Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2011

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EE313T  O.F.F.E.R. (Oil Field Fire Extinguishing Robot): An Offer You Can’t Refuse 
Kyler Richard Gilbreath, 18, Senior; Korbin Charles Gilbreath, 18, Senior
Andrews High School, Andrews, Texas, T: Vickie Gardner
San Angelo, USTX10, District XI Texas Science Fair  
AS060   How Does Taurine Affect the Heart Development of Chick Embryos? 

Brooklynn Fayth Carney, 16., Junior, Cornerstone Christian School, San Angelo, 
Texas, T: Julie Renee Jense
ET013   Wind Blown: Wind Turbine Design 
Krista Renee Nussey, 15, Sophomore, Cornerstone Christian School, San Angelo, 
Texas, T: Scott Sustek
San Antonio, USTX50, ExxonMobil Texas Science and Engineering Fair  
Lipodystrophy Protein Seipin Functions in Lipid Droplet Biogenesis and 
Anita Sanjay Chandrahas, 18, Senior, Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science, 
Denton, Texas, T: Dr. John Ed Allen
EA016   Green Energy from the Deep Blue: Using Kites to Generate Electrical Energy 
from Ocean Currents 
Rohan Thakur, 16., Sophomore, Clark High School, Plano, Texas, 
T: Cathy Bambenek
EE063   Don’t Fear, It’s Secure: Flexible and Secure RFID System Deployment 
Shayan J. Mohanty, 17, Junior, Plano Senior High School, Plano, Texas, 
T: Karen Shepherd
EN032   The Algae-Mobile 3: Bioactive Energy and Carbon Dioxide Filtration in the 
Exhaust of a Car 

Param Jaggi, 16., Senior, Plano East Senior High School, Plano, Texas, T: Julie Baker
ME075   KLF4 and KLF4
a: Working Together to Fight Pancreatic Cancer 
Jiawen Wei, 18, Senior, Bellaire Senior High School, Bellaire, Texas, 
T: Anna Loonam
PS031   The Efficiency of Duckweed as a Water Filter, Year Two 
Sharjeel Ahmed Syed, 16., Junior, John Jay Science and Engineering Academy, 
San Antonio, Texas, T: Gretchen Catron
San Antonio, USTX11, Alamo Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
AS005   The Effects of Nicotinic Acid, Resveratrol, and Rapamycin on the Life Span, 
Reproduction, and Ability to Cope with Temperature Stress of Drosophila 
Aaron Samuel Greenfield, 17, Senior, Keystone School, San Antonio, Texas, 
T: Jason Nydegger
CH302T  Investigation of Rain-X® and Sunscreen Mixture, Year 4: Effect of Polymer 
Coated Titanium Dioxide on UVA Transmission and Photocatalytic Activity 
#  Brigette Mary Lee, 16., Junior; #  Derek Robert Lam, 16., Sophomore
Keystone School, San Antonio, Texas, T: Jason Nydegger
EA005   Astronomical Image Processing: Eliminating Random Atmospheric Noise and 
Enhancing Low Resolution Images, Year III 
Amy Charlotte Robinson, 18, Senior, Keystone School, San Antonio, Texas, 
T: Jason Nydegger
EM007   Clean Acres: Simulated in situ Bioremediation of Diesel Contaminated Soil 
Utilizing a Linoleic Acid and R. rhodochrous on Soil Type in and Uncontrolled 
Morgan Walker Sinko, 16., Junior, John Jay Science and Engineering Academy, 
San Antonio, Texas, T: Richard Lawrence
ET015   Preventing Foreign Object Damage of Jet Engines with a New Engine Intake 
Elizabeth Louise Godfrey, 16., Sophomore, Northside Health Careers High School, 
San Antonio, Texas, T: Daniel Gerald Bump
ME021   Efficacy of ER-beta Agonists on the Growth of Lung Cancer Cells 
Jayme Paige Smith, 17, Senior, Northside Health Careers High School, San Antonio, 
Texas, T: Dan Bump
ME022   Can Blood Pressure Drug Help Prevent Resistant Breast Cancer 
Seshidar Rao Tekmal, 18, Senior, Northside Health Careers High School, 
San Antonio, Texas, T: Daniel Bump

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Waco, USTX12, Central Texas Science and Engineering Fair  
BE005   The Effects of Attending Faith-Based Meetings on Performance Anxiety 
Jack Everett Rhoades, 18, Senior, C.H. Yoe High School, Cameron, Texas, 
T: Toni Lafferty
MI005   The Antimicrobial Effects of Ginger (Zingiber officinale) on E. coli HB101 
(Escherichia coli) in Ground Beef 

Nisha Pillai, 18, Senior, Temple High School, Temple, Texas, T: Carol Colwell
Cedar City, USUT02, Southern Utah Science and Engineering Fair                     
EE048   Humanoid Robot Teleoperation 

Bryce Joseph Reitano, 16., Sophomore, Utah Virtual Academy, Murray, Utah, 
T: Cole Busby
EV019   Die-Hard Daphina 
K. McKlane Ganowsky, 15, Freshman, Dixie Middle School, Saint George, Utah, 
T: Terri Lusk
ME052   Effects of Exercises on a Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 
Haylee Elizabeth Jones, 17, Junior, SUCCESS Academy, St. George, Utah, 
T: Charmain Brammer
PH024   Comparison of Barrel Forces on Frozen and Unfrozen Paintballs 
Ashley Maree Damavandi, 16., Sophomore, SUCCESS Academy, Cedar City, Utah, 
T: Ben Kaufman
Layton, USUT01, North Davis Area Science and Engineering Fair  
EV311T  Photoautotrophic Filtration: The Effects of Chlorella pyrenoidosa on the 
Reduction of CO
#  Andrew Quinn Ross, 16., Sophomore; #  Jed Donald Grow, 15, Sophomore
Clearfield High School, Clearfield, Utah, T: Bruce Staley
MI036   Vaccine Preservatives: Thimerosal or 2-phenoxyethanol? 
Andrew Kay Andreasen, 18, Senior, Woods Cross High School, Woods Cross, Utah, 
T: Janette Duffin
PS014   Abscisic Acid Effects on Yucca filamentosa Under Cold Stress as Measured 
by Proline Assay: A Study of Botanical Expression of Proline Under Abiotic 

Frances Loren Hubley, 18, Senior, Woods Cross High School, Woods Cross, Utah, 
T: Janette Duffin
Ogden, USUT50, Harold W. & Helen M. Ritchey State Science and Engineering Fair of Utah  
CS032   Quaternary Computing 
William Randall Shipley, 17, Junior, Bear River High School, Garland, Utah, 
T: Sanford MacSparren
EM029   The Biological Theshold Limit Value of Malathion for Artemia franciscana 
in Correlation with Environmental Management and Sustainability of a 
Keystone Population in Aquatic Ecosystems, Phase IV 
Alexa Anne Lunt, 18, Senior, Weber High School, Pleasant View, Utah, 
T: Lareen Radle
PH027   N-Body Computational Analyses of the Aerocapture of Planetesimals Using 
Symplectic Algorithms 

Ian Alexander Sohl, 16., Junior, DaVinci Academy of Science and the Arts, Ogden, 
Utah, T: Deborah Neal
PS013   The Use of Algae in Reducing the Impact of Eutrophication in Waste Water, 
in Addition to Producing Sufficient Amounts of Algae for the Use of Biofuel 

Kaylee Shandale Glenn, 16., Junior, Weber High School, Pleasant View, Utah, 
T: Matt Patterson
Ogden, USUT03, Weber Area Science and Engineering Fair  
BE039   What Are the Effects of Emotional Stimulus on Student Memory and 
Academic Performance? 
Tessa Ray Carver, 15, Freshman, Weber High School, Pleasant View, Utah, 
T: Matthew T. Patterson

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