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Fédorov, Vladimir

(b nr Chernigov, 5/18 Aug 1901; d Paris, 9 April 1979). French librarian and musicologist of Russian birth. The son of Michael Fédorov, a politician in the Tsarist regime, he studied in Rostov-na-Donu (1918–19), in Paris (the Sorbonne, 1921–32, and the Conservatoire, 1921–30) and then in Germany (1923–4). He studied the piano with Vasily Zavodsky (1922–6), counterpoint and fugue with André Gédalge (1924–6), composition with Paul Vidal (1923–30) and musicology with André Pirro (1927–33). He was librarian of the Sorbonne Library (1933–9), of the music department of the Bibliothèque Nationale (1946–66) and of the Paris Conservatoire Library (1958–64). In 1951 he founded the IAML, becoming its vice-president (1955–62), president (1962–5) and honorary president (until his death) and editing its journal Fontes artis musicae (1954–75). He was the motivating force in the foundation of RISM and was appointed general secretary (1952), then president (1973) of its International Committee. With the help of libraries and museums in Paris and in the provinces he organized several exhibitions devoted to French musicians (Duparc, Debussy, Chasson, Rameau) and published papers on music libraries. He also did valuable research on various topics including Russian music. A notable feature is the international character of his work, both as a librarian and as a musicologist; he was vice-president and then president of the UNESCO International Council of Music (1962–6) and of the IMS (1964–7). He contributed many articles to a variety of encyclopedias, including MGG1, Enciclopedia dello spettacolo (1954–62) and Larousse de la musique (1957), and wrote numerous pieces for piano and for chamber orchestra, mostly between 1926 and 1930.


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Fedosova, Irina (Andreevna)

(b Sopronovo, Onega district, 1831; d Lisitsino, Onega district 1899). Russian voplennitsa (lamenter). She was noted for her mastery of lamentation. She improvised using formulaic structures or models in her laments, which were published in three volumes funeral, wedding and recruiting laments. Her skill in improvising extensive poetic texts of high artistic quality attracted the attention of many distinguished figures of Russian culture. M. Gorky, M. Prishvin and V. Miller wrote about her as a guardian of Russian history. Those familiar with her work included the composers Nikolay Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov and Mily Alekseyevich Balakirev, the musicologist V.V. Yastrebtsov and T.I. Filippov, the chairman of the songs committee of the ethnographic department of the Russian Geographical Society. In January 1895 Rimsky-Korsakov recorded five of her performances. During the 1890s she performed many times in St Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhniy Novgorod, Kazan' and Petrozavodsk. As well as laments, her repertory included Russian epics (bïlïny), wedding songs and soldiers' songs. The Russian Academy of Sciences awarded her a silver medal and a diploma. Her texts are used extensively in books on Russian folklore.


K.V. Chistov: Irina Andreevna Fedosova: Istoriko-kul'turniy ocherk [An Essay in Cultural History] (Petrozavodsk, 1998)

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E.V. Barsov: Prichitaniia Severnogo Kraya [Laments of the northern region] (St. Petersburg, 1997)


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