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, May 2012




goal of linking CCN members through a discussion list as a top 

priority. Immediate needs discussed during the meeting included: 

collecting and posting annotated links to preferred resources for 

collection care practitioners; creating tools for support of collec-

tion professionals, including job descriptions and salary surveys; 

and developing preventive care advocacy materials. Planning 

begun during this meeting has already led to two joint sessions to 

be held at the June 11–16, 2012 annual meeting of the Society for 

the Preservation of Natural History Collections (SPNHC). (For 

more information see the SPNHC 2012 website: http://peabody. Many future partnerships 

are anticipated.

The items described above are but a portion of the initial work 

that will begin to realize the Standing Charge given to the CCN 

by the AIC Board. 

The CCN organizing committee (Rachael Arenstein, Julia 

Brennan, Rebecca Fifield, Gretchen Guidess, Catharine Hawks, 

Wendy Jessup, Karen Pavelka, Patricia Silence, and Joelle Wickens) 

has appointed a slate of officers to facilitate project planning. 

The committee adopted both abbreviated and staggered terms 

to expedite and promote future diversity of the CCN leadership 

among professional groups that will compose the CCN. The 

officers are:

The CCN will bring together preservation organizations, 

professionals, and information resources to support the critical 

work of collection care. We consider preservation as an umbrella 

concept that covers both preventive care and conservation treat-

ment. The CCN wishes to foster dynamic exchange among 

collaborators engaged in preventive care, grow the body of 

preventive care knowledge, and disseminate this knowledge to 

support the work of all collection care practitioners, conservators, 

and allied professions. Join us.

— Rebecca Fifield, 

Gretchen Guidess, 

Joelle Wickens, 

the AIC Collection Care Network


Joelle Wickens, 2012–2014

Winterthur Museum

Wilmington, DE


Wendy Claire Jessup, 2012–2013

Private Practice

Arlington, VA

Communications & Outreach

Gretchen Guidess, 2012–2015

Historic New England

Cambridge, MA

Board Liaison

Cathy Hawks, 2012

National Museum of Natural 


Falls  Church, VA


Rebecca Fifield, 2012–2014

Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York,  NY


Karen Pavelka, 2012–2015

University of Texas at Austin

Austin, TX


Robert Waller, 2012–2015

Protect Heritage Corp.

Ottawa, ON

AIC Staff Liaison

Ruth Seyler

Membership & Meetings 


AIC Collection Care Network & You

Come speak with us during the Outreach to Allies Session on 

Wednesday, May 9, in Albuquerque. The CCN will participate 

as part of this afternoon session. We seek your ideas on a wide 

array of preventive care topics that will be introduced as part of 

the session. Please watch the CCN webpage (www.conservation- for a list of themes that will be considered. 

Meet the CCN Committee members immediately following 

the outreach session and continue the discussions raised during 

the forum. The CCN will host a gathering immediately following 

the session so the conversation may continue.

Join us! If you are already a member of AIC, contact Ruth 

Seyler ( and request that she add 

you to the CCN at no additional cost. If you are not a member of 

AIC, join and be sure to select CCN participation on your mem-

bership form—still no additional cost.

For more information about the Collection Care Network

Consult the CCN website regularly (

collectioncare). We are developing a number of resources and 

opportunities for members to connect. 


FAIC Receives Kress Grant in Support of 

International Speakers at AIC Annual Meeting

FAIC received a grant from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation to 

support travel to the AIC Annual Meeting by nine international 

speakers. Travel funds for speakers from four countries will 

enhance the programs of specialty groups as well as the general 

session in Albuquerque. The speakers are:


Country Session

Delphine Elie-Lefebvre


Wooden Artifacts

Alexandra Ellem


General Session

Sarah Glenn


Textile Specialty Group

Hany Hanna Aziz Hanna Egypt

Wooden Artifacts

Catriona Hughes


General Session

Samuel Jones


General Session

MaryJo Lelyveld


Wooden Artifacts

Dave O’Brien


General Session

Leanne  C. Tonkin


Textile Specialty Group



, May 2012


FAIC Supports Continuing Education, 

Outreach, and Research through Grants and 


FAIC awarded 30 grants and scholarships, totaling $23,150, this 

winter.  Awards were made in nine different categories:

FAIC Carolyn Horton Scholarships

Tamara Ohanyan

2012 AIC Annual Meeting 

Presentation: “Deceptive Covers: 

Armenian Bindings of 18th Century 

Imprints from Constantinople

Heida Shoemaker

Research Project: “The Conservation 

of Manuscripts, Documents, and 

Photographs in Mali, West Africa” 

FAIC Christa Gaehde Scholarships

Nina Quabeck

Research Project: “The Presentation 

Formats of the Kunstsammlung’s Paul 

Klee Collection”

Grace White

Conference:  “Papyrus Conservation”

FAIC “Take a Chance” Grant

Alexandra Allardt

Training Game Development: “Disaster 

on Board”

FAIC Lecture Grant

Jon Brandon

Lecture:  “A Case Study in 

Conservation: Tall Case Clock

Saco, Maine, 1814–1820, by Edward 

Moulton and Abraham Forsskol”

Nancy Odegaard

Lecture:  “Revitalizing Basket Weaving”

FAIC/NEH Individual Professional Development Scholarships

Gary Albright

FAIC Course: “Scientific Analysis of 


Patricia Favero

FAIC Course: “Modular Cleaning 


Peter Fogg

FAIC Course: “Modular Cleaning 


Ria German-Carter

FAIC Course: “Modular Cleaning 


Amanda Hegarty

FAIC Course: “Identification and 

Conservation of Digital Prints”

Alison Luxner

FAIC Course: “Conservation of 

Transparent Papers”

Amanda Maloney

FAIC Course: “Scientific Analysis of 


Sylvie Penichon

FAIC Course: “Scientific Analysis of 


Annie Wilker

FAIC Course: “Conservation of 

Transparent Papers”

FAIC Workshop Development Grant

Sarah Barack

Workshop Development:  

“Smarthistory Workshop:  Creating 

Conservation Conversations for Audio 

and Video Online Content”

FAIC/IMLS Scholarships for AIC-CERT Continuing Training

Scott Carrlee

AIC CERT Training at AIC’s Annual 

Meeting in Albuquerque

Laura Hortz Stanton

AIC CERT Training at AIC’s Annual 

Meeting in Albuquerque

Hitoshi Kimura

AIC CERT Training at AIC’s Annual 

Meeting in Albuquerque

Elizabeth Mehlin

AIC CERT Training at AIC’s Annual 

Meeting in Albuquerque

Barbara Moore

AIC CERT Training at AIC’s Annual 

Meeting in Albuquerque

Kara West

AIC CERT Training at AIC’s Annual 

Meeting in Albuquerque

FAIC Individual Professional Development Scholarships

Samantha Alderson

Research Project: “A Study of 

Poly(vinyl acetate) Resins” 

Wendy Cowan

FAIC Course: “Mastering Inpainting”

Richard Kerschner

Conference: “IIC 2012 Congress and 

Council Meeting”

Nancy Pollak

Conference: “European Painted 

Cloths C14th–C21st: Pageantry, 

Ceremony, Theatre and Domestic 


Linnea Saunders

FAIC Course: “Mastering Inpainting”

Patricia Silence

Conference: “2012 PACCIN 

Preparator Conference 2”

FAIC Collaborative Workshops in Photograph Conservation 


(funded by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation)

Diana Lorena Diaz Cañas

FAIC Course: “Scientific Analysis 

of Photographs”

A special deadline for FAIC/NEH scholarship applications has 

been set for May 15 for support to attend NEH-funded FAIC 

workshops.  The next regular FAIC deadline is September 15, for 

Individual Professional Development, Workshop Development, 

Lecture, Regional Angels, and Small Meetings Support grants.

More information and application forms are available at www. or from the FAIC office.

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