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Theme:Word stress

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What is word stress?

  • If a word has more than one syllable you give stress to one of the syllables. To give it stress you should:
  • make it longer
  • make it louder
  • make it higher
  • This is called word stress, which means pronouncing one syllable with greater emphasis than the other syllables in the word.

Why word stress is important?

  • Mistakes in word stress is a common cause of misunderstanding in English. Here are the reasons why:
  • Stressing the wrong syllable can make the word very difficult to hear and understand.
  • Stressing a word differently can change the meaning or the type of the word. For instance:
  • o O O o
  • desert desert

dagrees of word stress

  • There are 3 dagrees of word stress in a word:
  • Primary stress
  • secondary stress
  • weak (unstressed) syllable
  • There are two very simple rules about word stress:
  • 1. One word has only one stress(if you hear two stresses you hear two words. It is true that there can be a “secondary” stress in some words, and it is only used in long words)
  • 2. We can only stress vowel sounds, not consonants.

Word stress rules

  • In most two-syllable nouns the stress is put on the first syllable of the word: CLImate, KNOWledge etc.
  • Stress the syllable just before the additions of –tion, -sion, -cious, -tious, -cial, -tial; example: atTENtion, SPAcious, exTENsion…
  • In word ending in –ic, -ical, -icolly the stress is on the syllable before them:geoGRAPHic but note:Arabic, Lunatic, POlitic
  • Words ending in –ology, -onomy, -ologist are stressed on third-from-last syllable: Geology
  • Words ending in –ese are stressed on this syllable:chinESE

Words that have two primary stresses

  • Polisyllables with negativ prefixes:IMMOral, DISapPEar, IMPOSsible
  • Compound numerals:TWENty thREE
  • Compound verbs
  • But double stressed nouns are rare: gasstore
  • Compound adjectives with only one stress on the first element occur when the second element is semantically weak. For example: spring-like.

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