Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2011

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Mississippi State, USMS06, Mississippi Region V Science and Engineering Fair  
To Digest or Not to Digest? 
Karien NaKawn Dixon, 16., Sophomore, Noxubee County High School, Macon, 
Mississippi, T: Lillie Bryant
ME098   Development of a Novel Model for Assessing Biomechanical Properties and 
Failure Mechanisms of Various Suture Techniques: Implications for Wound 
Arslan Arshad, 17, Senior, The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science, 
Columbus, Mississippi, T: Janet Wise
Oxford, USMS07, Mississippi Region VII Science and Engineering Fair  
Optimization of Bovine CD1b3 3D Structure: Exploring a Lipid Antigen-
Binding Complement Glycoprotein for Potential Malarial Intervention 

Rosalie Shinwei Doerksen, 15, Sophomore, Oxford High School, Oxford, Mississippi, 
T: Marni Herrington
EA026   Nonlinear Parametric Modeling of Hurricane Landfall Decay 
Taide Ding, 16., Sophomore, Oxford High School, Oxford, Mississippi, 
T: Marni Herrington
Starkville, USMS50, Mississippi Science and Engineering State Fair
CH038   Species Specific Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors as Insecticides, Year Two 

Samantha Sapumalee Nanayakkara, 17, Senior, Mississippi School for Mathematics 
and Science, Columbus, Mississippi, T: Janet Wise
EN045   A Novel Fiber Optic Sensor for the Detection of Diabetes in Poor Countries 
Charlotte Wang, 17, Junior, The Mississippi School for Mathematics & Science, 
Columbus, Mississippi, T: Janet Wise
Cape Girardeau, USMO01, Southeast Missouri Regional Science Fair  
Energy of the Not So Distant Future 
Victoria E Willcut, 17, Junior, Puxico R-8 High School, Puxico, Missouri
T: Tiska Rodgers
CH026   Can Homemade Biofuel Compare to E-85? 
Elizabeth Nicolle Koehler, 17, Junior, Saxony Lutheran High School, Jackson, 
Missouri, T: Verlin Gene Mangels
Fayette, USMO10, Three Rivers Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
BE058   Bach vs. Mozart 
Merzaydee McCall Moore, 18, Senior, La Plata R-II High School, La Plata, Missouri, 
T: Mary Margaret Feldkamp
Hillsboro, USMO09, Mastodon Art/Science Regional Fair  
EE043   Re-purposing of Electronic Parts to Build a Wind Turbine 
Samantha Jaye Selby, 17, Junior, Saint Clair High School, St. Clair, Missouri, 
T: Ben Martin
EV018   Porous Asphalt versus Conventional Asphalt 
Devyn Alexandria Yates, 15, Freshman, Seckman Senior High School, Imperial, 
Missouri, T: Kelly Steinbrueck
Jefferson City, USMO02, Lincoln University Regional Science Fair  
AS043   Forensic Entomology: Using Insects from the Genus Sarcophaga for Cost 
Effective and Efficient Cadaver Detection 
Bailee Lynn Slack, 18, Senior, Camdenton High School, Camdenton, Missouri, 
T: Chris Reeves
EN034   Developing a Thermo/Hydrochromic Roadway Paint Application to Increase 
Driver Awareness during Hazardous Conditions 
Nicholas Michael Huey, 18, Senior, Camdenton High School, Camdenton, Missouri, 
T: Christopher Reeves
Joplin, USMO03, Missouri Southern Regional Science Fair                        
EE052   The Sand Plotter: Merging Engineering and Art 
Michelle Diane Barchak, 17, Junior, Joplin High School, Joplin, Missouri, 
T: Andy Ritter
EE068   Climbing Robots 
Ashley Micheala Painter, 17, Junior, Homeschool, Verona, Missouri, 
T: Peggy Painter

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Kansas City, USMO04, Greater Kansas City Science and Engineering Fair  
ET055   Hydrolize: Kinetics of the Hydrogen Production of the Magnesium-Water 
Reaction in Aqueous Solution 
Tyler Trettel Howard, 17, Senior, Olathe Northwest High School, Olathe, Kansas, 
T: Matt Peterie
ME070   Modeling of Human Non-Deletional Hereditary Persistence of Fetal 
Hemoglobin (HPFH) Conditions in Beta-Globin Locus Transgenic Mouse 
Models: The -175 (T to C) and -195 (C to G) A Gamma-Globin Gene Point 
Prarthana Jignesh Dalal, 17, Senior, Shawnee Mission East High School, Prairie 
Village, Kansas, T: Cole Ogdon
Saint Joseph, USMO06, Mid-America Regional Science and Engineering Fair              
AS011   The Effect of Erythromycin on the Embryonic Development of Zebrafish 
Kody Michelle Nelson, 17, Senior, Central High School, Saint Joseph, Missouri, 
T: Jay Lee Meyers
MI015   Isolation of Polyethylene and Polystyrene Degrading Bacteria 
Jason Yuan, 15, Sophomore, Central High School, St. Joseph, Missouri, 
T: Jay Lee Meyers
Springfield, USMO08, Ozarks Science and Engineering Fair  
EE062   Taking the Heat Off 
Chase Evan Herman, 15, Freshman, Nixa High School, Nixa, Missouri, 
T: Christina Elizabeth Shepherd
ME074   The Effects of Helical Modification on Simulated ACL Grafts 
Caroline Kaye Clothiaux, 17, Junior, Greenwood Laboratory School, Springfield, 
Missouri, T: Todd Allen Van Gorden
PS027   Molecular Identification of Dagger Nematodes from Agricultural Soils 
Alice Yung-Mei Hwang, 17, Senior, Greenwood Laboratory School, Springfield, 
Missouri, T: Todd Van Gorden
St. Louis, USMO07, Academy of Science—Greater St. Louis Science Fair                                 
AS010   The Urogenital System of Male Rhyacotritonidae: An Anatomical and 
Phylogenetic Study 
Emily Rachel Wilson, 17, Junior, Parkway Central High School, Chesterfield, 
Missouri, T: Adam Bergeron
ET023   Role of PLCa and Myba in Oil Accumulation and PLCa in Response to NaCl 
Stress in Camelina sativa 
Elise Genevieve Viox, 17, Senior, Cor Jesu Academy, St. Louis, Missouri, 
T: Dr. Bill Joern
St. Peters, USMO05, Missouri Tri-County Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
PS006   Identification of the Source of Indeterminate DNA in Fluorescence Assays of 
Sterile Seed Corn (Zea mays) 

Kaitlin Elizabeth Larkin, 17, Senior, Wentzville Holt High School, Wentzville, 
Missouri, T: Jennifer Michelle Berendzen
Billings, USMT01, Billings Clinic Research Center Science Expo  
CB022   Effects of Bloodroot on Candida albicans Morphology and Growth 
Daniel Walter Beierwaltes, 16., Junior, Billings Central Catholic High School, Billings, 
Montana, T: Debora Wines
Butte, USMT02, Montana Tech Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
AS039   Stress Relevence Affecting Female Productivity Traits in Swine 
Neela Ann Andres, 15, Freshman, Big Sky High School, Missoula, Montana, 
T: Brandon Thomas Honzel
The Investigation of the Biological Properties of the Ayurvedic Plant 
Bacopa monnieri 
Michelle Deanna Nemetchek, 16., Junior, Big Sky High School, Missoula, Montana, 
T: Brandon Thomas Honzel
ET304T  A Comparison of Algae Growth in Waste Water versus Standard Bristol Media 
Markie Collins Kindred, 18, Senior; Miranda Elizabeth Tornatore, 17, Freshman
Sentinel High School, Missoula, Montana, T: Brett Andrew Taylor

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