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Addiction 2016:111(1);73-82

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Addiction 2016:111(1);73-82

47. Characterizing pain and associated coping strategies in methadone and buprenorphine-maintained patients

Kelly E. Dunn, Patrick H. Finan, D. Andrew Tompkins, Michael Fingerhood, Eric C. Strain

Drug and Alcohol Dependence 2015:157;143-149
48. Concomitant use of benzodiazepine and alcohol in methadone-maintained patients from the ANRS–Methaville trial: Preventing the risk of opioid overdose in patients who failed with buprenorphine

Perrine Roux, Caroline Lions, Laurent Michel, Antoine Vilotitch, Marion Mora, Gwenaelle Maradan, Fabienne Marcellin, Bruno Spire, Morel Alain, Carrieri M. Patrizia and and the ANRS Methaville Study Group

Drug and Alcohol Review 2016:35(1);61-69

49. Treating codeine dependence with buprenorphine: Dose requirements and induction outcomes from a retrospective case series in New South Wales, Australia

Suzanne Nielsen, Raimondo Bruno, Bridin Murnion, Adrian Dunlop, Louisa Degenhardt, Apo Demirkol, Peter Muhleisen and Nicholas Lintzeris

Drug and Alcohol Review 2016:35(1);70-75

50. Buprenorphine Maintenance Treatment of Opiate Dependence: Correlations Between Prescriber Beliefs and Practices

Kai MacDonaldKristy LambMichael L. Thomas & Wendy Khentigan
Substance Use and Misuse 2016:51(1);85-90
51. Potential cost-effectiveness of supervised injection facilities in Toronto and Ottawa, Canada

Eva A. Enns, Gregory S. Zaric, Carol J. Strike, Jennifer A. Jairam, Gillian Kolla and Ahmed M. Bayoumi

Addiction 2016:111(3);475-489

52. Development of a brief tool for monitoring aberrant behaviours among patients receiving long-term opioid therapy: The Opioid-Related Behaviours In Treatment (ORBIT) scale

Briony Larance, Raimondo Bruno, Nicholas Lintzeris, Louisa Degenhardt, Emma Black, Amanda Brown, Suzanne Nielsen, Adrian Dunlop, Rohan Holland, Milton Cohen, Richard P. Mattick

Drug and Alcohol Dependence 2016:159;42-52

53. Comparison of methods to assess psychiatric medication adherence in methadone-maintained patients with co-occurring psychiatric disorder

Kelly E. Dunn, Van L. King, Robert K. Brooner

Drug and Alcohol Dependence 2016:160;212-217

54. Impact of treatment for opioid dependence on fatal drug-related poisoning: a national cohort study in England

Matthias Pierce, Sheila M. Bird, Matthew Hickman, John Marsden, Graham Dunn, Andrew Jones and Tim Millar

Addiction 2016:111(2);298-308

55. Exploring the life-saving potential of naloxone: A systematic review and descriptive meta-analysis of take home naloxone (THN) programmes for opioid users

Andrew McAuley, Lorna Aucott, Catriona Matheson

International Journal of Drug Policy 2015:26(12);1183-1188

56. Trends in recreational poisoning in Newcastle, Australia, between 1996 and 2013

Kate M. Chitty, Nicholas J. Osborne, Rose Cairns, Andrew H. Dawson, Nicholas A. Buckley

Drug and Alcohol Dependence 2016:159;17-25

57. Correlates of overdose risk perception among illicit opioid users

Christopher Rowe, Glenn-Milo Santos, Emily Behar, Philip O. Coffin

Drug and Alcohol Dependence 2016:159;234-239

58. Stakeholder perceptions and operational barriers in the training and distribution of take-home naloxone within prisons in England

Arun Sondhi, George Ryan and Ed Day

Harm Reduction Journal 2016:13;5
59. An Initial Evaluation of Web-Based Opioid Overdose Education

Stephanie S. Roe & Caleb J. Banta-Green
Substance Use and Misuse 2016:51(2);268-275

60. The Parental Bond and Alcohol Use Among Adolescents: The Mediating Role of Drinking Motives

Martina Smorti  & Silvia Guarnieri
Substance Use and Misuse 2015:50(13);560-1570


61. Community pharmacy services for people with drug problems over two decades in Scotland: Implications for future development

Catriona Matheson, Manimekalai Thiruvothiyur, Helen Robertson, Christine Bond

International Journal of Drug Policy 2016:27;105-112

62. Understanding Americans’ views on opioid pain reliever abuse

Colleen L. Barry, Alene Kennedy-Hendricks, Sarah E. Gollust, Jeff Niederdeppe, Marcus A. Bachhuber, Daniel W. Webster and Emma E. McGinty

Addiction 2016:111(1);85-93

63. Emerging consensus on measuring addiction recovery: Findings from a multi-stakeholder consultation exercise

Joanne NealeDaria PanebiancoEmily FinchJohn MarsdenLuke MitchesonDiana RoseJohn Strang & Til Wykes
Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy 2016:23(1);31-40

64. Personal support networks, social capital, and risk of relapse among individuals treated for substance use issues

Daria Panebianco, Owen Gallupe, Peter J. Carrington, Ivo Colozzi

International Journal of Drug Policy 2016:27;146-153


65. Telephone-based continuing care counseling in substance abuse treatment: Economic analysis of a randomized trial

Donald S. Shepard, Marilyn C. Daley, Matthew J. Neuman, Aaron P. Blaakman, James R. McKay

Drug and Alcohol Dependence 2016:159;109-116

66. The effectiveness of compulsory drug treatment: A systematic review

D. Werb, A. Kamarulzaman, M.C. Meacham, C. Rafful, B. Fischer, S.A. Strathdee, E. Wood

International Journal of Drug Policy 2016:28;1-9
67. Parental Criminal Justice Involvement and Children's Involvement With Child Protective Services: Do Adult Drug Treatment Courts Prevent Child Maltreatment?

Elizabeth J. GiffordLindsey M. EldredFrank A. Sloan & Kelly E. Evans
Substance Use and Misuse 2016:51(2);179-192

68. Social Goals and Grade as Moderators of Social Normative Influences on Adolescent Alcohol Use

Samuel N. Meisel and Craig R. Colder

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