Hours: hours and days will be agreed at the start of the volunteering Remuneration

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Bala Sport Outreach Volunteer
Location: Bala Sport, 4th Floor, Skypark 3, 14 Elliot Place, Glasgow G3 8EP

Hours: hours and days will be agreed at the start of the volunteering

Remuneration: reasonable travel costs, lunch money (up to £5) on full days volunteering (at least 5 hours).
Background Information

Bala Sport is a co-operative (community benefit society) which designs and manufactures Fairtrade sports balls with the core aim providing a fair deal for sports ball workers in developing countries. The organization has 115 member/ investors with an 8 person board and run day to day by 2 joint managing directors. At this stage Bala offer a range of Fairtrade footballs and futsal balls and is about to launch rugby. Net and volley balls, with footgolf balls currently in development.

Role Description

The overall aim of this role is to provide support to the managing directors in the areas of social media, education, marketing and outreach. The purpose is to raise awareness of Bala Sport and its Fairtrade sports balls throughout the UK. In-depth knowledge of Fair Trade issues is not essential but is desirable, as is some knowledge of and interest in ball sports and in particular football. The role may include giving talks to schools, community and Fair Trade groups and representing Bala Sport at various events (for which expenses would be paid). Some basic design may be required in social media posts (adding text to images etc) so some design knowledge is desirable but not essential.

The role of Outreach Volunteer may involve, but not be limited to, the following:

  • working with the joint managing directors and any other volunteers

  • assisting in the development and promotion of marketing campaigns assisting with the promotion of the campaign by broadcast and print media

  • assisting with the development and production of educational resource material for primary and secondary schools

  • giving talks and presentations to schools and fair trade groups

  • assisting in increasing social media engagement with an emphasis on Bala’s twitter account

  • preparing, producing and distributing a regular newsletter by email to members and supporters

  • promoting Bala Sport to individuals, voluntary and public sector organisations and private businesses

  • attending and representing Bala Sport at public/ trade events as required

  • ensuring that databases and contact details are held and maintained in such a way as to maximise the impact and effectiveness of the Forum’s communications

  • assisting with other campaigns as required

The volunteer will work closely with one of the joint managing directors and any other volunteers. There is scope to grow and develop this role according to your personal skills, motivation and time resources.

Person specification

  • passion for fair trade

  • interest in sports, particularly football, rugby, netball and volleyball

  • good typing and computer skills

  • excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • organised, reliable, punctual

  • ability to work under own initiative

  • comfortable working independently

  • able to prioritise and accomplish tasks efficiently

  • proven ability to work to deadlines

  • ability to adapt quickly to take on tasks that arise

  • ability to learn quickly new skills and understand new situations.


You will be supported by the joint managing directors, whom you should approach for support, advice and questions regarding your role.
Yüklə 12,44 Kb.

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