Curriculum vitae

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Curriculum vitae

Nicholas Smith


Dep. of Culture and Communication

Philosophy / Södertörn University

141 89 Huddinge Sweden


Sockerbruksgränd 10

118 42 Stockholm



Born in 1964 in Stockholm. Education in Stockholm, Mojácar (Spain), Copenhagen and Paris.

Academical examins

In 2010 Doctor of philosophy (ph. d.) at Stockholm University, theoretical philosophy, on a dissertation with the title: Towards a Phenomenology of Repression. A Husserlian Reply to the
 Freudian Challenge.
Masters degree in 1995, in theoretical philosophy at Stockholm University.
Bachelor of Art in 1992, in theoretical philosophy (musicology and history of ideas) at Stockholm University (after studies at the University of Copenhagen).

Academical teaching and service

Since 2008 lecturer in the history of philosophy and contemporary philosophy, campus courses and e-learning, mainly at the Department of philosophy at Södertörn University. Since 2010 fulltime employment, with additional teaching at the Department of teacher education, and at the Department of psychology, both at Södertörn university.

International academic teaching

7,5 ECTS course in phenomenology and psychoanalysis (for advanced) at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in March 2011.
Guestlecturer at the Department of Philosophical Anthropology, Radboud University, Nijmegen, November 2011.

Other services

Since 1999 I have been operating my own firm, Kairos Philosophy, in order to disseminate philosophical thought outside of the academies. For this purpose, I have approached newspapers, cultural magazines and publishing houses, but also other private corporations, universities, municipalities, EU-projects and artmuseums etc. I often cooperate with other people within the academic field, but also with artists, musicians, psychoanalysts and writers.


Travel grants 2011 from Helge Ax:son Johnson and Östersjöstiftelsen. During the academic year 2000-2001 full stipend from the Stockholm University (Rhodins minne). Travel-stipend from the Wallenberg foundation. The academic year 2001-2002, full stipend from Stockholm University (John Söderbergs minne).

International conferences (a selection)

As an invited speaker at international philosophical conferences:
Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy. The Fiftieth Anniversary, Philadelphia October 2011

Lecture: “Pre-predicative experience as a proto-ethics: Husserl’s hand to Levinas”

15th meeting of the Symposium International de Phénoménologie, “Phenomenology and psychoanalysis”, Perugia, July 2011
Variations sur l’erôs, Université de Rouen, E.R.I.AC. Département de philosophie, April 2011; org. by Natalie Depraz & Anthony Steinbock

Lecture: “Husserl and Freud on the temporality of sexual life”

NOSP No. VIII New Orientations in Phenomenology, April 22-24, 2010 Södertörn university Stockholm,

Lecture: “Husserl’s late philosophy of science and the Freudian contribution”

Husserl Circle Annual Meeting, Centre scientifique de l’Académie Polonaise des sciences, Paris, June 22-25, 2009

Lecture: “Is Husserl’s person the Freudian subject? Overcoming a century of schism”
Phenomenology of Eroticism, Södertörn university, September 3-7, 2007


Lecture: ”The temporality of sexual life in Freud and Husserl”
Freud 150 years 2006, lecture and panel discussion October 2006 at the ABF-house in Stockholm. Celebration of Freud’s 150th birthday organized by The Swedish Psychoanalytic Society (Svenska psykoanalytiska föreningen ) & Svenska psykoanalytiska sällskapet; see link:

Lecture: “The supposed impossibility for philosophy of thinking the Freudian unconscious: Husserl’s extended concept of consciousness reconsidered.”
The Nordic Society for Phenomenology, fourth annual meeting in 
Reykjavík, April 21-23, 2006. (go to link:

Lecture: ”Is the Freudian unconscious really ”timeless”? Reflections on Nachträglichkeit in relation to Husserl’s intersubjective reduction”
2nd Swedish-Finnish phenomenological workshop: Derrida and phenomenology, Södertörn University, oktober 2005.

Lecture: “The fundamental role of psychoanalysis in Derrida’s thought“

The annual meeting of The Nordic Society for Phenomenology at Södertörn University , April 2004 (go to link:

Lecture: ”Logos of death. Husserl and Freud on lifedeath”

The annual meeting of The Nordic Society for Phenomenology, Helsinki University, April 2003 (go to link:

Lecture: ”The Freudian challenge to Husserlian phenomenology: is the dynamic unconscious susceptible to phenomenological clarification?”

Danish Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, the Panum-institute, Rikshospitalet Copenhagen (5-6/4 2001).

Lecture: ”The unconscious. Phenomenological and psychoanalytical perspectives”

The Royal Academy of Science in Copenhagen (5-6/9 1997).

Lecture: ”Husserl’s non-platonistic concept of Bedeutung as a forerunner to the concept of noema

Other lectures

Edmund Husserl 150 years, November 21, 2009; SITE magazine at Gallery Milliken, Stockholm.

Lecture: “Husserl och kroppens fenomenologi” (tr. of title: Husserl and the phenomenology of the body)

October-November 2006, a series of lectures on the philosophical roots of “existential psychotherapy”, for practicing psychotherapists and psychoanalysts at Psykoterapisällskapet i Stockholm AB.
In 2005, a series of lectures on philosophy in the SKISS-project on work and health (arranged by Konstfrämjandet in Stockholm). (Go to link:, then go to: “Projekt”, “Upplands Bro”, “Filosoficafé” and also “Genderblind workshop”). A collaboration with artists Filippa von Krusenstjerna, Martin Ålund & Anna Stina Erlandsson.
During the fall of 2004, a series of lectures for immigrant youth and handicapped in Uppsala, in cooperation with the artmuseum Bror Hjorths hus, as a part of the EC-project Collect & Share.
Also during the fall of 2004, a series of lectures for psychotherapists in existential psychotherapy, at Psykoterapisällskapet i Stockholm AB, on the philosophical-historical origins of existential psychotherapy.
During the spring of 2004 a series of lectures in existential philosophy for teenagers in cooperation with the Kulturverkstan i Norduppland, Österbybruk.
In 2002 several lectures on Dionysic philosophy at the Uppsala Grand Hotel, as a part of Uppsala Kulturnatt.
In 2000-2001, several lectures at (amongst others) The Royal University College of Fine Arts (KKH) in Stockholm, and in cooperation with the cultural association Art Produktion Evenemang at the Galleri Enkehuset (Stockholm), and Linköpings Konsthall.

Research information

Translator and expert consultant in French and German philosophy.
Translation of texts by Charlotta Åberg, Anders Widoff et al. into English published as: Sossial Skullptur (Stockholm: Harakulla press, 2010)
Co-translator of Mahatma Gandhi, Hind swaraj into Swedish, published as open access web-file in December, 2009

Co-translator (together with Fredrika Spindler) of Jacques Derrida. Lagens kraft (Symposion: Stockholm/Stehag, 2005).

[Translation of title: The Force of Law ]

Co-translator and initiator of vol. 1 of the translation of E. Husserl’s Logiska Undersökningar, together with Jim Jakobsson and Karl Weigelt, in 3 volumes (Thales: Stockholm 1998-2002).

[Translation of title: Logical Investigations]

Expert consultant and transcription of Paul Ricœur’s manuscript ”Interpretation in history”, in Meaning and Interpretation. Conference held in Stockholm, September 24-26 1998. (Ed. Dag Prawitz. Kungl. Vitterhets Historie och Antikvitets Akademien, Konferenser 55. Stockholm 2002).
Also several shorter translations, amongst others commisioned by Forum. Centre for contemporary Art (Stockholm); Konstfrämjandet in Stockholm and Art Produktion Evenemang (Stockholm).
Editorial work (2001-2002) in the series Södertörn Academic Studies (account of research-project Tradition as Utopia at Södertörn University, and the centenary jubilee of Gadamer).

Visiting scholar

Visiting scholar April 2002 at the Husserl-Archives in Leuven (Belgium), Catholic University, under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Rudolf Bernet, director of the archives.

Member of the board

Member of the board of ApE (Art Produktion och Evenemang; Stockholm), a nonprofit art association with several manifestations yearly, disseminating contemporary art and æsthetic theory in the form of exhibitions, texts and public seminars.



Towards a Phenomenology of Repression. A Husserlian Reply to the

 Freudian Challenge (Stockholm: Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis, 2010), xi + 342 pp.

Open access link:


“La temporalité de la vie sexuelle chez Freud et Husserl” (commisioned work, to be published in Alter. Révue de phénoménologie, 2012)
“Self-alteration and temporality: the radicalized and universal reductions in Husserl’s late thinking (au-delà de Derrida)”, in Dermot Moran and Hans Rainer Sepp (ed.), Phenomenology 2010 vol. 4. Selected Essays from Northern Europe: Traditions, Transitions and Challenges

(Bucharest: Zeta Books, 2011)

“Husserl och kroppens fenomenologi” in Sven-Olov Wallenstein (ed.), Edmund Husserl (Stockholm: Axl Books 2010)
“… (why Husserl) … (why Husserl is more contemporary than time itself) … (time itself) …”, in SITE Magazine no. 26-27 (2009)

“Turnaroundphrase” (text for the catalogue of Martin Ålund, exhibition at The Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm 2009; commisioned work)
“The temporality of sexual life in Husserl and Freud ” (commisioned work, to be published in 2012 in a volume on The Phenomenology of Eroticism, ed. by Jonna Bornemark and Marcia Cavalcante)
”Husserl-Forschung in Schweden 1980-2000”, i Husserl heute. Hrsg. Hans-Rainer Sepp, in the series Orbis Phænomenologicus (Königshausen und Neumann: Würzburg, to be published 2011); commisioned work.

“Där faran är som störst. Recension av G. Karlsson, Psykoanalysen i nytt ljus” (Divan. Tidskrift för psykoanalys och kultur, No. 1-2, 2007)

[Translation of title: “Where danger is at its greatest. Review of G. Karlsson, Psychoanalysis in a new light”]
”Reflektioner kring The shining. En kort film om ett övergivet hus” (En film av Filippa von Krusenstjerna, Martin Ålund & Anna Stina Erlandsson; multimediabok under tryck 2006)

[Translation of title: “Reflections on The shining. A short film about an abandoned house”; part of a multimedia-book in print 2006]

”Texten som skulle få tiden att framträda. Husserls sista manuskript om tidsmedvetandet” (Svenska Dagbladet, Under Strecket 2006-07-30)

[Translation of title: “The text that was to make time itself appear. Husserl’s final manuscripts on time-consciousness”]
”Freuds tre begrepp om det omedvetna” (i Divan. Tidskrift för psykoanalys och kultur, nr. 1-2 2003, p. 19-31)

[Translation of title: ”Freud’s three concepts of the unconscious”]

”Husserl’s Logische Untersuchungen – Centenary” (i Journal Phänomenologie. Zeitschrift für Phänomenologie, Hermeneutik und französische Gegenwartsphilosophie, 15/2001)
”Kropp och kött. Psykoanalysens position inom Merleau-Pontys sena tänkande” (i Divan. Tidskrift för psykoanalys och kultur, nr. 1-2 2001)

[Translation of title: ”Body and flesh. The position of psychoanalysis in Merleau-Ponty’s later thought”]

”Jag har blivit en fråga inför mig själv: omsorgens världar hos Heidegger och Freud” (Katalogtext till den rikstäckande konstutställningen CURA, 2000-2001, prod. av Art Produktion Evenemang, Stockholm)

[translation of title: ”I have become a question for myself: the worlds of Sorge in Heidegger and Freud”]

”Freuds sexualteori”, (i Dagens Nyheter, Tredje Sidan 18.8.1999)

[translation of title: ”Freud’s theory of sexuality”]

”Är Husserls meningsteori platonistisk? En analys av Logische Untersuchungen” [= Masters thesis], i Fenomenologiska Perspektiv. Studier i Husserls och Heideggers Fenomenologi, utg. H. Ruin och A. Orlowski, (Thales: Stockholm, 1996).

[translation of title: ”Is Husserl’s theory of meaning platonistic? An analysis of the Logische Untersuchungen”, in Phenomenological Perspectives. Studies in the phenomenology of Husserl and Heidegger]

Also more than twenty texts published in connection with various art exhibitions. Most recently, editor of texts (and author) for the exhibition BYK at Studio44, Stockholm (January, 2011).


Co-editor (together with Hans Ruin) of Södertörn Philosophical Studies, vol. 1 (2003), multitlingual thematic issue on Hermeneutics and the tradition. Gadamer and Greek philosophy.

Open access link:


Co-curator (together with Martin Ålund) for Jeanette Bonnier’s opening ceremony of Bonniers Konsthall in September 2006


Videofilming, soundediting and postproduction of various conferences and international lectures 2009-2010, published on, the Södertörn University homepage etc.
Text on ”Still, Moving” (2011), artvideo by Anna Stina Erlandsson published on

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