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Elita and her new Mygo Seating System 

Elita is a young girl with Down’s Syndrome and Dystonic Cerebral Palsy.  She has no verbal 

communication or use of signing.  Elita’s use of play objects is limited, and playtime needs to 

be initiated by an adult.   


Clinical Assessment  


Upon assessment; 


Elita has a scoliosis convex on the left side.  


Her right femur is more extended than the left femur, 

internally rotated and abducted from the midline.  


Her thoracic cavity rests on her iliac crest on the right 



Her head tends to flex forwards and to the right side

and Elita has great difficulty bringing her head back 

to the upright position.  


Her dystonia presents as extensor spasms, alternating 

with generalized central hypotonia affecting her 

trunk and head.  


Elita has a strong startle response to unexpected 



In the seated position her pelvis is rotated to the left, 

with a minimally correctable obliquity and anterior 





Elita was provided with the Mygo Seating system including pelvic support system, foot 

sandals, chest support and the Otto Bock X-Style head support.  The aim was to provide 

three-point support for the scoliosis of her spine and reduce the physical stress on her primary 




The head support (right) is off-set to the right of the 

midline and slightly forward, thus accommodating 

Elita’s scoliosis and rotation. 


The lateral supports (right) provide 3-point support and 

pelvic alignment. 


The 4-point harness partially accommodates the rotation 

and anterior tilt of Elita’s pelvis, but substantially 

reduces any posterior tilt. 


The chest pad provides anterior trunk support. 


The leg guides have been adjusted in length to 

accommodate Elita’s leg length discrepancy.   


The back to seat angle and seat to footrest angle have 

both been adjusted to less than 90̊  to inhibit her extensor 

thrust spasms. 


The leg supports have been adjusted for lower leg length difference, and also in the 

degree of plantar and dorsi-flexion. 



Elita’s therapist reports that Elita’s posture is now more 

symmetrical (right) and this provides the basis for more 

functional activity.  Elita can now be fed more easily 

during mealtimes and this seating position has improved 

her respiratory functioning.  


Elita can now tolerate the sitting position for longer 

periods and as her head is more aligned to allow better 

vision, there is better interaction with her peers and 



























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