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Chapter 85

The Son speaks to the bride: ”I am the creator of the universe. Two pages, as it were, lie open before me. Mercy is written on the one, justice on the other. Mercy is, accordingly, pronounced to anyone who repents of his sins and resolves to sin no more, for my Spirit shall inspire him to perform good works. Whoever freely desires to be separated from the vanities of this world is made more fervent by my Spirit. The person who is even ready to die for me will be so inflamed by my Spirit that he will be wholly in me and I in him.

Justice is written on the other page. This says: 'The Father will not defend nor will the Son reconcile nor will the Spirit inflame anyone who does not rectify himself while there is time but who knowingly turns away from God.' Therefore, while there still is time, meditate carefully on the page of Mercy, for all who are saved will be cleansed either by water or by fire, that is, either by a small amount of penance in the present time or by the fire of purgatory in the future, until they are purged.
Know that I showed these two pages of the book of Mercy and Justice to a man whom you know. However, he scorns the page of my mercy and thinks that the left side is the right side. Like a heron over sparrows, he seeks to rise above everyone else. So he should fear for himself because, if he does not watch out, he will die in his scorn and be taken away from this world along with the drinkers and scoffers.”

So it also turned out afterward. He got up contented from the dinner table but was killed at night by his enemies.

The Mother of God says that she is like a flower from which bees gather sweet honey. The bees are the servants and chosen ones of God who continually gather the nectar of grace from her and who have spiritual wings and spiritual feet and a spiritual sting.

      1. Chapter 86

The Mother speaks: ”I am the Queen and Mother of mercy. My Son, the creator of the universe, feels such sweet affection toward me that he has given me a spiritual understanding of all creatures. I am thus very like a flower from which bees gather sweet nectar in the greatest abundance. No matter how much they gather from it, there still remains nectar on it. So too I am able to gain grace for everyone and yet always abound in grace.

My chosen ones are indeed like bees, for they love me with all devotion and care for my honor. Like bees they have two feet, for they have a continual desire to increase my honor and also labor assiduously for it, working all they can. They have two wings as well, in that they consider themselves unworthy to praise me and also are obedient in all that refers to my honor. They even have a sting and die if they lose it.
Yes, the friends of God's have the tribulations of the world that, for the safeguarding of the virtues, will not be taken away from them until the end of their lives. Yet I, who abound in consolation, shall console them.”

Christ speaks to the bride and tells her that she should keep her body beautiful and unblemished. He compares all the parts of the body in a spiritual sense to the perfect love of God and of neighbor, especially of the friends of God. He adds that she should do in a spiritual way what the phoenix does in a physical way, that is, to collect wood and burn herself up.

      1. Chapter 87

The Son speaks to the bride: ”I told you earlier that you should have limpid eyes in order to see the evil you have done and the good you have neglected to do. Let your mouth, that is, your mind, be clean of all evil. Its lips are the two desires you should have: the desire to give everything up for my sake and the will to remain with me. These lips should be red in color, for red is the most becoming of colors and can be seen from farthest away. Color signifies beauty, and all beauty is found in the virtues, because it is more acceptable to God when someone offers that which he or she loves the most and that which is more spiritually edifying for others. Therefore, whether in affections or with deeds, a person should give to God that which he or she holds dearest. It can be read that God rejoiced when his work was completed. God rejoices, too, whenever a person offers his or her whole self up to him with the intention of living according to God's will whether in suffering or in joy.

Your arms should be flexible and agile with respect to God's honor. The left arm represents the contemplation of my favors and the good I have done for you by creating and redeeming you, as well as of your own ingratitude toward me. The right arm is a love so fervent for me that you would rather suffer torment than lose me or provoke me to anger. Willingly I take my rest between these two arms, and your heart shall be my heart, for I am like a fire of divine love, and I want to be loved fervently there in your arms. The ribs that protect your heart are your parents - not your natural parents but my chosen ones whom you should love like me and more than you love your own parents. They are truly your parents, for they have caused you to be born again to life eternal.
The skin of the soul should be so beautiful as not to have any blemish. The skin here stands for your every neighbor whom, if you love him as yourself, my love and the love of my saints is kept inviolate. However, if you hate him, then your heart gets injured and your ribs are stripped away, that is, the love of my saints will become smaller in you. Your skin should be without a blemish, for you ought not to hate your neighbor but to love everyone according to God's will, for then my whole heart will be with your heart.
I was saying to you earlier that I want to be loved fervently, for I am like a fire of divine love. There are three marvelous things about my fire. First, it burns but is never enkindled; second, it is never extinguished; third, it burns but is never consumed. In this way, my love for humankind existed from the beginning in my divine nature. When I assumed my human nature, it burned even more. It burns so intensely that it is never extinguished but renders the soul fervent, not consuming her but strengthening her ever more. You may gather this from the example of the phoenix. In old age she gathers wood on a high mountain. Then, once the wood is set aflame from the heat of the sun, she throws herself into the fire and, having thus died, comes back to life through that very fire. So too the soul, set aflame by the fire of divine charity, emerges from it like the phoenix better and stronger than ever.”

Christ speaks to the bride and tells her that all creation is according to his will except for human beings. He also says that there are three kinds of men in this world. They can be compared to three boats traveling on the sea, the first of which runs into danger and perishes, the second of which is carried by the waves, the third of which is steered well.

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