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marketing specialist

Personal Profile

Born on: 22/03/1990




The Hague

Mob: +31615870157


Persistent, competitive, creative and result-driv-

en professional, striving to face the challenges 

of the marketing world. Dedication to achieving 

goals and hard-working spirit contribute to 

being a very fast learner and an excellent team 







Mother tongue

IELTS (2008) & CAE Cambridge (2009) Certification

Several years of intensive Spanish courses

Currently involved in a course





June 2015 – Present

Marketing Executive, Vabi Software International

Kleveringweg 6-8, 2600AA Delft (The Netherlands)

Skills & Responsibilities:

Marketing strategy development (


Social Media management & advertising (


Brand management and development

SEA (Search Engine Advertising) - Google AdWords

CRM - Salesforce

E-mail marketing & online/offline marketing activities

October 2013 – Present

Alumni Coordinator Assistant, The Hague University

Johanna Westerdijkplein 75, 2521EN The Hague (The Netherlands)

Skills & Responsibilities:

Maintaining a relationship with alumni who live in Bulgaria

Organization of events for the alumni in Bulgaria

Participation in education fairs in Bulgaria

Promotion of study programmes & activities to prospective students

August 2012 – January 2013

Marketing Assistant, Cemex Trescon B.V. 

Spectrumlaan 5, 2665NM Bleiswijk (The Netherlands) 

Skills & Responsibilities:


Marketing Campaign for the Cemex Trescon private label  

Market Research on the products under the CMT brand  

Creating, Conducting and Analysing surveys regarding CMT 

Branding Strategy  

Logistics (

Project management) 

June 2011 – August 2011

Marketing Intern, Novo Nordisk 

20-22, Zlaten Rog Str., 1407 Sofia (Bulgaria)


Skills & Responsibilities:


Presentation of ideas and concepts (

Organizational skills) 

Preparation of promotional activities 

Creating & Evaluating of surveys (

Team work)

Translation & adaptation of promotional materials to the market 

June 2010 – August 2010 

Assistant, 8th Clinic, Sofia, Bulgaria 

77 Hristo Silianov Str., Nadejda, Sofia (Bulgaria)


Skills & Responsibilities:


Profound knowledge of different diabetic medicaments

Inputting data of patients (

Attention to detail)

Organising files and medical prescriptions of patients

with diabetes (


Work Experience

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Education & Achievements

Awards & Certificates

Valedictorian of Class 2013 (Bachelor Graduation)

Proficiency in Microsoft Excel (2013)

Certificate Of Advanced English (Cambridge, License: 0021060866)

Certificate “Manager Of A Small Company”

Gold medal for graduation with excellence (High school)

Skills & Competencies



Leadership, Sense of organization, Experience in project management and team leading,    




Good negotiation and collaboration skills




Easy adaptation to multicultural environment; Active listening; Good communication skills



Excellent command of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint & Access);



Good command of Microsoft Project; Basic skills of Adobe Photoshop;



Good command of SPSS program for analysing data




Driving Licence: A1 & B Category



Technology, Computer & Cell Phone Innovations, Marketing Trends, Advertising, Commercials,



FMCG, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Swimming, Cycling, Travelling to foreign destinations etc.


MSc Marketing Management

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus, The Netherlands

2013 - 2015

Master Thesis on Mobile Marketing

Consumer Marketing Research, Consumer Behaviour,Marketing Strategy Research

Specialization in: Communication & Advertising, Social Media & Brand Management

Member of study organisations (STAR, MAEUR)

Bachelor International Business & Management Studies

The Hague University Of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

2009 - 2013

BA International Business Administration

Thesis on Mobile AdWords promoting the mobility sector’sservices in The Netherlands – Grade 8.0/10.0

Branding & Experiential Marketing Specialty (6 months)

Intensive Study of Global Marketing, Management, Organisational Behavior, Economics, IT & Finance

Exchange program In The UK, Swansea University for 6 months, focusing on HRM and International HRM

Detailed Business plan for the catering company Mise en Place (in the horeca industry)

Member of the IBMS Course Committee

Organisation of IBMS Got Talent 1 & 2 shows

Several thorough market researches in various industries, accompanied by business plans

Top 3 in a business game for a most successful company (during a seminar in The Hague University)

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