Florida Gulf Coast University Greek Excellence Program The Talon

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Florida Gulf Coast University

Greek Excellence Program
The Talon


To identify minimum standards for all fraternities and sororities at Florida Gulf Coast University that will assist chapters in strengthening and enhancing their organizations, members, and the Greek Community as a whole to reach their fullest potential and increase awareness of and interest in Greek life at FGCU.
Talon Recognition

Chapters earning all possible points in any given section (ex. Scholarship) will receive special recognition denoted on their Talon Certificate.

Five Talon Chapter: Any chapter that earns a minimum of 300 points in the Talon Program.

Four Talon Chapter: Minimum of 275 points.

Three Talon Chapter: Minimum of 240 points.

Two Talon Chapter: Minimum of 190 points.

One Talon Chapter: Minimum of 150 points.

These point totals are based on the items that the Talon Committee felt to be appropriate for the various Talon levels. Chapters falling under the category of One Talon or below will be subject to educational improvement measures to correct their deficiencies. The chapter will work with the Office of Student Involvement staff to improve their performance in the upcoming year. Such measures may include but are not limited to: social probation, mandatory service hours, mandatory workshops to attend, reviewing of various chapter programs and policies, and other educational improvement opportunities. Obviously the goal is for every chapter at FGCU to be Five Talon Chapters, so the best of luck to you all.

Talon Binders

All Chapters will submit 3-Ring Binders that will be provided by the Office of Student Involvement.

Talon Components

  • Scholarship

    • (25) Chapters are at or above either the all-men’s/all-women’s GPA for the Fall and/or Spring semesters. Credit will be given for marked improvement for grades.

    • (25) Chapters must have an active Scholarship program.

      • Include a copy of the program to verify.

    • (5) Bonus Objective:

      • Chapter meets or exceeds the all-Campus average GPA.

  • Leadership

    • (20 total) Participation in Governing Councils

      • (10) Chapters are in good standing with their governing council.

      • (10) Chapters hold at least one Executive Board position on their respective governing council.

    • (10) 51% of the Chapter attended at least one leadership workshop per semester.

      • Attach attendance sheet to verify.

    • (10) At least one chapter member attended their respective National Leadership Conference.

    • (10) Chapters must plan and execute at least one retreat per academic year.

    • Bonus Objective:

      • (5) Membership in Order of Omega

  • Service

    • (15) Chapters must complete no less than an average of ten (10) community service hours per member, per semester.

      • Attach community service report to verify

    • (20 total) Chapter Community Service and Philanthropy Event

      • (15) Chapters are responsible to plan and execute no less than one (1) large scale community service or philanthropy event per academic year.

      • (10)Chapters are also responsible for hosting two (2) small scale community service and/or philanthropy events per semester, totaling four (4) events per academic year.

        • Two (2) of the events must be of a different category from the large scale event. The other two events can be either community service or philanthropy. (Example: Your chapter hosts a large scale philanthropy event; therefore two of your small events must be community service).

        • Document all events through attendance sheets, pictures, flyers, etc. and submit in the binder.

    • (10) Chapters must participate in the annual Greek-wide community service event.

    • Bonus Objectives:

      • (5) Chapters complete an average of 20 hours of community service per member in one semester.

      • (5) Chapters may complete one additional large scale community service or philanthropy project, totaling two per year.

  • Risk Management

    • (10) No Hazing Contract must be signed by all active and new members

    • (20) Every Chapter member (100%) must attend no less than one (1) wellness program (alcohol, sexual wellness, sexism/assault, diversity, hazing) per academic year.

      • Provide attendance records for verification.

    • (10) Participate in and document Alcohol-Free Recruitment Events.

    • (10) Properly register all Social Events (on or off campus) according to the Organization Handbook courtesy of Student Involvement.

  • Bonus Objectives:

    • (10) Chapter sponsored or co-sponsored a speaker or workshop for the entire Greek Community or for the whole campus.

      • The speaker or workshop must be within the topic of risk management and may only be claimed for points under the risk management category.

      • Attendance sheets and proper event documentation must be provided.

  • Greek Pride

    • (15) Participation in/Support for Greek chapter events and activities

    • (15) Positive promotion of Greek Community

      • Letter day (chapter or community)

      • Submissions to Eagle News

    • (10) Participation in Non-Greek clubs, organizations, and honoraries

      • Provide a list of all members involved in other organizations with the names of the organizations and the positions they hold, if any.

    • (10) Participation in Greek Week Events

    • Bonus Objectives:

      • (Total of 5) One point will be awarded for each active member of the chapter who is President of an outside organization. Up to five points can be earned.

        • Please include names and their organizations.

      • (5) Co-Sponsor an intramural team with another Greek Chapter.

  • Administrative

    • This section is mandatory for all chapters according to the timelines below. If a chapter is deficient in any of these categories, the Office of Student Involvement staff will refuse to sign off on and/or approve any chapter events until the proper paperwork is submitted or the requirements are met as follows.

    • (10) Active Faculty/Staff and Alumni Advisors

    • (20) Turn in paperwork complete and on-time

      • Member Rosters

        • To be turned in no later than 48 hours after bidding each semester.

      • Officer Roster (Each Semester)

        • To be turned in the week following chapter elections.

      • Grade Release Forms

      • Proof of Insurance

        • Must be turned in once per academic year.

    • (5) Chapter Constitution is on file in the Office of Student Involvement

    • (10) Meet regularly with Student Involvement staff

      • Monthly President Meetings

      • Committee meetings including, but not limited to the Greek Week and Greek Life Expansion Committees.

    • (5) Respond timely to requests from Greek Life/Student Affairs staff members

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