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, May 2012


Courses, Conferences, & Seminars


The following courses are presented with funds from the FAIC Endowment for Professional Development, which is supported by The Andrew 

W. Mellon Foundation and by contributions from members and friends of AIC. Full descriptions and registration forms are available on the FAIC 

website ( or from the FAIC Office: 202-661-8070 or

Events marked with an asterisk (*) are supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Special scholarships are avail-

able to help defray registration and travel expenses for those events. For a full list of professional development scholarships available, see the 

website (

FAIC Workshops

AIC Annual Meeting Workshops

 May 8, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Assessing Risks to Your Collection

Digital Image Rectification and Mapping with Metigo  

MAP Software

Funding Disaster Recovery: Helping Institutions Get  

Back on Their Feet,

 organized by AIC Emergency Committee.   

Supported by a grant from the Institute of Museum and  

Library Services.

Managing Projects:  The Untapped Art Conservation Skill

Respirator Fit Testing,

 organized by AIC Health & Safety  


Revisiting Suction Table 101:  Getting the Most from  

Your Table

FAIC Online Courses

FAIC Online courses are in the process of being redesigned. Watch for a variety of 2012 courses to be announced.

Co-Sponsored Events

The following events are supported financially by FAIC. Please ask the presenting organization about discounts or scholarships for AIC members.

Campbell Center Conservation Refresher Courses

The following 2012 courses at the Campbell Center in Mt. Carroll, Illinois have scholarships available for AIC members. Contact the Campbell 

Center (815-244-1173; for dates and more information. 

Microscopy for ID of Pigments & Fibers in Art and Artifacts 

June 25–29

Gilding Conservation 

July 23–26

Introduction to Organic Chemistry 

July 25–28

Book Repair for Special Collections

 July 30–August 2

Revealing Lost Content: Low-Tech Digital Forensics for the Bench Conservator

 September 13–15

Historic Paint Analysis 

October 23–25

Mastering Inpainting

May 21–25, Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Scientific Analysis of Photographs*

 June 12–15, Indianapolis, 


Conservation of Transparent Papers*


four sessions:  

July 17–18 and 19–20, Washington, DC; July 23–24 and 25–26, 

Ames, Iowa

Conservation of Digital Photographs* 

October 29–November 2, 

Boston, Massachusetts

Contemporary Print Identification* 

December 5–7, San Francisco, 


Disaster Preparation and Response for Collecting Institutions  

Additional one-day workshops will be scheduled at National Trust for 

Historic Preservation sites during the year. Supported by a grant from 

the Institute of Museum and Library Services.



, May 2012


Call for Papers

Submission Deadline: June 15, 2012. 

ICOM-CC Glass and Ceramics Working 

Group: Recent Advances in Glass, Stained Glass 

and Ceramics Conservation. Amsterdam, The 

Netherlands. (Conference dates:  Oct. 7–10, 



Submission Deadline: Aug 1, 2012. 

ICOM-CC Metal Working Group: Metal 

2013. Historic Scotland, Edinburgh, 

Scotland. (Conference dates: Sept 16–20, 



Submission Deadline: Sept 1, 2012. 

Western Association for Art Conservators 

(WAAC): WACC 2012. Palm Springs, 

California, USA. (Conference dates: Oct 

22-25, 2012.) 





May 8–11, 2012. AIC 40th Annual Meeting: 

Connecting to Conservation: Outreach and 

Advocacy, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 


May 10–11, 2012. CHARISMA: The 

Renaissance Workshop: The  Materials  and 

Techniques of Renaissance Art, The British 

Museum, London, UK. 



  Contact: Department of Conservation and 

Scientific Research, The British Museum, 

Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG, p. 

+44 (0)207 323 8279,  

f. +44 (0)207 323 8636 

May 22–26, 2012. Canadian Association 

for Conservation of Cultural Property 


18th Annual Conference.


Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. 


Contact: Cindy Colford, Arts and Heritage 

Programs, Fleming College, 599 Brealey 

Drive, Peterborough, Ontario, K9J 7Bi, tel: 

705-749-5530, ex. 1735

Jun 4–7, 2012, Association of Tribal Archives, 

Libraries and Museums (ATALM): 2012 

International Conference of Indigenous Archives, 

Libraries and Museums, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. 


Jun 4–8, 2012, United Nations Institute for 

Training and Research: The Management and 

Conservation of World Heritage Sites; Justification 

of Outstanding Universal Value in the Context of 

World Heritage Nominations, Hiroshima, Japan. 


Jun 5–8, 2012, 

Synchrotron Radiation in Art 

and Archaeology 2012

Metropolitan Museum 

of Art, , New York City, New York. 


Jun 11–13, 2012. 30th Anniversary Gerry 

Hedley Student Symposium: Continuing the 

Legacy: Current Topics Furthering Gerry Hedley’s 

Research, Tate Britain, London, UK. 



Contact: az.ghsymposium2012 [at] nor-

thumbria __ ac __ uk

Jun 11–16, 2012. Society for the 

Preservation of Natural History Collections 

(SPNHC): 27th Annual Meeting, Yale 

University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA. 


Jun 12–15, 2012. Society of Imaging 

Science and Technology (IS&T): Archiving 

2012, Copenhagen, Denmark. 


Jun 13–15, 2012, Northeast Document 

Conservation Center (NEDCC): Digital 

Directions, Andover, Massachusetts, USA. 



  To register your interest email:  

jmartin [at] nedcc __ org

Jun 15–16, 2012. The Courtauld Institute 

of Art and the Victoria and Albert Museum: 

European Painted Cloths 14th–21st Centuries: 

Pagentry, ceremony, theatre and domestic interior.


Courtauld Institute, London, UK. 


Contact: Tel: +31 43 321 8444

Jun 17–20, 2012. Centre for Sustainable 

Heritage, University College London: 10th 

International Conference on Indoor Air Quality in 

Heritage and Historic Environments, London, UK. 


Jul 9–12, 2012. 2nd International Conference on 

Chemistry for Cultural Heritage, Istanbul, Turkey. 


Jul 9–13, 2012. Inter/Micro: 63rd Annual 

Applied Microscopy Conference, Chicago, Illinois, 




Jul 10–12, 2012. National Center for 

Preservation Technology  and Training 

(NCPTT) : 3D Digital Documentation Summit, 

San Francisco, CA, USA. 




Jul 15–20, 2012. 33rd Congress of the 

International Committee of the History of Art: 

CIHA 2012 in Nuremberg: The Challenge of the 

Object, Nuremberg, Germany. 


  Contact:  p/f. 0049-(0)911-1331210,  

info [at] ciha2012 __ de

Sep 10–14, 2012. International Institute for 

Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works 

(IIC): IIC Congress 2012—The Decorative: 

Conservation and Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria. 


 Contact: Graham Voce, Executive Secretary,

IIC, 6 Buckingham Street, London, WC2N 

6BA UK,  

iic [at] iiconservation __ org

Oct 15–17, 2012. IIC Nordic Group: XIX 

International Conference—Planning to Move? 

Processes and Consequences for Collections, 

Objects and SocietyOslo, Norway.


Oct 22–25, 2012. Western Association  of 

Art Conservators (WAAC): WAAC 2012, 

Palm Springs, California, USA.



  Contact: Daniel Cull, WAAC President, 

president [at] waac-us __ org

Nov 6–9, 2012. ICOM-DEMHIST, 

ICOM-CC working groups: Sculpture 

Polychromy and Architectural Decoration; 

Textiles; and Wood, Furniture and Laquer: 

The Artifact, its Context and their Narrative: 

Multidisciplinary Conservation in Historic House 

Museums, The Getty Conservation Institute, 

Los Angeles, CA.


Artifact.Context.Narrative [at] gmail 

__ com

Nov 7–9, 2012. Verband der Restauratoren 

and the International Association for Science 

and Technology of Building Maintenance 

and the Preservation of Monuments: Climate 

for Collections: Standards and Uncertainties

Munich, Germany.


Nov 12–13, 2012. The  Grup Technic: 

Interdisciplinarity in Conservation: Reality or 

Fiction?, Barcelona, Spain.


Calls for Papers, Conferences, Seminars, and Courses can be found online at

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