Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2011

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Great Falls, USMT04, Montana Region II Science and Engineering Fair  
BE017   Study Jams 
Whitney Ashton Clinger, 16., Sophomore, Cascade Public High School, Cascade, 
Montana, T: Ashley Cathryn McGrath
EM013   The Effect of Selected Plant Extracts on the Vitality of Termites 
Mahkia Lynn Clark, 18, Senior, North Toole County High School, Sunburst, 
Montana, T: Amanda Joan Becker
MI303T  An Investigation of the Anti-Microbial Properties of Selected Snake Venoms 
Veronica Ardelle Gillund, 18, Senior; Scott Eldon Bye, 17, Junior
North Toole County High School, Sunburst, Montana, T: Amanda Joan Becker
Havre, USMT03, Hi-Line Regional Science and Engineering Fair—MSU-Northern   
EV022   The Environmental Impact of Plastics in a Structural Material 

Harold Blake Whitford, Jr., 17, Junior, Box Elder Public High School, Box Elder, 
Montana, T: Melanie Ann Schwarzbach
PS016   The Effects of Phthalates on Brassica rapa 
Antonio Joseph Morsette, 16., Junior, Box Elder High School, Box Elder, Montana, 
T: Melanie Ann Schwarzbach
Missoula, USMT50, Montana Science Fair                                           
EA021   Preliminary Geologic Study of the Yogo Dike Trend to Determine Potential for 
New Discoveries of Sapphire Bearing Dike 
Katelyn Elizabeth Gibbs, 18, Senior, Great Falls High School, Great Falls, Montana, 
T: Matt Krahe
ET307T  Impact of Commercial Additives on Fuel Properties of Camelina Biodiesel 
Justin Allan Christofferson, 18, Senior; Ryan Anthony Paul, 18, Senior
Malta High School, Malta, Montana, T: Mardy J. Demarais
MI047   Investigating the Use of Ustilago bullata as a Biological Control Agent for 
Bromus tectorum: Is Genetic Variation Present within Various Ustilago 
bullata Populations on MPG Ranch? 
Stacia Lynn Hill, 16., Sophomore, Big Sky High School, Missoula, Montana, 
T: Brandon Thomas Honzel
Franklin, USNE01, Central Nebraska Science and Engineering Fair  
AS002   Arthrogryposis Multiplex, Phase Two 
Bailey Lynne McKay, 15, Freshman, Franklin Public Schools, Franklin, Nebraska, 
T: Randall Lienemann
EN044   How Pop Bottle Concrete Is Affected by the Weather 

Brandon Lee Herrick, 17, Senior, Franklin Public Schools, Franklin, Nebraska, 
T: Randall Gerald Lienemann
Nebraska City, USNE02, Greater Nebraska Science and Engineering Fair  
EV037   Using Aquatic Plants to Remove Water Contaminants 
Mikayla Lynn Messing, 18, Senior, Lakeview High School, Columbus, Nebraska, 
T: Edward Kinzer
ME094   Factors Affecting the Susceptibility of High School Students to Noise Induced 
Hearing Loss due to iPods 
Karen Pei-Wen Cheng, 17, Senior, Millard North High School, Omaha, Nebraska, 
T: Angela Cramer
Elko, USNV01, Elko County Science Fair  
EM026   Utilization of a Thermophilic Sulfate-Reducing Species for Bioremediation 

Kirsten Perry, 17, Junior, Elko High School, Elko, Nevada, T: Brian Zeiszler
ET037   Coupling a Solar Panel with Two PEM Fuel Cells to Power a Small Model 
Car during Periods of Sunshine and Non-Sunshine as an Alternative for the 
Gasoline Powered Combustion Engine 
Ryan Linden Hatch, 18, Senior, Spring Creek High School, Spring Creek, Nevada, 
T: Bettie Smith Keetch

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Las Vegas, USNV02, Southern Nevada Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
AS055   Developmental and Behavioral Analysis of Wild and Captive-bred Tenodera 
Cameron Michael Jones, 17, Senior, Northwest Career and Technical Academy, 
Las Vegas, Nevada, T: Carol Adamson
MI061   Microbial Explorations of a New Window into the Death Valley Deep 
Hydrological Flow System 

Alexandra Elane Wheatley, 18, Freshman, Northwest Career and Technical 
Academy, Las Vegas, Nevada, T: Carol Adamson
Reno, USNV03, Western Nevada Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
AS040   The Effects of Sodium Benzoate on Drosophila melanogaster 

Claudia Nicole Dennler, 16., Junior, Pershing County High School, Lovelock, Nevada, 
T: Valdine McLean
AS041   The Effects of Cage Naturality on the Scientific Viability of Mouse Models in 
Relation to Stress and Cognition 

Casey Jacob Acklin, 15, Senior, The Davidson Academy of Nevada, Reno, Nevada, 
T: Elizabeth Walenta
PH037   Countering Nuclear Terrorism: Novel Active and Passive Techniques for 
Detecting Nuclear Threats 
Taylor Ramon Wilson, 16., Junior, The Davidson Academy of Nevada, Reno, Nevada, 
T: Elizabeth Walenta
Jersey City, USNJ02, Hudson County Science Fair  
AS038   Studying the Development of Bronchial Tissues Using Antibodies 
Carolina Pelaez, 18, Senior, Union City High School—Academy for Enrichment and 
Advancement, Union City, New Jersey, T: Nadia Makar
PH038   Characterizing the Spectral and Flow Characteristics of Microhollow 
Cathode Discharges 
Kamal Shah, 17, Senior, Dr. Ronald E. McNair Academic High School, Jersey City, 
New Jersey, T: Jeremy Stanton
Lawrenceville, USNJ03, Mercer Science and Engineering Fair                           
ME047   The Effects of Static Magnetic Fields (SMFs) on the Biomineralization of 
Hannah Ruihan Jin, 17, Senior, West Windsor - Plainsboro High School South, 
Princeton Junction, New Jersey, T: Brian Patterson
New Brunswick, USNJ01, North Jersey Regional Science Fair  
CB303T  Second Life: Novel and Interspecies Reprogramming of Induced Pluripotent 
Stem Cells 
Won Ik Lee, 18, Senior; Hong Joon Park, 16., Junior
Academy for the Advancement of Science and Technology, Hackensack, 
New Jersey, T: Robert George Pergolizzi
EN021   Nanoscale Patterned Coating of PLLA for Use with Soft Tissue Implants 
Joshua David Bocarsly, 18, Freshman, The Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville, 
New Jersey, T: Gregory Hansen
MA019   On the Second Eigenvalue and Expansion of Bipartite Regular Graphs 
Wenyu Cao, 18, Senior, Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts, 
T: Rosalie Belanger-Rioux
MA020   Properties of Hawkins Primes 

Aaron Lawrence Zweig, 14, Sophomore, Randolph High School, Randolph, 
New Jersey, T: David A Zweig
MI029   Identification of the Target of the Antibiotic Salinamide A 
Katherine Yon Ebright, 17, Senior, North Brunswick Township High School, 
North Brunswick, New Jersey, T: Edward Trembly

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