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Azimut 62 S

Year: 2009 - Hull number: 71

\\svr-myvdati\common_share\usato_vg\brochure & foto\62s 71\001 documentazione comm.le\mkt\immagini\cimg1019.jpg

Year: 2009

Current Price: EUR 850,000

VAT status: Not paid

Laying: Lebanon

Layout: 1 master cabin, 2 guest cabins, 3 heads

Accommodation: 2 owner cab., 2 vip cab., 2 guest cabin

Crew: 1 cab. (1 crew) + 1 head

Hull color: Bordeaux

Interiors: Wengé oak & Brown leathers

Machinery: 2 x CATERPILLAR C18 ACERT 1.015 mHP (240 hrs)

Shaft line

1 x Kohler 20 kW generator – Shore Power 220/24V

Electronics & Navigation:

Raymarine pkg. (incl. 1x E120 at main helm) – ST6002 auto pilot - RAY E240 VHF (main helm) - Radar antenna 24NM – Maneuvering Joystick in helm – Complete A/V system with 32” TV (elevator) in saloon, Bose 3.2.1 system in salon and KVH TrackVision

Comprehensively equipped:

A/C system 83.000 BTU - Bow thrusters – Stern thruster – Electrohydraulic bathing platform with teak - Electric mooring winches in cockpit – Barbecue & Fridge in cockpit - Teak laid cockpit - Telescopic gangway –Galley equipped with glass-ceramic hobs, Refrigerator 230 lt w/freezer, Microwave oven & grill, Dish washer, Washer & Dryer - crockery with Azimut logo.

Other info: Sunbathing cushions and Cockpit cushions – Underwater lights – Electric pilot seat in helm – Dimmered lights in salon and cockpit


\\svr-myvdati\common_share\usato_vg\brochure & foto\62s 71\001 documentazione comm.le\mkt\immagini\62s above view.jpg

Flying Bridge

\\svr-myvdati\common_share\usato_vg\brochure & foto\62s 71\001 documentazione comm.le\mkt\immagini\62s main deck.jpg

Main Deck

\\svr-myvdati\common_share\usato_vg\brochure & foto\62s 71\001 documentazione comm.le\mkt\immagini\62s lower deck 3 cabin.jpg

Lower Deck


\\svr-myvdati\common_share\usato_vg\brochure & foto\62s 71\001 documentazione comm.le\mkt\immagini\big17.jpg

\\svr-myvdati\common_share\usato_vg\brochure & foto\62s 71\001 documentazione comm.le\mkt\immagini\big16.jpgEXTERIOR

\\svr-myvdati\common_share\usato_vg\brochure & foto\62s 71\001 documentazione comm.le\mkt\immagini\big3.jpg

\\svr-myvdati\common_share\usato_vg\brochure & foto\62s 71\001 documentazione comm.le\mkt\immagini\big5.jpg


\\svr-myvdati\common_share\usato_vg\brochure & foto\62s 71\001 documentazione comm.le\mkt\immagini\big6.jpg

\\svr-myvdati\common_share\usato_vg\brochure & foto\62s 71\001 documentazione comm.le\mkt\immagini\big7.jpg


\\svr-myvdati\common_share\usato_vg\brochure & foto\62s 71\001 documentazione comm.le\mkt\immagini\big4.jpg
\\svr-myvdati\common_share\usato_vg\brochure & foto\62s 71\001 documentazione comm.le\mkt\immagini\big2.jpg


\\svr-myvdati\common_share\usato_vg\brochure & foto\62s 71\001 documentazione comm.le\mkt\immagini\cimg0998.jpg

\\svr-myvdati\common_share\usato_vg\brochure & foto\62s 71\001 documentazione comm.le\mkt\immagini\cimg1002.jpg


\\svr-myvdati\common_share\usato_vg\brochure & foto\62s 71\001 documentazione comm.le\mkt\immagini\cimg1008.jpg

\\svr-myvdati\common_share\usato_vg\brochure & foto\62s 71\001 documentazione comm.le\mkt\immagini\big12.jpg
LOWER DECK (Owner cabin)

\\svr-myvdati\common_share\usato_vg\brochure & foto\62s 71\001 documentazione comm.le\mkt\immagini\big15.jpg

\\svr-myvdati\common_share\usato_vg\brochure & foto\62s 71\001 documentazione comm.le\mkt\immagini\big14.jpg

LOWER DECK (guest cabin)

\\svr-myvdati\common_share\usato_vg\brochure & foto\62s 71\001 documentazione comm.le\mkt\immagini\big11.jpg

\\svr-myvdati\common_share\usato_vg\brochure & foto\62s 71\001 documentazione comm.le\mkt\immagini\big10.gif
\\svr-myvdati\common_share\usato_vg\brochure & foto\62s 71\001 documentazione comm.le\mkt\immagini\big9.jpgADDITIONAL INFORMATION
Length overall (incl. pulpit) 19,06 m

Hull length (incl. platform) 18,41 m

Beam at main section 4,90 m

Draft (incl. props at full load) 1,53 m

Displacement (at full load) 30,72 t

Maximum speed (at half load) 34 kn

Cruising speed (at half load) 29 kn

Fuel capacity 2.700 l

Water capacity 835 l

Building material GRP

Keel planning

Exterior styling & concept Stefano Righini

Interior Design Carlo Galeazzi

Builder Azimut Yachts

UNI ISO 8666

The performance described applies to a vessel with standard configuration (standard equipment installed) and a clean hull, propellers, and rudder. It is also noted that the performance described was recorded under favourable sea and wind conditions (Beaufort scale index 1, Douglas scale index 1); different and worse sea conditions could significantly impact performance.

CE Mark.

Given the continual evolution of technology, Azimut | Benetti S.p.A reserves the right to modify the technical specifications on its vessels at any time and without prior notice.


Any and all information contained in this brochure, including without limitation all technical data, performance, illustrations and drawings, are just a rough guide and they are not contractual and refer to standard models of motor yachts built by the shipyard. Therefore the only indications binding on the seller are contained solely in the sale agreement and in the relevant specific manual. This brochure is based on information available at the date of release. Notwithstanding all efforts to insure accuracy, the information contained in this email may not cover all details, technical-commercial changes subsequent to the date of issue, nor accurately foresee or report all possible scenarios. Displays, photos, schemes, designs or examples contained in this brochure are solely and exclusively reproduced to highlight the information contained. Due to the different characteristics of each yacht, the shipyard declines any and all

liability for any use thereof on the basis of the information contained in this brochure.

Yüklə 32,7 Kb.

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