Advanced grammar structures

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Advanced grammar structures.

1. To not get hungry /Not to get hungry
I usually eat a light snack to not get hungry

2. I love the fact that

• I love the fact that can allow me to check the time quickly
• I love the fact that puzzles can help me improve logical thinking and problem solving skills

3. If past simple + would

• If I avoided snacking, I would be much healthier and less overweight now.

4. Used to

• My friend and I used to like playing chess.
My friend and I didn't use to like playing chess.

5. Would

• We would play chess every day

6. Funny enough, interestingly enough, surprisingly enough

• Funny enough we ran away from our home mealtime times

7. This is something that I enjoy/like/am passionate about/am crazy about.

• This is something that I really enjoy doing.

8. This is where it gets really interesting/exciting

• Listen, Man! This is where it really gets interesting.

9. It's to do with - it's related to

• it is to do with their personality, I guess.

10. Get annoyed/angry/happy/lucky

• He got lucky at that moment.

11. The more... the more.

• The more money I get, the more money I tend to spend.
The older people get, the more problems they will have

12. This is mainly because - shu sababli

This is mainly because we don't see each other quite often.

13. Eventually - in the end, especially after a long time or a lot of effort, problems

I found it hard to follow what the teacher was saying, and eventually I lost concentration

14. Even more - a lot better

• We hope the next years will be even more successful for all of us.

15. Feel like - his qilmoq, o'ylamoq

• I feel like I am not making any progress.
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