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We would like people from all over the world to understand and value the Japanese sword as “a work of art” in all its refined aspects. Since ancient times, it has been Japan’s symbol of spirituality and dignity, within our wide historical legacy. We present you the opportunity to own such a valuable historical item yourself.

E-Sword Customer Policy.

A: Business Terms and Conditions

(A-1) We guarantee the authenticity of every Japanese sword displayed in our online catalogue. Unless stated otherwise.*1

*1 in case the sword is either an imitation or a copy from the original, will this be accommodated to the selling price and shown within the sword’s information.

- Swords with the characteristics stated below are excluded.

- Swords which have been judged with an official certificate.

- Swords with a full length less than 15cm.

- Swords which indicate to have an inscription failure.

- Swords entrusted to us in consignment.

- Those which are not the sword. (The sword equipment and the like of the brim and the like)

- Sword accessories; such as ornaments, brims, scabbards and etc.

- Swords used for the purpose of Japanese Martial-arts such as iai, iaido, kenjutsu, cutting exercises or other usage.

(A-2) In a policy of this shop showing the best price from a beginning, and furthermore, we do not do a discount at all because we want to treat all customer fairly.

(A-3) “E-Sword” policy maintains a fair treatment policy for every customer on an even basis. Therefore we do not give special prize offers, discounts or other deals. Our price is already “Best Price-Quality Offer” based.

(A-4) Once you have placed an order from our collection, until we have confirmed your payment, we will reserve the item 1 working week. (Weekends not included)

(A-5) As soon as your payment has been confirmed, we shall apply immediately at the J.A.C.A. In case of cancellation: We are unable to cancel the application process at the J.A.C.A., since we can only terminate your order, after returning the registration documents received from the J.A.C.A. We kindly ask for your understanding.*3

*3 we cannot be held responsible for any foreign laws, troubleshooting or unforeseen problems at your country’s customs, upon arrival. Doing business with us will be completely at your own choice and risk. Therefore, we strongly advise you to confirm with your country’s customs policy first, before placing an order.

(A-6) Upon exporting a “registered” sword from Japan, we will have to inform the “Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs – (J.A.C.A.)” and apply for an “export permit for antiques”. Once the documents have been issued and attached to the sword it is usually shipped about 2 weeks later.

(A-7) We usually use “EMS” for standard shipping, upon sending the item abroad. Shipping expenses for items with a length of more than 150cm, or items which weigh more than a “standard sword” (i.e. a spear, armour, muskets and such), will be charged an extra ¥40,000,-(JPY). A similar case applies, if Fedex is preferred over EMS. Standard shipping + insurance is included in the item’s price. *4

*4 the amount of money written on the custom’s invoice also applies for the maximum insurance price in case of damage or loss. We ask for your understanding.

(A-8) Upon completion of delivery, we maintain a “No return or refund policy”.

B: Privacy Policy

(B-1) Personal data from customers shall only be used for the purpose of communication and be kept safe within our company’s database. Your personal data shall not be handed out to any third parties, and can guarantee you we will do everything within our capability to prevent that from happening.*/**

* Our complete policy is also downloadable, here, in case you would like a printed version. (Office Word file)

** Use this page when you have any trouble sending a message by E-mail. Please send it to us by FAX, after the form has been filled out completely.
C: Payment Methods

(C-1) PayPal:

PayPal lets you easily send money to anyone with email. PayPal is free for consumers and works seamlessly with your existing credit card and checking account. You can settle debts, borrow cash, divide bills or split expenses with friends all without going to an ATM or looking for your check book.

(C-2) Wire transfer:

We also accept wire transfer to our Japanese bank or using an International postal money order. We do not accept any other payment methods.*1

*1 if wire transfer is chosen, we shall provide you with our banking details in our confirmation email.

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[e-sword] FAX number : 81-49-246-1407
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