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Book 9

We don’t have all chapters in Book 9 yet.

Christ, in giving these revelations, likens himself to a carpenter; and afterward he sent them to Lord Alphonsus, a bishop and at that time a hermit, to be elucidated, telling how the Holy Spirit sometimes leaves the elect to themselves.

      1. Chapter 49

The Son of God spoke to the bride, saying: ”I am like a carpenter who, cutting wood from the forest, carries it off into his house and of it fashions a beautiful image and adorns it with colors and lineaments. And his friends, seeing the image and that it could be adorned with colors still more beautiful, themselves applied their colors too, painting upon it. Thus I, God, have cut from the forest of my Godhead my words that I have put into your heart. My friends, in fact, have redacted them into books, in accord with the grace given to them, and have colored and adorned them.

Now, therefore, that they may be serviceable to more tongues, give over all the books of the revelations of these same words of mine to my bishop, the hermit, who is to write them together and to elucidate the obscure things and to hold to the Catholic sense of my Spirit.
Because my Spirit sometimes leaves my elect to themselves in order that they, in the manner of a pair of scales, may judge and examine my words in their heart, and, after much thought, may expound them more clearly and elicit the better things.
For just as your heart is not always capable and warm for uttering and writing those things that you sense, but now you turn and turn them again in your soul, now you write and rewrite them, until you come to the proper sense of my words, thus with the Evangelists and Doctors my Spirit ascended and descended because now they put some things that had to be emended, now some things that had to be retracted, now they were judged and reprehended by others.
And nevertheless others afterward came, who more subtly examined and more lucidly explained their words. But nevertheless it was from my Spirit, through infusion, that all my Evangelists had the words that they spoke and wrote. Likewise say to the same hermit that he is to do and to fill the office of an evangelist.”

Book 10

We don’t have Book 10 yet.

Book 11 ”The Sermon of the Angel”

      1. Chapter 1

Sunday - First Reading
When John in his Gospel speaks of the Word, that is he who is, and has ever been, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, In this one God, there are truly Three Persons; yet not three Gods, for in the Three Persons is only one divinity, the one, perfect Godhead, belonging equally to each; and in the Three Persons, only one will, one wisdom, one power, one beauty, one strength, one love, one joy.
The Word, then, being for ever one with the Father and the Holy Spirit, is truly God. A familiar word like ONE can help us, perhaps, to understand - for each of the three letters is necessary to the whole, and we cannot take away one letter without destroying the meaning. So in God, there must ever be the Three Persons, equal in all things, with all things equally in each, for there can be no dividing of God. There was no dividing when the Word, the Son of God, took a human nature; he was not separated, by this, from the Father and the Holy Spirit. He took our human nature, yet remained ever the Word of God. His human nature was necessary for him, to achieve our salvation. It can help us to understand this if we consider how our thoughts and our words are not things we can see or touch, except in so far as writing gives them a more material existence.
The Word of God, the Son of God, could not have come as one of us, or lived with us, for our salvation, unless he had taken on our human nature. A written word can be seen and read, then understood, then spoken. The Son of God can be seen, in that flesh he took to himself, and so we can understand and have no doubt that he is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Truly then, there are Three Persons, undivided, unchanging and unchangeable, eternally in all things equal, Three, yet but one God. Since God is eternal and timeless, all things were eternally known to him, before their existence in time.
Then, when he willed them to be, they came to be with that exact perfection which suited their purpose. The divine wisdom of God willed all things to be what they are for his own honour and glory. He had no need of them; it was not to make up for any deficiency in himself - something wanting to his goodness or joy - there can be no defect or deficiency in God. It was his love, and his love alone, which led him to create; that there might be beings, apart from himself, whose existence should be an existence of joy, deriving from his own being an joy. All things, then, foreseen by God, and present to him eternally, though as yet uncreated, had already that design and perfection which they would possess when his creating brought them to be.
One thing excelled all others, designed and perfected by God with a special joy. This was Mary, the Virgin who was a Mother, the Mother who was ever a Virgin.

It has been said that all created things are made up of four elements - fire, air, water and earth. If so, then in Mary's pure body, these elements were to have a special perfection: the air should be fittingly an image of the Holy Spirit; the earth should be rich and fruitful, for the growth of useful things, to supply every need; the water should be calm and unmenacing, unruffled by every wind; and the fire so strong and bright that all the earth should be warmed by it, and the heavens themselves.

Virgin Mary, we know that in you the design and perfection willed by God have come to be. As he foresaw you, so he has perfectly created you. And of all his creation, you most please him. The Father rejoiced that he would do so much through you: the Son rejoiced in your holiness and love: the Holy Spirit rejoiced in your lowliness and obedience. The Father's joy is that of the Son and the Holy Spirit: the Son's joy is that of the Father and Spirit: and the Holy Spirit's joy is that of the Father and the Son.
Father, Son and Holy Spirit rejoice in you, the one joy of Three who are One. Father, Son and Holy Spirit love you, Mary, the love of the Three Persons, One God.

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