financial calculation programs in Excel

  • Creating and reviewing financial records.

July 2006 to

August 2008

Ministry of Economic Development Baku, Azerbaijan

Chief Adviser on International Financial Institutions

Reported to Deputy Minister and to the Head of the Department of the Foreign Economic Relations.

  • Coordinated activities of IFIs (WB, EBRD, ADB, BSTDB, Society Generale, BNP Paribas, and JBIC) in Azerbaijan, secured and allocated the available funds.

  • Performed financial analysis of bilateral loan agreements between the Republic of Azerbaijan and IFIs and took part in the tender process to identify the winner of the projects

  • Participated in development and monitored implementation of over US$3 B in investment projects.

February 2006 to

July 2006

Unibank CB Baku, Azerbaijan

The second largest commercial bank with more than 500 employees and total assets over $500 M.

Leading Specialist

Reported to Head of Corporate Clients Division.

  • Developed new financial tools and techniques for enlarging customer market.

  • Worked as sole business developer targeting and attracting large national clients.

  • Analyzed needs and demands of potential corporate clients and took part in negotiations.

December 2004 to May 2005

Amorgo Management and Consulting Company Baku, Azerbaijan

Provided consultancy services to manufacturing and mining sectors. Nearly 50 employees who served over 5000 employees in different factories and plants.

Manager Assistant

Reported to the Manager.

  • Provided financial and management services, initiated new projects and developed business plans,

  • Managed the supply chain and work process in Ganca Clayey Soil Factory, Sumgait Aluminum Factory, Siyazan Broyler and Chopard Jewelry Store and reported all daily operations to the president of the Company.

  • Negotiated new purchases, authorized to hire and fire securities in all managed firms.

  • Controlled daily operations in all factories and stores managed by the Company.


Languages: Fluent in English, Russian, Azeri and Turkish; Beginner level in Spanish

Computer Skills: Excel Advanced, Argus Valuation DCF, MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Internet Explorer


FOREX trader training course – Baku, Azerbaijan

“Privatization Techniques and Policies” – June 2008, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Islamic Development Bank

Public-Private Partnership – March 2007, Tokyo, Japan Asian Development Bank (ADB)

“Designing, Negotiating, and Implementing Free Trade Agreements”– July 2007, Philippines, ADB

Member of JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)

Economic Development and SME Promotion – January-February 2007, Japan , JICA


  1. Azerbaijan–WTO Relations, Problems And Future Perspectives, The Journal of Economic Sciences: Theory and Practice #2/2014 ISSN 2220-8739

  2. Black Sea Economic Cooperation: Evolution and Integration Problems. Azerbaijan State University of Economics Scientific Reviews. Years 2, Volume 2 July-September 2014.

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