Submission 34 Stephen Koci Workplace Relations Framework Public inquiry

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Workplace Relations Framework Inquiry

Via email

28th February 2015

Dear sir/madam,
I email to make a submission and state my views to the inquiry, I would hope my views would be considered and respected as I’m an Australian taxpayer and voter and I have a young family and we are struggling and we are in a better place than allot of Australians.
Possible improvements are not improvements if workers lose conditions and pay how ever these so called improvements are span and packaged.
My views are that it is the height of arrogance for politicians who received and did not reject massive pay rise not long ago to start to attack wages and conditions of Australian workers, it is a total and utter disgrace. You can’t attack wages and conditions if you do not attack cost of living pressures like the ever increasing electricity, water, gas, rates, housing costs and mortgage payments the list goes on and on . The removal of the carbon tax has made no difference to our family budget but Medicare charges will effect and fuel excise and loss of family tax benefits are making real differences and reducing our living standards. I have to say I think this government is “Anti family” and I do not make that statement lightly.
Abbott and the Liberals have singled out struggling working Australians to pay the highest prices for Australia’s problems when the government is doing nothing except talking about stopping corporate tax evasion, profit shifting and is not even talking about stopping people using trusts and negative gearing to reduce tax. Guess what mining booms come and go, it is not rocket science to look at history and plan for a rainy day. My little boy who is six understands this concept but not our Politicians from both the ALP and the Liberals.
Maybe we need an enquiry into politician’s salaries and their superannuation.
Let’s look at my local federal liberal member, Mr Tony Smith, he earns nearly $200,000 and he is a minister of nothing and has access to a superannuation scheme that is so unbelievable generous. He earns this amount when the average wage is $75,000 and many Australians including casual/part time workers earn a lot less and even worse a lot of Australian workers no job security. Maybe the inquiry should look at why casual employment has increased that the effect of these changes on the workers.
Mr Smith would have no idea about how hard many families are doing it in Australia as he never meets them. As a resident of Croydon for over 10 years and someone who does alot of things in the community I have never seen the man anywhere.
Maybe Mr Abbott and Mr Smith need to stop listening to minority pressure groups being the Institute of Public Affairs, but then again Mr Smith used to work for IPA and start to listen to Australian families or they will pay the price. They need to connect with people and get out of there officers and walk down streets and talk to people and families, go into coffee shops and café’s and ask the staff about the issues of this inquiry and ask them about their own budgets and situations and if any loss of wages and conditions would affect them. They should listen and not just walk away and forget about the conversations, they should respect the comments and concerns and then take real action to address these matters.
I would also say to the Commission the only way to really get a true wide range of opinions is to go and ask workers in their workplaces or in the suburbs where they live about their comments as this inquiry could affect all Australians from all walks of life so you need to ask Australian from all walks of life. But this will take time, not under 3 months as the commission got to take submissions. I’m not talking about public hearings held during the day that people may not even know about and held when people are working to try to make ends meet. I’m talking about going to the people not expecting them to come to you, also I’m talking about talking to young people and old people and people who are single or in a couple and have families and rich and poor.
Any recommendations to reduce penalty rates is a direct attack against all Australians and will not be accepted. You think Tony Abbott is very unpopular Now, let’s still how un popular he is if he thinks he can attack wages and caring Australians will just accept it. Bring on the next election and let Australians have their say on Mr Abbott and his coalition with the IPA. Guess what, Queensland said NO to the IPA agenda and Victorians said NO and at the next federal election, Australians will say NO. It does not matter how big your majority is, just look at QlD and Australians now have no problem with booting parties out after one term.
Anyway, I know you will not listen and will make recommendations that destroy and attack workers rights and conditions and that is a total and utter disgrace. I support all the rights and conditions at the moment, these conditions have taken so long to gain and as a Australian taxpayer, citizen and voter I do not want any more Australians to live in poverty or semi poverty as we need to make everyone and every company that operates in Australian pay their fair share, if we did that everyone will be able to maintain or improve their living standards.
Yours sincerely,

Stephen Koci

Croydon, Victoria


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