Introducing Bonobos Have you heard of bonobos?

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Introducing Bonobos

Have you heard of bonobos?

Bonobo Pan paniscus

Do the bonobos remind you of anything or anyone? Why?

The Great Apes

Which is which?

Which is which?

Meeting the bonobos

Describe the physical characteristics of the bonobo.

Adult Females Adult Males

  • Average weight is 31 kg/68.3 lbs

  • Average height is 2.3 to 2.49 ft

Bonobo Social Groups

  • Bonobos live in groups of up to 100 individuals. Most groups have between 25-75 bonobos.

  • They form smaller groups during the day to forage.

  • What is foraging?

57% of their diet is fruit

  • They also eat insect larvae, earthworms, honey, eggs, and soil. Only sometimes do they eat small mammals and they very rarely hunt.

  • You could say they are primarily vegetarians or herbivores.

  • At night, bonobos re-group and build night nests in the trees

  • These are made of branches, leaves, and other vegetation.

  • As they prepare to sleep, bonobos fill the twilight with a symphony of soprano squeals. Their high-pitched vocalizations sound like a flock of exotic birds.

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