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The questions below are designed to assess  your understanding of the material.  


The notion of ethics and morality  


Please name types of ethics as a branch of study.  


Please define morality and give examples of moral rules.  


What is the difference between universal and specific moral norms?  

Regulation of behavior  


Please explain the difference between the following types of human consciousness, responsible for the 

regulation of behavior:  




philosophy (relative and absolute ethics);  




verbal moral rules;  


codes of conduct/ethics.  


What is the difference between codes of ethics and Soviet administrative regulations?  

Why shall businesses strive to follow ethical norms? 


What is the difference between the short term and long term benefit from an ethical point of view?  


How does the observance of ethical principles impact:  


 company’s reputation;  


 system of governance;  


 opinion of potential investors; 


 change of governmental regulation;  


 human resources;  




 social environment.  

Major moral values of civilized market 


Please provide examples from your business practice, illustrating that your company follows (or 

violates) the following moral principles:  


pragmatism and efficiency;  


balance of profit and social justice;  


freedom within the law and equal opportunities for all market players;  


respect of freedom of other people and tolerance to their errors.  


What other principles would you add to the list?  

The myth of amorality of business  


Do you share a view of amorality of business in general?  


How would you qualify the business environment in Azerbaijan today from moral point of view?  


Do you believe that foreign oil companies working in Azerbaijan today will be transparent about their 

profits and payments to our government?  


If yes, will this help to reduce the level of corruption in the country? If no, why?  

Morality and mentality  


Why is Italy, with its reputation of a corrupt country, one of the Big Seven (G-7) and other corrupt 

countries are among the poorest in the world?  


Comment on the notion of nepotism in Azerbaijani culture and business.  


What shall businesses do if imperfect laws do not always allow them to follow ethical principles?  

Islamic ethics in economic relations  


Shall businesses in Azerbaijan apply principles of Islamic ethics?  


What does Islam say about: 




employer-employee relations;  


money lending and banking;  


corporate social responsibility.  

Ethical dilemmas and how to resolve them?  


What is an ethical dilemma? 


What are the three main constituents of an act and which of these are more important for you?  


Please name most the  popular arguments pro (for) and contra (against) related to making ethical 






Please read the cases below and chose your answer from the options provided. Please substantiate your 

answer. The notes to cases  can be found at the end of the book.  


1. Late at night a passer-by sees a child at a window of a burning house. There is no one else in the dark 





Must he or she try to save the child?  



Will your answer change, if we subsequently substitute a passer-by for the child’s baby-sitter, a 

neighbor, policeman off-duty and fireman on duty? Please range all characters in ascending order 

in terms of their moral obligations.  


2. An accident took place at a dairy plant during a night shift - an employee found a torn pack of washing 

powder in a milk tank after 1,000 packs of milk have already been packed. The employee notified the 

senior night shift man, but he recommended her to keep quiet about the accident. Next day the employee 

insisted on the accident being reported, but the boss neglected her warning again. The employee recalled 

that her neighbor plays tennis with the shop superintendent and asked him to relay the situation. Next day 

in accordance with instructions from the shop superintendent, the consignment of milk was destroyed and 

both people were fired – the senior night shift man for negligence and the employee - for using unofficial 

channels to file a grievance and for bringing a compliant against her boss over his head.  




Was the shop  superintendent right?  



Was the employee right?  



Was there another way out of this situation?  


3. My company manufactures food products, which I successfully sell in the local market through a 

network of shops. Last week a representative of a high ranking Government official came to see me to tell 

me that I have to sell at least 50% to another local company at a very low profit margin and this 

intermediary company will then sell my product. Do I:  




Do what I am told, even though my profits will be severely reduced?  



Go to a higher rank public official and pay him a bribe for "protection"?  



Turn for help to business association? 



Ignore the request and continue to do business as usual?  



Sell the business and leave the country, because it is impossible to work here?  



Go to the police?  



Do anything else?  


4. I’m the in-house council for a company, engaged in information technology processing. As a lawyer of 

the company I have access to the company’s confidential information. I have never abused my position to 

disclose any sort of such information. Due to the sale decrease at IT market, the company’s Board of 

Directors has recently made a decision to reduce numbers of its IT specialists. While preparing notices on 

employment termination, which will be sent within two months to the employees, subject to redundancy, 

I’ve come across the name of my cousin, who works as an IT specialist in the company. Shall I:  




Warn my cousin on his redundancy before manager has sent the termination notices, so that my 

cousin could have enough time to look for another job? 

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